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    • Bought a new phone and it has super slow motion and this may be a game changer it allows me to see so much more in my swing. That said I think this looks pretty damn good aside from the fact I cannot stop playing the ball too far back in my stance.   
    • Day 22 (4,10) - Same idea as yesterday...  really trying to hone in that forearm rotation in the takeaway and backswing.  Used the smart ball today.
    • What model ball will have these dimples?
    • Been a while since I last posted an update. Full swing is feeling good. Right now, I am working on keeping my right hand stronger as it tends to get weaker if I stop paying attention.  Then two main thoughts are hands low (which also applies to impact) and soft, straight trail arm.  For me, that challenge helped quiet my lower body on the back swing, and I feel that I load better.  If it gets away from me, I miss right.  When I’m feeling good, I hit a very straight ball.  One additional thought with long irons is to feel like I’m swinging up, as it helps shallow the club (took really big divots before). Onto the short game, chipping/pitching, I really need to remember the feeling of extending or pressing with my left hand. It keeps me standing a bit taller which helps control my low point.  Putting, not sure I’ve ever posted a video of my putt. So here is one. The putter is my new Frontline Iso from Cleveland.  Wasn’t sure I would like it when I put in the order, but I love it! Ever since my old, old putter was put to rest, I have not found something with a similar feel.  I feel more confident in my alignment and set up.  The grip has a great feel and weight to it. And from the video, I’m launching the ball really well.  The only thing is I need to get the club a bit lower.  The low point is a bit high off the ground.  I’m definitely going to put some practice in with this and make sure my putting gets better, as it has been the weakest point in my game.
    • When I'm at school I say "WHAT THE FLYING FLOCK OF SEAGULLS" and it's always hilarious watching the kids' eyes get real wide the first time they hear me say it
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