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  1. I (very unexpectedly) broke 80 about two weeks ago!
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  2. Perfect! And today’s my birthday! 😃
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  3. There's a day for everything so why not golf? Thank you golf for helping me get through the pandemic, get me out of the house, into fresh air and sun.
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  4. My last round two of us got paired with a couple of other golfers who just couldn't adapt. The course was backed up. They were *****ing about how slow we were playing. How much time we were taking to get ready to hit our shots. I mean what was the point in rushing when we were having to stand or sit and wait for the group in front to wait for the group in front of them to get off the green and move on so they could hit and move on. You can only go as fast as the course allows. So after I had a double bogey on the 5th hole, they had enough and wanted to split off and play ahead. Fine, but it ju
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  5. Sometimes, you need a gallery to help, but its still a loose impediment.
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  6. 9th hole. Not an easy one for me, since it's a hard green for me to hit. Last year I had an awesome chip in. This time I actually hit the green and drained the putt (about 20 feet). Five done, 13 to go this year.
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  8. Just missed you by a few days, we played #8 on Sunday a week ago, during the afternoon members times. The first 9 wasn't bad, but we played too quick, and ran into the last few groups waiting to begin their round in the double-tee system. Ah well, it was golf. I think a major part of the slow play discussion is personal preference and local custom. In some parts of the world a walking fourball playing in 3-1/2 hours is normal, 4 is really slow. In others, getting done in 4-12 is pretty quick. The one critical thing is to be able to adapt, to speed up play to meet the local standar
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  9. Happy birthday! Wish I could celebrate National Golf Day by doing something with my clubs at a course but working late today. Blah.
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  11. Got a smart ball. Well, the Tourstriker one was sold out, wait until July, so I got a knock off on Amazon in the meanwhile - you have it inflate it and it looks flimsy, but should hold up until the Tourstriker comes. My lead elbow can get very chicken wing-y post A8 and I liked how in videos demonstrating it, the arms move with the torso. I tend to let the arms swing across the body too much post impact, instead of staying in front of body. Cold topped the first I dunno, 4 balls using it. It really forces me to get down to the ball. And it does help sync up my arms and torso post impact.
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  12. I shot an 87 and a 79 on consecutive days, with the 79 being on a harder course. What does that mean for next weekend? Absolutely nothing. Don’t overthink it. Sometimes you just have bad rounds.
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  13. Whether you were entitled to relief from the rocks is a different question. What happens once you do get relief is that you are entitled to complete relief from whatever you are taking the drop from, for both stance and swing. In your case, if the nearest point of relief was the cart path, you would then be entitled to relief from the cart path as well, and would have been for you not hitting from it or standing on it. At that point it would either be one or two club lengths (i forget which) from that point.
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  14. Exactly. I re-read @Delbra woodard's post, and her companion might have not realized the change in rules. As described, there's a large moveable rock near a lake. It might have been in the Penalty Area. Prior to 2019, you couldn't move a loose impediment in a hazard, now you ARE allowed to move it.
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  15. You can move loose impediments, even in a penalty area, and a "natural" object like a rock is a loose impediment. However, if your action causes your ball to move, you are penalized one stroke, and must replace the ball.
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  16. Our 4some just played this saturday in 4 hours. I never, ever, expect to play under 4 hours on a saturday. I'll take 4-4:15 any day the course has a good amount of people on it. This 3-3.5 hour round is only for those who don't have anybody infront of them. It's impossible on most days when teeing off other than the first group or two.
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  17. I have gone mostly by feel, but I am in process of trying to be more quantitative. For example,, around the green, I used to look and say to myself, hmm...looks like about a SW, maybe a 52 degree... all feel. Lately I've been trying to quantify: Let's see, want to land it here, let it roll out to the hole. So I have one part carry, two parts roll. so choose PW (for example). Then on another shot, maybe I have one part carry, 4 parts roll, so I choose a 9-iron. My target is changing from a sort of fuzzy "leave it around the hole" to a specific "land it exactly here". No
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  18. May Edition (Michigan Golf Journal)
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  19. Fair enough, if wins are your thing. But you appear to be considering only PGA wins, which seems a bit unfair to foreign players who couldn't afford to travel to Europe or the US when they were young, and who joined the PGA Tour when they were at or near 30 years old. And Norman was ranked #1 in the world as late as 1998, six years into Phil's career, so that's a pretty significant overlap --- not like, say, Hogan to Jack. I'm meh about Vijay, and I heartily dislike Norman, so that's as hard as I'm going to fight for them, especially when I mentioned them only because they played agains
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    • Day 67, July 31, 2021 More three-quarter swing stuff today. I really am trying to shorten the backswing.
    • What a shot into 18 with all that pressure.  Great playing Xander.
    • One of the people who introduced me to golf in the first place would regularly do things that are generally bad etiquette:  try to make me mad during the round, talk during my swing, etc.  The good news is that now, when someone does things like making noise while I'm swinging my accident, it doesn't annoy me unless they're trying to mess me up (which no one has done, at least to my knowledge).
    • In OK, schools are not legally allowed to require masks, even for those who are too young to get vaccinated.  😞 I'm glad to hear that the vaccine can make keys stick to your head.  Maybe it will work on the five simple keys from a while back?  
    • And almost as if Florida is trying to double down on it, -->   Being a resident of SW Missouri, I guess I shouldn't throw stones.  It's almost like they're having a competition, except they've forgotten that LSW.
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