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  1. Not sure I agree with the 2005 Masters... DeMarco went birdie-birdie on hole 14 and 15 to get it to within one. Then Tiger chips in on 16 to extend to two. Then Tiger goes bogey bogey to fall to a playoff. I am not sure I would count Tiger being handed a major when a playoff is involved. DeMarco pars number 18 in the playoff and Tiger makes a 15-FT birdie putt. Not sure how this could be Tiger being handed a major.
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  2. I definitely think we have 8 solid commitments for sure. Logistically I think it is a great number for this trip as well. I am getting really excited for this, and hope everyone will truly enjoy the trip.
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  3. I’d play a 9 wood before a damn hybrid... I’m dealing with a hook and hybrids are crap.
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  4. They should have made her sing this song.
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  5. What u gonna do the remaining four days? 😜
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  6. Super plush lie chipping practice in the backyard this morning. It's like eating dessert for breakfast. Total guilty pleasure and no nutritional value.. 😂
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  7. I’ve booked plane tickets and am in on a rental car with Dave, Vishal, and Bill. I think they’ve bought plane tickets, too. I’m committed at this point.
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  8. I have been looking to replace my current irons (Mizuno JPX-800's) for a couple years now. They are over 10 years old, and they were the first set of irons I ever purchased when I started golfing so they weren't fitted at all. I thought about manufacturer-agnostic options like Club Champion, but decided to do a single manufacturer so they could really be more detailed about the actual products/options without overwhelming me. Yesterday, I went up to Golf Evolution in Erie for a PXG iron fitting. It was a great experience. We started off just talking about my general needs. As a 1
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  9. Was just watching Rory's highlights from day 2. From 1 over to 4 under. What ball striking. Amazing. Looks like he is recovering from his ill fated attempt to gain more distance after Bryson's win in the US Open. Can see him winning this tournament if the form continues for two more days
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  10. Change in transition feel. Instead of right knee bend, it’s sit left. Pretty much as if I got up from a bar stool to my right and immediately wanted to sit back down on it again. Went with this because I’m getting the right elbow behind me a little in transition and hitting blocks and pulls (no clubface control), and I’m tipping the club head under plane a bit. This move delays the hip rotation slightly so that my arms sync up better.
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  11. For me it always comes down to maintenance. I’ll play a course I don’t like the layout of once in a while, but if a course is poorly maintained, forget about it.
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    • Looking more and more like it'll be early to mid-September according to the New York Times article. F.D.A. Aims to Give Final Approval to Pfizer Vaccine by Early Next Month - The New York Times The Food...  
    • I am having problems transitioning between hitting my Driver and Irons.  When I hit my driver (on the screws) I tend to top  or blade my irons.  When I hit my irons flush, I tend to have issues finding the tee ball with my driver.  Any ideas?
    • The FO video helps. If I were you, I would: Do a lot days 1-5 from https://golfevolution.com/30-day-plan/. Add an avatar. Post in some other topics and get to know some of the people here. Post regularly here showing yourself doing the drills in a few minutes a day at home.
    • Looks better, but think about more weight shift forward on the downswing from the top to about A6. In your chip/punch drills, your weight is shifting forward. Try to get that same feel from A4 to A6. I’ve been doing this drill below since I went to Erie. Take it to the top, stop, shift weight forward so the left hip is over the ankle and let arms fall to A6. Then relax a bit (relaxed muscles are fast muscles) and draw back. Punch forward and stop at A9. For me the focus is getting the left hip to snap back faster. For you, it would be first to get the weight forward feel going.  
    • That’s still months away.
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