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    • Pretty sure he’ll have you use the SW as, I believe, he’s an advocate of more bounce and that most people don’t have enough of it. But he can answer for himself
    • Riding in a cart will only lead to getting tasered in the nuts. Playing golf using a cart means that you can carry a cooler, and in the cooler is Everclear. The Everclear is mixed with Redbull. After consuming a whole bottle by the 6th hole, you deem it necessary to run naked across the 6th green. Shortly thereafter, several sheriff's deputies who are not amused by your display of nudity commence to tasing you in the genitals while yelling " Stop resisting!" You are perp walked to the awaiting squad car where you "accidentally" hit your head as you are being thrown into the backseat. You are booked and charged with public drunk and disorderly, public nudity, and resisting without violence. The whole ordeal costs you several thousand dollars and community service, plus a lifetime ban from the golf course. So, to prevent nut tasering, always walk.
    • Erik, my lob wedge has 7' of bounce and my SW has 14'.  Which would be the better choice to use for this pitching drill ? I used the LW for the dime drill as my thinking was that the leading edge was thinner ?  Thanks
    • Day 7: Not a full video of my practice, just a short demonstration of the drills and putting it all together.
    • Arguing,Quarreling, and Fighting While Doing Schoolwork at Home My Four Children

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