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  1. I tried this for about two weeks. Was great on the range. Not so much on the course. And I couldn't hit it quite as long as Kyle.
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  2. It is called a "basketweave" raking pattern and is by far the simplest of all raking styles to create and maintain. It also evens out the chances of lies along or against the lines. A fairer way to play. Once the bunker is smoothed out (base preparation) it only takes about 20 minutes to do, so on courses with less than 70 bunkers it makes sense to do it this way. Similar to the "chessboard" pattern which is the default style in courses outside the U.S.A. In New Zealand it is mandated that bunkers must be raked thus if a player has three strokes in a bunker because it calms them dow
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  3. With SkyTrak at home, I am able to get better yardage with my clubs. Here is my wedge matrix. Each data point is an average of 5 shots. I have collected data on 3 different days. The bottom numbers are the average. This has been really helpful in breaking 90 two times in a row. I know some people have full, 3/4 and 1/2 but I like full, 2/3 and 1/3 better. I don't hit full shot with my 52 degree wedge as I have had a few disasters with it. Do you use a wedge matrix and how is your experience? If you run into similar yardage with different clubs and back swing lengths, do you prefer the sho
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  4. I'd rather a good Salvadore Dali in my sand traps. Monet for bridges over water hazards. (I mean penalty areas)
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  5. It’s a good drill to do with lifting the front heel. It’s similar to the full swing flow COVID drill. The feel I use is more planting the left foot back down and pushing back.
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  6. The Styx song Too Much Time on My Hands comes to mind.
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  7. Dang! I thought you used a long carpenter's tape measure... which, as an aid, is probably illegal. 😁 Just kidding. "Hey Bill, will you hold this end at the hole while I stretch the tape out to 30 feet?"
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  8. Day 72. Got my evolvr priority piece, and it's a wall drill. I don't even need a club and I can do it several times a day, as I did today. I'll be doing this quite a bit over the coming days before I go back to incorporating it with a club in my hands for a full swing attempt.
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  9. I think you’re on the right track with this. You don’t want to lift the heel just for the sake of lifting it, but you also don’t want to forcibly keep it down, either. Some people can make a good turn without lifting the lead heel and some can’t. The heel itself is not the important part.
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  10. Yeah, for sure! 🙂I work in Technical Support for a living and deal with end users all day long so I understand the importance of caring for the user and the importance of sharing information in forums like this. They've dropped the ball quite a bit on this one in my eyes, but hopefully they can rebuild that trust back for those of us who are willing to stick through it with them. I ended up buying Pro with the discount they gave me. Figured why not try it. It's version 3.0. They have a 30 day return policy and if it just ends up being crappy for whatever reason(s), I'll just return it an
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  11. I started doing it per my instructor. It does add a bit of rotation and then unweighting a replanting can add some speed. Best advice is to film your swing doing with and without lifting and see what changes.
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  12. Pace them off after you putt it. Or just estimate with spot checks.
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  13. I've used Game Golf to track my play and I like to break my stats down into the trends over various time periods. The charts I create quickly identify areas of my game which I need to address. I track almost everything except FIR, I break down each category into viable information which reflect all aspects of play. I can quickly update my stats reviewing the round from the Game Golf dashboard. The trends I like to see are when I trend to better play which usually occurs mid May. I typically don't put much emphasis on early season play under adverse conditions.
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    • Wrapped up another great trip to Erie, which means as usual I have a lot of homework to do. There's a lot of stuff (unsurprisingly) that @iacas has told me in the past that I'm still struggling with, like needing to be more calm and focused before every shot. Bear in mind if you do read this that these are my feels. Putting Erik checked my aim fairly early on. I do have an Edel putter, so the aim wasn't too bad. It was simply twisted slightly open at address. We also moved the ball back about half a ball and shifted my posture a little upright to get my eyes inside the ball. We did make a mechanical change to my stroke, as I swung the putter with my chest, essentially rotating my trunk around. Erik showed me how to swing the putter by keeping my sternum relatively still and letting my arms swing more around my body. The biggest change we implemented is putting with a purpose. As in, I wasn't really doing it. There were times on the course where my distance control was great and others when it was absolutely atrocious, with no real explanation. We figured out that I was basically spaced out and not really putting, just hitting the ball basically. We worked on some preshot stuff to feel the distance and for me to envision the hole as I make my stroke, to keep the target in focus the entire time. Short Game Mostly stuff I've already been taught. Softer arms in pitching, trust the pivot. I tend to use my arms too much and when I quiet them down, I don't allow myself to pivot fast enough because I'm worried I'll hit the ball too far so I end up hitting everything short. Trust the pivot. Chipping is less wrist hinge, butt of club stays pointing to my belly button. Need to be more calm before the shot. I also need to learn to use different clubs to vary trajectory. Full Swing I'll write this in a separate post. It's getting late and I don't want to do this section injustice by writing something up quickly.  
    • I was waiting for you to start chanting, “Vinsky, Vinksy”.  😁
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