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    • Day #10 Windy, Rainy & Cold today.  Putting indoors with my Pelz Putting Tutor.  Missed Monday & Tuesday so I used my 2 missed days.  Needs to work on making time each day.
    • They all have online accounts.
    • That's smart.  Seems a bit tedious to the player though if they have to track it and send it.  Or is the data auto collected and sent to the cloud or something or other?  
    • Okay. You didn't say it was the point for you, so I'm sure you could see how what you wrote could be read as saying it's "the point" for everyone. Generally speaking, to everyone… if you don't want gimmes to be given to you, just say "I like to putt out." I putt out in tournaments, and often take away three footers or so when I'm playing casually. It saves time and I make them 99% of the time anyway, so… yeah. Give yourself gimmes, don't give yourself gimmes. Whatever floats your boat. The point of golf is for most everyone here to have fun. You're playing it recreationally. Whatever lets you have fun, play at a good pace, etc. - good for you!
    • As part of the discount they get, they have to give Trackman their data. I think it may be anonymized somewhat, and FlightScope may have a similar deal.

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