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    • Your ‘cognitive skills’ go awry because of poor shots. Very few players ‘real problem’ is due to mental issues. It’s poor mechanics. 
    • Day 28 Before going on a walk with my family, I took the weighted club out in the front yard and swung for a few minutes.  Then, I grabbed an old 7 iron that I carry on walks (to deal with snakes... and practice my grip) and took some full swings at the nutsedge that our lawn service doesn't seem able to get rid of, all the while repeating my "back-to-target... face-the-target" (BTTFTT) swing thought.  On the walk, I worked on my grip and rolling my hands through the impact area. Once we got home, I went out back with an 8 iron and ripped shots into my net.  As I did, I kept repeating BTTFTT, and I made really good contact with all but a few.  Furthermore, the few that I made less that perfect contact with were a little thin, so they would have been decent shots anyway.  After I finished, I went into our gym in the basement and did two sets of of ten kettlebell swings, each set being ten two-handed, ten right-handed, and ten left-handed, and then worked out arms, shoulders, and lats on the Bowflex. This daily practice is really making a difference.  I feel like I am developing a swing that doesn't feel like a collection of different, mismatched parts.  Practicing my pre-shot routine on every shot and focusing on my BTTFTT swing thought is really making me more confident over the ball.  Hopefully I can get onto a golf course soon, even if it is the little spot-lit Par 3 course after work one evening.
    • Hi all, Just been given a set of Mizuno TP-18's with the 3 and 5 missing. I play MP-33's week in week out and didn't think anything would knock them off the top spot for me... Well, on the basis of 2 range sessions and 1 round, I wouldn't say they are stealing number 1 position in my bag, but they could be any day now if this keeps up. I presumed they were heavier than the the mP-33's (because the swing path goes exactly where it wants - which is through the ball to the target!! ) But, they are in fact lighter. Exact same length as the mP-33's. I did a quick Google but can find very little about the TP-18's - did anyone play them back in the day, or still play them? What year were they made and why so little about them on any  forum or internet in general? Thanks in advance for any thoughts on them  
    • Europe deserved it. You can’t putt like a pure amateur and expect to win. Worse putting display from professional golfers in a long time. Awful. Congrats to Europe for being able to make 4-7’ putts.
    • In my area they stay pretty much the same. In fact the course I play just did a play all day fee on Wednesday $40 includes a cart. Bad for those of us who play Wednesday every week. Now it takes 4+ hours to play 18, but good for the course. 

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