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    • The biggest lie I’ve ever heard about the golf swing is that someone has the magic cure for anybody and everybody and they will reveal that for 4 easy payments of $39.95. 
    • I don't see the point in that, particularly when your first "lie" isn't a "lie." I've renamed the topic. It no longer reads "Core Lies You Believe That Destroy Your Golf Swing" but instead reads "I've Solved the Golf Swing, Take 497." Again, in mostly good fun for now, because I think it's highly unlikely some random person is going to figure out something that other almost surely smarter people haven't yet. So, out with it. At which point I'll rename the title again with something that makes more sense and applies to your "theory."
    • No videos or website.... Mathematical formulas coming soon with some visual aids.   I just wanted to get some feedback on what others thought about lies they might believe that are supposed to help but funny how your game tends to get worse.   Come on.... let's hear some lies you guys believe about the golf swing.   Theory is that if it is not something that will actually improve your golf swing and you believe it will help.  Then you will act according to your beliefs.  If your belief is a lie and unhelpful, then no matter how well you do it, the ending result will not be good.  Other ideas of lies are.... The Sequence of the Hips, arms, release, weight shift How much effort to put into swinging the arms? Drop the arms at the beginning of the downswing Clear hips, hands lead,   
    • Not really, no. Please stay more current. The post you quoted is from nearly three months ago, and the context of that comment is still Tommy Fleetwood, while your question is not.

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