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    Are you noticing that when you think outside of the box on this website that the entire forum tries to jump down your throat? I completely understand everything that you are saying in the playing golf without a though thread and it is amazing to me how no one can even make sense of what you are saying. I am literally blown away by reading the responses. Best of luck with your golf journey but realize that you are examining golf at a much deeper level than most can comprehend. Take care R to L
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    Don't let him fool y'all with that TN stuff. He's a Joisey boy.
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    Cool logo. Is that from the old IHL Gulls?
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    Just submitted my résumé for the Golf Digest Top 40 Under 40 list. The biggest detractor is my location - I'm not a teaching pro at a fancy, old private club somewhere.
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    • @DrvFrShow - thanks, I appreciate your reply.  We are joining a golf club, so play/practice/lessons are all 'mandatory' so to speak as we want to get the most out of the membership.  Over the years, I've had periods where I took lessons but I was never able to play/practice consistently afterwards, or eventually work/life intervened.  Our driving range is closed for practice currently also.  Good information on the Cobra F9s.  Our stores are open, so I will take a look when I am able to head over there. @uitar9 - congratulations on getting to the 18 HCP, I would be very happy with that level!  Also, I appreciate hearing about your experience with the fitting.  
    • The LPGA is going to allow the option of a player playing without a caddie: No caddies? Now an option for LPGA players Players will be allowed to carry their own bags for the rest of the 2020 season, if they so choose. LPGA caddie: 'Quite shocked' when caddie option announced; fearful for future With LPGA caddies optional for the rest of the year, how many players will actually choose to carry their own bags? One caddie believes the option will be abused. I hadn’t quite thought about it, but it never occurred to me that a caddie was “required,” that playing without a caddie would require permission or exemption from the LPGA.  If so, I’m assuming that the PGA Tour has a similar requirement.
    • The only thing I ever did on battery changes on 2 accords was to enter the radio code so it would work again. Anti theft stuff
    • Not anymore, no. I used to swap out my 3w for my mini driver when I know there is a course that calls for it, but my 3w and I are on speaking terms again so I haven’t done that in a while. I also have a 4h I used to play instead of my 4i, but my 4h tends to hook and I have no problem with the launch angle on my new 4i.

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