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    Are you noticing that when you think outside of the box on this website that the entire forum tries to jump down your throat? I completely understand everything that you are saying in the playing golf without a though thread and it is amazing to me how no one can even make sense of what you are saying. I am literally blown away by reading the responses. Best of luck with your golf journey but realize that you are examining golf at a much deeper level than most can comprehend. Take care R to L
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    Don't let him fool y'all with that TN stuff. He's a Joisey boy.
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    • Nope, Mizuno brings out new wedges every year. Interestingly, in 2017 they actually brought out 2 new wedge lines at the same time. That was mostly because the company was changing direction slightly on their wedges. So they brought out an updated version of the previous years, as well as a new design. 
    • ummm no...it's not performance enhancing at all.  
    • You can find some great deals on used clubs on ebay.  I just bought a set of Titleist DCI 962 irons (3-PW) in very decent condition for $28 plus shipping.  They're no longer cutting edge technology but they are still a good set of clubs for not a lot of money.  You can always spend more later if you wish. 
    • Day 429 As my appointments ended early, I went to do a little wedge work. I took time to hit 8 shots will each of wedges and my 9i. I simply took time to relax, think about each shot, and try to simply do it. All were well within the expectations for each club; the aim was fairly good, for me, all were very close to the target. I am still wondering why today was a good day., give how iffy my morning was!  
    • Yes, yes good good. I'm glad you realized there is no secret.

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