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    • I could also weaken the AW to 52° as well. I’m hoping to make my 15 clubs, 14 for tournaments this summer (hopefully we can have them by then).    Could be one of the long clubs could be one of the short ones. I’ve read 4-iron, 3-iron, and 2-iron I still haven’t figured it out it may be as simple as playing a few rounds and seeing which club I don’t use or need.
    • More grip work;  placing hands carefully on the club, slow swing back, on downswing checking positions at A5 and A6, seeing that the clubface isn't anywhere near as bad as it was a few days ago, to impact, rewind to A6, then forward to hit.  Off a mat, into a net, combination of whiffle foam and real golf balls.  6-iron.  Really aching to get back to the other COVID drills from Erik but I felt this was a priority. 
    • Awesome. As someone named Frank, I approve. My most recent purchase was the neat new LSW vid series. I'll comment on the proper topic once I see them all. Before that it was a 3W to potentially replace my 4W, and a couple of wedges to match my recent iron purchase (735.CMs).
    • Last thing I bought is a Shotscope V3. Doesn't ship till end of May though (hoping it's not delayed)  I was thinking of upgrading my irons to the newer model  but the fitting I booked had to be put on the back burner for a while

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