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    • Day 58.  Today was a good day.  Took an extended break from work to go to a nearby golf course and putt for half an hour.  Unfortunately, most holes were cut near the edges of the green, but I was able to snag one in the middle for a few minutes at one point to do a 4-5' coin drill, and that only took me 19 putts to finish.   I also hit about four dozen chips throughout the day, all indoors, off a mat, into a net, mix of 56 degree and U-Iron, focusing on contact.  I also hit a dozen full swings with my 6-iron, priority piece in setup and takeaway was that focus. 
    • Of course there is. Especially when you privately sense a change in wind direction and "honestly believe" the ball is still moving when it's hovering on the edge and you daren't hit a moving ball because you're such a stickler for the rules. Every year I have occasion to hover over my ball in the belief it is about to fall. Every time, after 10 seconds or so, someone (or me) says "I think it's 10 seconds". The ball is then tapped in. How the hell can Kuchar not be aware of this. Once ten seconds is up, the point about a ball in motion is moot. Hence the rule.
    • Day 490: More work on shoulder turn/pitch priority piece. Did a bunch of COVID-19 day-2 drill, and then some slow full swings with rehearsals between balls.  After dinner I worked on flow, and found a feel for my left leg that works for getting the hips to slide away from target a bit at the start of backswing before moving back toward target. Hit some balls with full swing 6-iron, contact was solid and start line/launch angle were good. Finished with a bit of bead putting practice on a yardstick. 
    • That’s outstanding!  😂😂 For those that didn’t know, I was a collegiate fencer waaayy back in the day.  😊  
    • I grip down on chip shots all the time.
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