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  1. Take a break, get better. Golf will always be there, even if you go back and only play sporadically. Golf is like Hotel California, anyway.
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  2. The world going to 💩 is all the more reason to do things that work for you.
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  3. If you injured your knee at some point, and the golf swing or walking is likely to aggravate that injury, then I suppose that could be (part of?) the problem. Thing is: How would you know until you tried? If that was my concern I'd hit the range, start out real gentle like, half swings without much behind them, and slowly ramp up. If I really loved golf, and I currently do, I wouldn't let "what might be" stop me. As for the courses you play normally being closed: That might be a bigger deal for me, personally. I don't like change. Or at least I don't like change I'm not driving
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  4. Thanks @JetFan1983 ! If you guys want a course built. Just put the coupon code TheSandTrap in the form that you use to see if the course can be done. It will bring the cost of the course down to $299 from my normal price of $387.95, if it can be done and you decide to purchase it. Can my course be done? - The Lidar King - Creating your local and favorite courses for TGC 2019 Please fill out the form out and include the full course name and address. There is no obligation and I will contact you to let you know if the course...
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  5. Yup, the T-2. It comes in a 71” option that makes it one of the few power racks that fit in my basement.
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  6. I can't speak to the back-swing, because I'm still working on that, myself. But the hip pivot thing I can. After reading on another forum a couple extensive threads about the biomechanics of a good swing, and related articles: The penny finally dropped. This happened post-season. Then we had a nice day in January where I could throw the mat out back and give it a try. Holy smokes! I hit about three dozen balls out into the woods. Instead of my normal fade or slice, I was now getting a lot of very straight hits. My misses were draws or hooks. I think I had only two I hit thin and a
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  7. I have battled on and off with the overswing piece especially with my long irons, personally even a "90% swing" feel didnt work for me, I needed to feel even less, my thought was a "Finau swing" or basically "waist high" and surprisingly what felt waist high to me actually was a normal looking swing length and resulted in very solid iron shots without any distance loss. I would make sure you get the proper pivot piece fully down too, my overswinging was drastically reduced when my instructor got me to finally start pivoting properly, so it's possible that once you get the pivot piece full
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  8. A quick update. A week ago Sunday, we went to church and the man up front said some things that hit me hard. I've been dry for over a week now and have been to the gym almost every night. The knee has me limited, but I'm doing upper body work. It's better than nothing. The clubs are still in the shed. My son wants me to go to the range with him next weekend and help. Poor kid should get a real teacher some day.
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  9. I had a hearing yesterday with WC since my employer challenged the additional diagnoses being added to my claim which would allow the PRP injection. This process started in January. Since their attorney is involved, I retained my own attorney. They got documentation from my doctor saying that my injury was caused by the injury at work which I would have never thought to do. We told our side of the story and the company attorney did not contest anything. Now I wait for the ruling, and my employer has 30 days to appeal that. After that 30 days, my doctor can submit for approval for the PRP injec
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  10. I, of course, wish you the best. Stay safe. While you're waiting to get your mojo back would you like to send me your clubs? I'd make sure they were cared for properly! 😁
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  11. Injury can take its toll on your emotions too. You’ve had quite a bit of injury issues. I’ve gone through this too. You feel like you just can’t get ahead of it. Like it will never stop. You say ‘why me?’ to yourself. And with the other issues, course closures, the pandemic, you are down mentally. Give it time. Put your putter and a few balls in the car and when you drive by a course, you may have the urge to stop and putt a few. Go to a mini golf site and ply. Do what your body will allow it to do for now. You will heal both physically and mentally and be refreshed.
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  12. There is no cost to see if your course can be done or not. Nice to see me and my site on this great site! Thanks to whomever brought it here!
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    • I chuckle at how much cleaning occurs sometimes. Look I’ll take cleaner surfaces, but it’s theater and old policies that nobody’s revoked. Little more.
    • I was at my daughter's soccer game this weekend. Outdoors, breezy, sunny. Everyone was sitting at least 10-15 feet apart around the field. Some sort of field director came by on a golf cart and told everyone they needed to wear a mask. There were a lot of sighs and groans. In the conversation that followed we said a lot of what this article states, that requiring masks when they aren't necessary contributes to mask "fatigue". People are more willing to follow rules when they make sense. Much like the excess sanitizing that continues despite proof that Covid doesn't spread on surfaces, the use of masks outdoors, when spaced out, can come to an end and give some hope. Thanks for sharing this. 
    • You still need to work on those items Erik mentioned. Review the first 5 drills in this thread again. The wedges may go high because you are flipping or sweeping them up. A face on of a wedge swing would help.  
    • I went to a clinic that @iacas and Dave Wedzik held back then. They did not teach S&T per se and I had the S&T Book and video. They taught what became The 5 Simple Keys. A good S&T swing can have the 5SK. But S&T morphed into a very specific swing method.
    • Shaft feel is personal in my opinion. If I feel a shaft flex a lot during my swing, I think it is not stiff enough. Too light a shaft can cause contact and dispersion issues for me. 
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