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    • It’s not  so much I’m blaming Cameron. I’m simply saying he’s not the solution. And if he’s telling JS the right stuff and three years of hacking persists then Cameron should tell him to go elsewhere. Not in a feuding manner, in a caring matter.  I think if we consider the role of a coach it’s reasonable to say Cameron isn’t filling this role effectively based on the results we’re seeing from JS. But I’d like to know what Cameron has suggested because clearly whatever they’ve worked on isn’t fixing this mess.  
    • One of my favorite bands! Currently listening to this on "Indie 1023" Dawes - Who Do You Think You're Talking To? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4O7VVDxb_us&ab_channel=DawesVEVO
    • Maybe his coach needs to fire him, if this is the case. When he was winning, Jordan looked so natural, at least to me, hitting the ball. He just seemed to see the shot, and hit it. He swung so hard on his opening tee shot yesterday, I thought he was going to fall. I don’t know what he and Cam are working on, but it clearly is not working. He looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.
    • Day 281 Re-Mapped distances for partial wedge shots for PW, GW, and SW with Mevo. 
    • Hello all, I've been researching for a bit and feel like I've found conflicting/non-specific info as it pertains to what kind of putter I need/want. I've attached screenshots from a recent SAM PuttLab fitting and was hoping to get a better idea of what type of putter would best fit my stroke, which needs work. I'm currently gaming a Ping Anser 2 (blade) with around 45 degrees of toe hang. My typical miss -- as you can see -- is generally left. Any tips/info/help/critique is welcome. Thanks. If more information is needed, please let me know.

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