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    • My first post in this thread, and I admit I haven't read each preceding post.  In my opinion, if you're going to compete, you better learn to play with people who get on your nerves.  It may not happen all that often, but it WILL happen.  If "that guy (or gal)" is going to throw you off your game, you might as well just quit.  And I have very little respect for quitters. But for me, the annoyance factor has very little to do with handicap level, which is what seems to be the primary criteria used in the OP.  What bothers me most is lack of consideration for the course, for other players, or for staff.  I've probably seen those issues more in a few of the low handicappers, some of whom seem to have egos way out of line with their actual ability.  But I can usually put all of that out of my mind and play my own game, even the worst of them don't ruin my game, or my enjoyment.
    • Just my opinion, but if you're not going to follow the rules for handicapping, I don't believe you should keep an official handicap.  I'd suggest that you use an unofficial online handicap calculator, and save yourself the few bucks.
    • It's one of those rules that doesn't affect the number of strokes I took, like the signing an incorrect scorecard rule. Keeping a handicap would only be for my information since I don't play in competition. 
    • 'Cause Titleists, designed in the U.S., only understand English.
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