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    • You can put a 2' piece of cross netting along the top if you think it's a concern. PGA Tour players don't launch their lob wedges over 45° though. Nobody should, really. You can pay $2500 to $3k on eBay. Probably worth waiting. Use the link in the sidebar, please. I think I'll get like $10. 😄
    • Two things, and I'm going to be blunt, but bear in mind these two things before I share my two things: I don't know you, your instructor, etc. I could very well be wrong. I'm trying to help. My two things are: I don't know what your instructor is thinking, but one of the biggest parts of my job and one of the things I feel I do well is to prioritize. Your instructor is having you work on (let me count…), 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 things. If that list is chopped into thirds, that's still probably too many things to tackle at once. Now you're going to add to that list by adding random YouTube videos and suggestions from folks who mean well here on TST? Just say no to all of it. Find your single, one priority thing (setup doesn't count - you can do five things at setup and take your time to get them right). One dynamic thing. And work your ass off on that one thing.
    • Yep, I think it was about 2 weeks of no rain. I played 4 courses the previous 4 days and 3 out of the 4 the courses were pretty firm. 
    • Good call.  I actually switched to it recently!  I have it in the smoke XS shaft. And, that's awesome that you're on the right track now.  I don't really get into the mechanics like wrist angle so much.  I feel like knowing the ball flight laws and using my gc2 has helped me more than my previous coach ever did. That's more or less what I went with--arrow/face pointed at 0* and then try to swing at 0* or a tad right.  That gives you the straight to straight draw ball, as shown on my gc2 readouts about.  Just be careful to ensure solid strike because if you mis-hit it, gear effect kicks in and all bets are off!
    • You will love Pawleys. Jack Nicklaus design and the back nine is beautiful. You won’t be disappointed 

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