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    • I hold it closer to the end. But I agree these are harder to get on.
    • Me neither (with other Pure models), until now. I think with a little more careful technique it's not a problem. I was accustomed to the grips just blowing on/off quickly without having to pay too much attention, except for getting the alignment correct and stretching to the length you want. I made a short clip of removing the grip from my 4-iron, and you can see after a couple bursts there is a point where the top wants to start ballooning (4 seconds in), and if I wasn't careful with the bursts, it might have blown up (pardon the messy garage).  
    • Wow. I've never had that happen. Like, ever. 🙂 I just took the Combos off five of my irons without any issues at all.
    • Day 435 - March 8, 2021 Practiced downtown at Golf Evolution and then played four holes with four balls with a 7-iron at Whispering Woods. Got a tee time tomorrow!
    • Yeah - just a bare steel shaft. They are brand new shafts, no previous double sided tape or masking tape. I bet a single wrap of masking tape would reduce the friction between the bare shaft and rubber grip enough to prevent this. At least it seems like the non-sticky side of masking tape is slipperier than the chromed steel.
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