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    • I feel compelled to post the 75 I shot yesterday (MLK day) because it took 4 hours and 40 minutes to play 18 holes. It is snow bird season here in sunny Florida....Usually I don't play worth a crap when it takes that long to play 18 holes but I was actually one under on the back 9 (which actually took longer to play than the front 9). I will say this...I don't know how anyone can play a round that long and do it more than once every year or so. All we did was sit in the cart. Needless to say...I won't be playing golf on any public golf courses during a holiday for a long time. 
    • Had a pair of 71s (-1) this weekend on my first two rounds of 2020. Hit the ball well but really struggled on the front both days due to the greens being frozen solid. The two rounds I was combined 5 over on the front and 7 under on the back once the greens thawed. I did get to check off 10 holes on the Birdie Challenge though and picked up my first two eagles of the season.
    • Some of the fat guys I know with beer bellies would never get a good read. Their belts are a mess. 😜 $199 for something thats not even legal seems like a stretch to me. And if you are using it to practice your reads there are free iPhone apps that do the same thing.
    • I would go with a 1.5 based on the abandoned bunkers and the eroded cart paths down steep slopes that makes it downright scary when it is wet out.  It is also very hilly in spots which as led to some short 90 degree dogleg par 4s.  But the greens and fairways are decent bent grass, so maybe it is a little better than a 1.5. That light green area between the blue and white stakes is an abandoned sand trap. Big Beaver Creek Golf Club
    • Hmmm. I'm thinking maybe I should have made a PGA Show thread, there's probably gonna be more products on my social media feed.

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