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    • Odd... this isn't really "New" news. I recall seeing the last show a few months ago when it was noted that that was the last show. Why is it all of a sudden a "thing"?  Maybe it's just a paperwork thing and it was released to make it "official"? IF all those who say they watched it all the time and loved the show, where were the posts about it months ago?
    • Interesting video. So with everything else being the same, set up through swing, just trying to accelerate to max earlier produced a higher speed at impact. How do we get to that feel though? I don’t want to derail this thread though. I can move to a new thread.
    • Oh, it needs to go somewhere. It absolutely does. This word is at par with the 'n' word. If you hear it you should absolutely remind them of that.  It is not even remotely close to curse words like f***, shit.. what have you.
    • I guess to capture the clubhead at impact? Is it one of those phantom cameras?  
    • @gogolfing Cheers to TST Fantasy Group - We are better than the "Experts"  
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