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    • Fred Couples many years back said the CT should start at 45. Brandle Chamblee says his analysis shows that the door shuts on a tour player at 45, so perhaps Fred had a point. I wish those 50 and over would play the CT more or exclusively. I think the CT would be more relevant if it followed the PGA and played the same courses. Then if we couldn’t relate to the players, at least we could relate to the course.  
    • Best shot of the week --from the tee PAR3 - off the Blue tee = 215yards - 6iron hit as good as I've ever hit it .... onto a well guarded green ...flags was mid green on upper tier semi protected from bank covered in high tussock rough ...... the ball went pretty much straight with smallest of draws landed right front face of green rolled uphill 3-4yards to stop behind flag 2-feet away... And I did in front of a couple of younger guys that were letting me through so ...added some pressure
    • Ah well, at least the Oilers have a 12% chance at the first overall draft pick. 
    • I've read this article before and had decided to make my grip more firm next time I'm swinging the club. The reason I ask is if the level of tightness influences how much twist one will apply to the clubface. Through the past few rounds the direction of where I hit the ball is inconsistent. Well, I guess, it must me something that's not grip then. Thank you for clearing things up though.
    • What I mean by "paying attention to the littlest of details" comes from the "5 S's of Great Practice" article. Based of of that, I wanted to focus on shortening my swing and making sure that reaching the A4 doesn't look whippy. To aid that new swing, I came up with a technique to ensure that I get a feel of the A3 which is the perfect time for me to cup my wrists to the maximum ability. So far, I feel like I've done a good job. I'm just looking for new things to work on once I'm confident in my new swing.

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