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    • So about 6 months ago I started paying distinct attention to my foot angles in my setup and have been flaring both out about 20 degrees. I just finished reading Ben Hogans 5 lessons though and in it he says you should only flare out your front foot and the back plant foot should be perpendicular to the target line. I have been experimenting with it the last 2 nights and it felt slightly uncomfortable as I have gotten used to flaring my right foot out. That being said the explanation in the book makes sense and I looked up a few pros (Tiger, Thomas, McIlroy) and they go with that setup as well. Are they able to because they are most likely more flexible and don't need the help achieving a full turn? 
    • I thought I remembered that too, but I think the plans were slightly different at the time. I think he was going to be moving to a new place, or doing something differently formatted… something.
    • I think he's using a "credit card" to borrow against time. ☺️
    • I get that, and I'm trying not to come across as if "you are the problem!" or anything like that. Just… I hope it's taken more seriously, and that "it's not going anywhere" isn't prophetic, and that people don't accept that "it's not going anywhere."
    • One of the few shows I watched on the GC. It seemed like it was a getting a little tired the past season or so but (as has been mentioned above) didn't really care for the non-golfer shows as much. Probably only so many interviews to go around? On a related note (or maybe a new topic), I've tried twice to watch "Golf Today". Wow. Awful.
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