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    • With some exceptions, courses should remain open.  Golfers need to respect the rules.  But I guess it looks like some kind of favoritism when everything else is in lockdown and the golf courses are open, so it's difficult to pull off. In terms of restrictions in general, they need to fit the threat... and that threat is somewhat different for different populations and for those who are immune system compromised.  
    • Made it out this afternoon.  Temperature got to 70 in Chicago, so I made sure to get out again.  Intended to play as a practice round,  but got put in a group who was playing straight up, so I played along.  Ended up grabbing a birdie on 4, bringing my total composite score to -7 for the year.  
    • Yes, "COVID Fatigue" is an issue but I also feel the problem is when they go overboard with restrictions then people revolt at even the reasonable restrictions.  It is a little like a child, a few reasonable rules and the child is fine but but an over abundance of rules then some kids may rebel.   In Michigan, they initially closed the courses but some private courses "Rebelled" at the start of the lock-down and said the members can walk the grounds and if they want to carry a golf bag with them it was their choice so then you had un-supervised groups with no precautions.  Then they opened  the courses but said "Walking Only" which impacted some players who could safely ride as a single, so then people claimed to be "Handicapped" to be allowed a cart.  Unreasonable/excessive rules provoke breaking the rules. Yes, we are all tired of this mess and I fully agree we need to be vigilant, but we also need to be reasonable and closing a course is not reasonable to me.
    • Thanks for the warm welcome all!  It's great to hear from so many of you that either live not too far from me or have ties to Wisconsin.  I'd like to think that everyone has a little bit of Wisconsin in them  I've been playing recently with a fellow I met through The Persimmon Golf Society facebook group.  He and I both play vintage clubs on a nice par 3 course he introduced me to and we have a ball.  We're interested finding more folks interested in playing vintage clubs in our area, southeast Wisconsin - northeast Illinois, in order to gauge the interest in have a few vintage club golf outtings next summer.  If any of you are interested in joining like minded golfers to play rounds with vintage clubs please contact me. By the way, love the photos of upper midwest golf pretty much anytime from November through April  Regards, Brad   ps. Attached photos was taken from our last round.  1956 MacGregor Tourney Colokroms v. 1959 Wilson Dyna-POWERED --- "Clash of the Titans"!

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