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  1. I finally broke 80! http://www.gamegolf.com/player/billchao/round/3039116
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  2. If I was a member at Quail Hollow, my favorite club would be a ball retriever.
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  3. Made 3 birdies today on the away composite. 9 is a repeat, but 17 and 18 are new.
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  4. Feeling pretty vindicated for all the work I've put in I finally broke par over 9 holes. Shot a 2 under, bogie free 34 on the front. I have shot par over 9 like 6 times or so but this feels like a bit of a breakthrough. I didn't play great on the back one bad tee shot led to a double and the putter went a little cold but overall it was a great day and it was cool because we actually had a full group and I usually play better alone. Now its time to put it together for 18 and break 70.
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  5. I never thought arthritis was that big of a deal until I got it.
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  6. Hole #18 with a strong 1-2 club wind, I ripped a 3 wood and have 102 left and punched the 50* gap wedge to 6 feet. The Gapper was the shot of the day, as I stayed true to the line and hit it perfectly.
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  7. Bryson flew back to Dallas because he thought he missed the cut, finds out about his mistake, flew back to North Carolina at 2am. Finished with a top 10 which moves him to #1 in the FedEx Cup. LOL
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  8. I’ve watched a lot of his videos and do find him entertaining. I can’t speak for his actual course but it seems like he basically teaches a really flat swing? The only complete disagreement I found with him was his teaching the ‘hit up with the driver’ video. He completely neglects the fact that for players swinging below 100mph this really isn’t optimal.
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  9. It’s really a moot point. Even if one could argue strongly that Tiger got lucky in a few wins…..does that mean anything really? Who could ever say Tiger was overrated? Tiger is the GOAT. I don’t by any means discredit Faldo’s career in general. But the fact is his two, TWO, Masters wins were so ridiculously gifted it matters as he only won three total.
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  10. Just watched a bit of 2005, and DeMarco talked about how he just misread some of the birdie putts. Now, its hard to say he should have made putts when you misread them. If you read it perfectly, then mishit the putt or misjudge the distance then maybe. When you hit your line, hit your speed, you can't really complain about missing a putt. He did have some good looks and didn't make them, but still made enough birdies to get into a playoff. So, again, I don't think he crumbled.
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  11. Depends on the pin on #16, if it’s left of the big slope, it can be birdied, if it’s up top it can be difficult... It’s not a “birdie” hole, but with a well-executed tee shot you can certainly make 2. 17 and 18... you don’t make a TON of 6s on but you will probably make more 5s than 3s over a career. IMO, Tiger just doesn’t like the look of the tee shot at the 18th... he in general has hit some squirrelly drives on 18... 17, when Ike’s tree was there he couldn’t make himself hit the squeeze fade off of Ike’s tree... so he’d either pull it over by the 7th green, or end up in the trees betw
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  12. Well maybe the 2005 Masters, a little... he didn’t get handed a single one of the four majors in the Tiger Slam... Bob May played probably the best golf of his life that week... and Tiger had to shoot 31 on the back on Sunday to get into the playoff, (as did Bob May).
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  13. Define very makable? Still not sure about that. He stuck around by not making a mistake and Tiger made two bogeys. That isn't giving away a tournament. Pars are really good on holes #17 and #18 at Augusta. After hole #15, the last 3 holes are not birdie holes. You got to make your birdies from holes 11 through 15.
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  14. I kinda like this Mitchell guy. Nice swag.
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  15. I would recommend starting a My Swing thread and give folks a chance to help. We really can’t make educated comments without seeing your swing.
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  16. Wow…they finally realized we don’t need to watch Mary Mack do her spiel on Wells Fargo. They started to then put her on Pic-in-Pic. They’re finally learning we don’t need to go away from golf to watch talking heads.
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  17. Do it off the driveway then!😜
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  18. I probably should do something similar, and used to play other wedges earlier (SW and even LW if needed), but I now only play my PW for all shots in, unless I need to hit a high flop type shot and then use the SW or LW based on lie. My method of figuring out how to hit the shot is feel and a visual guide to distance. I guess it isn't good but I don't practice or play regularly enough
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  19. I went to the practice rounds for the 2008 US Open. Saw all the big names. A highlight of my golf watching career, along with watch Jack win his final USGA total at Cherry Hills in the Senior US Open in 1993. I was at a conference at a hotel where a lot of the players stayed including Jack. Coincidentally, the Denver Broncos were holding cheerleader tryouts at the same hotel. Good times.
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  20. It would appear to me by your explanations that you have a solid body alignment, working tempo, and grip setup for your irons and hybrids. I'll call that your ROUTINE. In contrast, your ROUTINE for driving is all over the place, hence the wide variety of hooks and pushes. To help you quickly improve in driving, I recommend the FART system. Perform it in order and it's easy to remember haha. I came up with FART for my 9 year old son (right-handed golfer) F - Face, Get the club face pointed where you want the ball to finish A - Alignment, Align your body in the direction of your sw
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    • Every YouTube video should start with a 10- to 45-minute diagnosis to make sure the video you're about to watch applies to you. There are a LOT of reasons why someone hits a slice. YouTube videos do not start with a 45-minute "disclaimer" because nobody would get through it. They just want to stop slicing, but if the video shows a fix for something that the student doesn't do, the video is less than worthless — it may actually cause more damage. Don't watch YouTube videos unless they're just working on some fundamental things, or you're very confident that what they're going to show you actually applies to you.
    • Day 274: worked on my priority pieces with a revised feel rehearsal. Results were an improvement. Trying to feel the left leg straighten and push the left hip back from A5 through impact. 
    • Yes - I saw those figures. I'd love to say it's unbelievable..........😘
    • From an early July report/poll... see below:  Shorty, in the U.S. the current government is already unpopular with the Republicans so it's kind of an "I don't care" situation.  For the most part, the vaccinated are happy with their government.   "The poll found that while 86% of Democrats have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine shot, only 45% of Republicans have. In addition, the survey found that while only 6% of Democrats said they would probably decline the vaccine, 47% of Republicans said they would probably not be inoculated. "  
    • Played again today, a course I played a couple of times before and broke 90 easily. Shot 86 with 2x ob and one water hazard. The work that I put in the last year really shows and I feel that on the right course on the right day I could break 80 even this year. It probably won’t happen but that’s the goal for next season.    I see that I must work on 100 meters and in. So on one of the hardest holes which is a 440 yard par 4 I drove the ball over 310 and then had a pitching wedge in. It was a bit of an awkward stance but I was just left of the green. Almost chipped in but then messed up the comeback putt and instead of an easy par I made a bogey.    Maybe I’m being too hard on myself looking at the tour averages but I feel like that’s one area of the game I need to clean up - no 3 putts and more up and downs. And I really need to put more work / decide on how I want to pitch and then really let that sink in and finally get the distances for all 4 wedges for 1/2, 3/4 and full swings printed out and stick them on the clubs. 
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