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    • He could have belted out the "N" word...
    • I am intrigued. Do tell............. I am struggling to imagine something worse. And by that I am not saying that JT has said the worst thing anyone has ever said on a golf course, but what terms are "worse" ? What do you mean  "I am sure he did not intend to insult a person"? The fact that it was an all encompassing generic slur makes it a thousand times worse.  It is a slur against millions of people and the fact that he said it indicates that he doesn't "get it". Nor do you, clearly. And I just "dug into your psyche". 
    • I am just guessing, but it seems pretty likely that your swing is NOT the worst anyone has seen.  We all play golf, we all see other swings, and trust me, there are lots of ugly swings out there.  But for anyone to give you real advice without seeing your swing is really unlikely to be useful.  There are some very knowledgeable people here, who will be able to evaluate your swing, and provide really useful advice as to what to change, and how to do it.  The general procedure is to determine the single most important change to make, and to provide you with drills or feels or other measures to help you make the change.
    • The biggest issue is that upwards of 20-25% of Americans will refuse to take the vaccine. I hope this changes going forward. 
    • Why fight your natural swing? Plenty of PGA tour players (DJ, JT, etc) play a fade as their stock shot and only deviate when absolutely necessary. How do you expect random strangers on the internet to help fix your swing when we have no idea what the swing looks like? Clearly there is an issue with your swing that is not giving you the consistency and desired ball flight you want to see, I highly recommend finding an instructor or starting a swing thread on this site if you want anyone to give you any substantial advice.
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