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  1. Lots of people seem to think that you stand "taller" for longer clubs, like the driver. The only thing that really changes much is the angle at which your arms hang - a bit farther out for driver. Note: it's not true for all, but it's true for most. Rory tends to be a bit more upright with his driver.
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  2. This somewhat continues a blog posting from 2016. If anyone is interested (Anyone?... Anyone?... Bueller), here is a link: https://thesandtrap.com/blogs/entry/91-the-end-to-sand-bagging/ Fast forward 4+ years and I now occupy the highly sought-after position of Handicap Chairman. We modified the Knuth Tournament Point System for our club. Members accumulate points over the course of the season but, rather than roll the points over to the next year, we start fresh. One of the biggest drawbacks with a “rolling 2-year” computation was the recordkeeping involved. We also moved to a “
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    • I guess to capture the clubhead at impact? Is it one of those phantom cameras?  
    • @gogolfing Cheers to TST Fantasy Group - We are better than the "Experts"  
    • I noticed last night during my width drill that if I feel turning 'into' my trail ankle from A1 to A2 allowing my lead knee to break a bit, A4 feels stretched out but  also stable/stacked. From here I feel like I can just go. Also, making sure left arm and hand stays 'dropped', soft and unloaded as much as possible.   
    • I was going to post I would guess he had the procedure between the dad son tournament and Christmas, honest, but that was kind of Captain Obvious, so didn't. Anyways, he had it done on the 23rd and was on his feet the next day according to McIlroy.     Tiger Woods’ back surgery: Rory McIlroy projects Masters return According to Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods underwent his latest surgical procedure to his troublesome back on Dec. 23 and should be ready to...  
    • Max hand speed is lower than most people think.   2:30 in.
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