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    • Anything Ping makes is great, I just wish they hadn't added the feral but then again I'm old school. I still have G15s which I play sometimes. Go for it, you will not be unhappy.  
    • We have an addition to the last group. Full house. Hope no issues for anyone with cart double occupancy.  Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:00: @DaveP043 @DaveP043's better half @saevel25 @Divot Master Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:10 @iacas @woodzie264 @Hardspoon @billchao Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:20 @GolfLug + wife (non-playing rider) (spoke to RNK pro-shop - no issues with 3 carts in this group)  @jsgolfer @davechen Offspring of @davechen 
    • Makes sense!  Hard to say, but probably about 5 yards longer on the P770s as compared to the Mizunos.  And just slightly longer on mishits as well although I have less of a sense on the differences there.  But yeah, I think I'm leaning toward the Mizunos.  Thanks for your thoughts!
    • This tournament I only have 2 guys that look like they'll make the cut, unless something magical happens.  When no "big" names play, I tend to suck at predicting people.
    • In my experience flipping (casting) the club is s symptom of another swing fault, coming over the top. The root cause for righties is a flying right elbow.  Glue the elbow to your side, it will force you to come from  inside the line and retain your angle on the way down. It will magically aid you getting left. There are a number of other thoughts that can help you delay the hit after you are sure you have the flying  right elbow grounded.    

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