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  1. The “click” sound is the club telling you you’re not supposed to hit the ball with the hosel 😜
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  2. You need more shoulder turn in the backswing. Hand depth comes from turning.
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  3. Love the EGA avatar! It’s great to finally get a swing video from you. You have a great centered turn. I know very little about the swing besides what I’m told to work on, but I will say it would be helpful to keep the ball in the field of view and try to get the camera angle on the DTL a little more behind you...it appears to be a little left from directly behind the hands and toes. http://thesandtrap.com/b/playing_tips/filming_your_swing
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  4. Maybe. It can hurt too if your sequencing is off. You’re likely going to have other things to work on, and your instructor should have a road map in mind. Most likely you flip a bit as a compensation for something else.
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  5. With respect to trying new golf grips always trust, but verify.
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  6. Bellaire MI. World class fishing, great hunting, and a multitude of golf opportunities on some stunningly beautiful courses. You may want to add snowmobiling to your list of hobbies though.. And 4WD is a must.
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  7. LMAO! No other way to answer it. But let’s be real, the PGA needs to distance itself from this clown.
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  8. As an old, certainly not scratch anymore, returned to the game golfer, all I can say is that the reason I quit golfing the first time is because I was playing for all the wrong reasons.
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  9. @Natty LA, what you said would be true… if we didn’t rotate the forearms during the backswing. They do rotate, which orients the wrist hinge along the plane. And the wrist hinge allows the clubhead to move farther. Wrist hinge adds another lever to the swing, and thus a source of power, and somewhat importantly, moves the CG closer to the hands, which allows us to swing faster (the radius is smaller).
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  10. At the range today, they had one of those 3' hoop nets on the ground at 150, yards........ I hit it 3 times in a row.
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  11. Welcome to the site. As you can see by my handicap, I'm certainly no expert on the golf swing, but I found this video on YouTube, and keep coming back to it. Its a pretty good explanation on what wrist hinge is and isn't. I think the first 5 minutes or so do a pretty good job of showing what you're asking about. I interpret his basic take on wrist set in the backswing is if you're thinking about it, you're probably doing something wrong. Hope it helps.
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  13. Fitting malpractice IMO. These would be one of the hardest clubs to hit based on Maltby Playability: About 4 or 5 years ago I went from the G5 to the i e1 The change with mis-hits was noticeable to me. The intended benefit was tighter dispersion and better distance control on scoring irons. IMO you should have been fitted with the G410 or the G710 irons. As you can see the higher the MPF the easier to hit and more appropriate for a beginner. I have R300 shafts in my irons and have a swing speed roughly 100 mph for driver.
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    • Close enough for me. 🐸 Hovland was outside the cut line at +4 after 11, then found an eagle and three birdies to finish at -1 for the tournament. The eagle and one birdie were even chipped in. I like the leaderboard at this point.  Great finish by Zalatoris too, with five birdies on the last 8. Saturday could be interesting. Predicted more wind, showers and even thunderstorms. Leaders are going out into the worst part of it too. BDC finally got something going too, so he's still in it, especially with the weather coming up. Just six back before Saturday. DJ, Rory and Brooks were pretty far out of it.
    • It does. But you can also connect to the computer. I’ve only done that once to download a firmware update a couple years back.
    • Classic doesn’t connect via phone …?
    • Borked?😀 That’s a new one for me. I have Classic, but have not had to do a upload from my Mac. The rounds upload through the app. Maybe I’m missing something?
    • I have a 21 def 3 iron. Hah.
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