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    • It drives me nuts to see a pro hit a ball 4 feet past the hole on a 4 or 5 foot putt! Have they never heard of “die at the hole”?  I know there’s a novel theory these days about putting 18 inches past the hole, but I’m old school and follow Harvey Penick’s putting style, “die at the hole”   It means the back of the hole! The ball should run out of energy at the back of the cup and never run past it!  This style causes more balls to fall in the cup even from the side if your off line than any other style! Thats my experience playing and watching golf every week.
    • Lol! Can't help but be a little snippy, but the half informed find the rules of golf illogical all the time..
    • I have several awesome pink shirts 👍.
    • They are so illogical?  I wonder what we’re they thinking? some of the rules are very old i know but no one ever says what we’re the thought process behind the rules, or why?  for example: you cannot ground your club in a bunker! Why? who knows why? Maybe cause you could cause the ball to move. Ok but why not make the rule to say if in the act of grounding your club or addressing the ball, “anywhere” not just the bunker, if you could cause the ball to move then you cannot ground your club! That would be logical! We can’t have that!   What if your ball is in the middle of a bunker on the flat part there is no chance to moving your ball if you ground your club! But a rule is a rule! and you cannot ground your club in a bunker! What if a ball is in the ruff? Setting up? Grounding your club will likely cause it to move but there no rule against doing so! Crazy ”not nearer the hole” if you take relief from a cart path 100 yards from the green and you drop a few feet nearer the hole, does it really matter? Are you really getting a great advantage! I don’t think so! I also don’t think it really matters which side of path you drop on, but it has to be the “nearest point of relief”! I know a rule is a rule! oh well! That’s my rules rant! At least I fell better!
    • Maybe it’s just me but there’s things on tour that drives me nuts, like pga live at the end of the round on Sunday with 2 golfers tied and 2 holes to play says coverage has ended or pga tour live not covering the majors! But thier ads say subscribe and “never miss a shot”!  caddies constantly uncovering and covering clubs, and what’s the deal with a cover for the putter? It’s practically indestructible! Or on a par 3 handing the golfer a putter on the tee?  and these crazy putter grips, brysons long handle putter? Lefties? There always on the wrong side of the ball, and dropping from the knee is so gay looking? And pink clothes? That’s a violation of man law! Yes wear the stupid pink ribbon to show you really care, “they really don’t” about Breast cancer! Or whatever cause they have pretend to believe in this week! But don’t wear pink clothes, and ugly caps, shoes etc! And marking the ball when your within 5 inches of the cup? Just tap out! Get it over with! Or the guy that has a two foot put and has to pull out and consult the book? Crazy Maybe it’s just me! 

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