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  1. Account is protected so posting screenshot.
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  2. That’s a great point to consider. I would like a little more height from my current hybrids. Will definitely have to compare. Thanks.
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  3. They do have utility woods in the bigger OEMs, I know Taylormade has a 9 wood in the M6 line I’m not sure about the SIM line. I used to play a 7-wood... never a 9-wood. I had that set of ‘04 Big Bertha woods. I hit the 9-wood a couple times at the range. I hit it about my 4-iron distance (200-210 yards) nice high trajectory pretty straight. @cooke119 I only currently have 2 headcovers in my bag (Driver and 3-wood). As someone else said if you’re hitting a 9-wood 140-145 yards. Have you considered hybrids for your 4, 5, and perhaps 6 iron?
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  4. @dezaad, Welcome to TST. We're glad you've joined. Most people won't care how you play as long as you follow course etiquette and don't play slow. Slow play is possibly the number one irritant of most golfers. If you want to attempt to hit a little tiny ball into a little tiny hole that you can't even see from my starting point, enjoy it. Just be mindful of others and their pace of play.
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  5. Unless you’re alone on the course, most will consider it a huge breach of etiquette for unnecessarily holding up the groups behind you because you are hitting 2-3 balls per shot. Having said that, when out by myself, I will play 2 balls from time to time, but never at the expense of others’ pace of play. Generally, the expectation is for a group’s pace of play to fall somewhere between 4-4.5 hours.
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  6. Off a tee, no less. At least you have the comfort of knowing that in August that sucker rolls out 200 yards...
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  7. That’s my demoralizing shot as well....too many skulls and fatty’s. I start thinking don’t screw up a good drive with a poor 2nd, and the mind forgets the word “don’t” and I do!
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  8. This shaft seems pretty nice. I took a flyer on it and got the SF505 (I swing 100-105MPH). It came in last night and I took it to the range this morning. I saw on a couple sites people mentioning there was a learning curve and it was true. I tried using my same swing I put on my Hzrdus green and the ball just took off to the right. 10-20 swings later I was able to figure it out and was amazed at the results. I realized I needed to just swing smoother and slower and it worked perfectly. Feels so weird swinging this slow and the ball going farther. I was on the range so no comparison ot
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    • Close enough for me. 🐸 Hovland was outside the cut line at +4 after 11, then found an eagle and three birdies to finish at -1 for the tournament. The eagle and one birdie were even chipped in. I like the leaderboard at this point.  Great finish by Zalatoris too, with five birdies on the last 8. Saturday could be interesting. Predicted more wind, showers and even thunderstorms. Leaders are going out into the worst part of it too. BDC finally got something going too, so he's still in it, especially with the weather coming up. Just six back before Saturday. DJ, Rory and Brooks were pretty far out of it.
    • It does. But you can also connect to the computer. I’ve only done that once to download a firmware update a couple years back.
    • Classic doesn’t connect via phone …?
    • Borked?😀 That’s a new one for me. I have Classic, but have not had to do a upload from my Mac. The rounds upload through the app. Maybe I’m missing something?
    • I have a 21 def 3 iron. Hah.
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