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    Skip the driver and get those lessons. IIRC you haven't been happy with your play over the last year or two. Now is as good of a time to get working on that as any.
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    I bought her… this: It's what she wanted! P.S. She thinks flowers (and cards) are a waste of money.
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    Congratulations to all of you!
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    And my 32nd was Thursday! Congrats to all of us!
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    Good to hear things are coming together for you. I myself had an encounter with wrist shattering fat shots off the mat. Haven't been playing for over a week due to the bad wrist which couldn't have came at a worse time with everything reopening.
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    Happy Anniversaries to @CarlSpackler and @iacas
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    • No-brainer for me; I go for making it a boring hole every time--a "left-half" layup that leaves me short of the left front fairway bunker, then a controlled wedge in.  That takes the penalty area, and most of the sand trouble out of play. 2H or 3W (~215y-235y) for me is a repeatable/go-to shot for me, even with what I'd assume would be OB left of the path.  I'd guess ~75% of the time I'd have a ~55y-80y wedge in with no real trouble in play on that shot, making a GIR likely with some putt at birdie or 2-putt par (just fine for me)--and completely eliminating the big number. I hit it fairly long--not 265y-carry-into-a-severe-headwind-long--but I can translate the scenario to my game.  It's just that my "mashed miss" is a push fade that the headwind would amplify, leaving me with all sorts of score-ballooning misses (penalty area, long bunker shot, etc.), while I'd only hit the green or have a manageable NGiR like 10-20% of the time at best--and even then, I'd still hardly ever make eagle with my short/putting game, and 5 or 6 would be much more likely. So I'll take the "chance at a 3 / boring 4" option every time.
    • From what I have seen in the past few months, there are people trying to get tee times who cannot.  So loss revenue from you is probably being paid by someone who has no problem with carts.  Just guessing, of course.  
    • Always go back to the basics. For me that starts with setup, weight shift and contact working on 90 90 swings for contact with a 7i trying to hit a small draw 75 yards. I lay down a pair of alignment sticks and tee up every ball. I will hot 50-75 balls like that each day making sure that the ball starts right of target and comes back. After that I like step drills (feet together, swing the club forward 12", and back, step and swing smoothly) and pump-pump-pump-release drill (Take it to the top and shift the hips, drop the hands 3X, then swing  through). Just what works for me to help get the sequence and rhythm back.
    • Hey, our governor doesn't allow us to practice on the driving range. We only get to play, and bunkers are GUR which makes going for par 5s in two with a 3W a non-penal shot. If the ball lands on the green it's an eagle possibility. If it lands in the bunker, who cares? Free drop at NPR. It's play for fun time around here. I'm not entering scores until things get back to normal.

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