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    • Day 2:  Played a 2 v 2 scramble with guys from work.  My focus was to get off the tee with a smooth and easy tempo.  The front 9 was tough to judge because it was pouring and windy.  The back 9 cleared up, and i would call my day off the tee a success.  Everything was playable and there wasn't a single miss to the right.  Found the middle of the fairway on back to back tight holes.  Putting was also very good.  Got a lot of comments on the improved putting stroke. Playing 18 each of the next two mornings.  Hope to keep the smooth and easy tempo going.
    • I do not have a deal!! You quoted my words and did not identify who was the recipient of your pedantry. "The Golf Machine" sure seems to be a "school of thought" regarding the golf swing, as evidenced by the following web site and numerous instructors on you tube detailing aspects of the swing; outdated or not.  The Golfing Machine | Golf Instruction System, Homer Kelley, Authorized Instructors Our mission is to educate, train and support professional golf instructors around the world.  
    • Golfed yesterday in 96 degrees. Golfed 2 or 3 times in about 113 degree weather in Las Vegas. One of those times I got my best (at the time) score of 82.  In other words, it's never too hot!
    • I'd have guessed the +2.8 guy consistently wins, the other 2 lose close ones.  Looks like I wasn't too far off. 

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