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    • I can relate, but like yourself, I like the challenge of achievement.   I have a great opportunity for a miracle!  wait... I need a miracle or something like that!
    • I will not put a white belt on my clubs!   A couple of the guys I play with on the weekend purchased new clubs and bought club covers.. ugh.   
    • Yeah, no. I’m giving you a 4/10 on the Golf Swing Guru Crackpot Scale. You lost points for: No visual aids. Like, at all. No citing a YouTube video claiming this swing shows off what you are talking about. No mystical looking 1990-style website. No avatar of some part of the body or a golf swing. You gained points for: Suggesting that you alone know the truth or facts at play here. Misusing big words you clearly don’t understand. Citing Ben Hogan. Try harder next time. You can do it!
    • I saw a guy do this the other day with his 6 and 7 iron and both clubs landed within 5 feet of each other. I told him that he shouldn't get so angry but to check his lofts as he obviously had a gapping issue!  🤣
    • Traditional rating measurements show a decrease in viewership, but imho, the streaming options are pretty good and probably took away viewing via cable. Anecdotal, but the comments section also complimenting the live streaming on the site. 2021 Masters Ratings: 5.52, 9.45 Million Average Audience For CBS — Geoff Shackelford  
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