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    • I am not a long hitter therefore my basic strategy is to reach Green in one over regulation.  So for par 4 target is 3 to green. A two put would put me on target for 18 over but also still a chance here for a par. For par 5 aim to reach Green in 4. For par 3's well depending on hazards many can be reached in regulation.  Practice chipping up and down where miss greens in regulation + 1. 
    • voted yes, but the technology would have to be viable, reliable and cost effective. I't doesn't matter how many people are killed through drink driving it will always be too many simply because drink driving is easily avoidable. If you want to drink dont use your car, get a taxi, a bus or walk home, it's not rocket science. Maybe punishments should be harsher and the blood alcohol limits stricter. I know guys who can drink for England and not get affected and others who have one drink, be legally under the limit, and cant walk straight. Personally, i'm all for zero tolerance on drink driving. If you go to the pub for a beer and want to drive then drink alcohol free beer. Most pubs sell it and its actually not bad these days. I'll step down of my soap box now guys
    • If interested - starts with is no look drills then the walk in drill is at about 17  minute mark. 
    • Ah - ideas based on  a chap called Bill Owen here is link to YouTube video of him teaching a group of beginners - a bit long   Spanish but Bill speaks in English! Oops link starts at 6 min - please rewind to start
    • Problem I see... No point because noone  wants to see it. There is no reason to do it.

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