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    • Day 15 Good day through the bag!  Solid distance and dispersion, clubs all were within expectations. 90 shots, only one slice, two hook pulls, and one fat shot. if I had this result during a round, I would pay for all at the 19th hole!
    • I have no excuse, but have been slacking.  I'm in a new house, I have something resembling a backyard (it's mostly dirt with a concrete loggia), plus my indoor room is big enough to swing a 6-iron (I haven't tried anything higher).  The problem is, the times that I often can do it are either really early morning or really late evening and my stupid brain wonders if the neighbors will think I'm hitting golf balls at them.  I need to just do it and if they ask I can explain I'm swinging without a ball.  Or I can figure out if my indoor room is large enough to swing them (the sticks, not the neighbors) in.
    • Day 10, putting again (over carpet, from a ruler, real balls, indoors).  Focusing on setup and stance, making many of them but still missed a few left (and one right, sigh). 
    • 56....😛Par 3 challenge today at the club. All holes converted to par 3's, mostly playing from rough hitting over trees or teeing off from a tee box and playing the previous green. So teeing off #6 forward tee to #5 green. No birdies, two bogeys, yardage control was terrible. Shortest hole was 60 yards, longest was 173.
    • Damn you Guys! I’ve played 5 rounds so far this year, and have had 4 birdies, but none on my home course...   But then, I’m not anywhere near as good at this silly game as you are!  😑

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