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    • Yesterday was a beautiful sunny 55 degree day in southern Ohio. I had to choose between spending $6 on a small bucket of balls at the range or $5 to walk 9 at the crappy course near work. I chose to play golf.  So did everyone else.  There were at least 4 groups waiting on the first tee including a 6 some playing a best ball and a 5 some with kids. I asked another single who was behind me if he wanted to join me and then a husband and wife couple also joined us. We had to wait for the group in front of us on every hole, but it was a good day for bad golf and I am glad I played instead of practiced.
    • I did that once to a Ti Bubble II driver. I assume it was a manufacturing defect.
    • So you weren’t able to listen to Death Metal for 40 hours?
    • Lie can be affected by set up, but it is really impact position that is key. The shaft is actually bending down slightly at impact. So the head is slightly flattened with respect to the shaft. If you set up too close or too far from the ball, it can vary the head position at impact. One trick I use at set up is to let my right arm hang free. If I can then move it to the club without moving it in or away from my body, then my set up is in the right spot.
    • I live in close proximity to Browns fans, so Manziel is still one of those names that stirs things up.  But absolutely. If golf can give him a direction in life, that's fantastic. Maybe he only ever competes for a club championship at the local golf club, but if it gives him a reason to get out of bed in the morning that might be more important.  I know some people with issues. One commonality is that they don't have that something to be passionate about.
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