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    • I've never seen the 1st 4 play golf....I'm surprised you have the Big Thai on the list...why?....I would have thought him as really friendly....nit surprised about Mrs. Doubtfire....he seems like a grumpy guy. I like Laura...but yes....she can be a bit standoffish. In 2012, I was looking forward to meet and watch a fellow countrywoman Shanshan play golf....I gotta support the Great People of China.😁. I'm a BANANA and can only speak a few words of Mandarin and Cantonese. I bought some Chinese White Rabbit candies to snack on and was going to give Shanshan a bag of White Rabbit candies. I said a few words in Chinese to her...I guess she thought I was a Chinese POSER...who could blame her...... and I didn't think she was overly friendly with the fans....I was shocked considering how jovial she is on TV....but some LPGA pros know when the cameras are rolling and act all bubble gum, cotton candy and pink ribbons when on TV, etc...e.g. Wie and Creamer. So I kept the candies instead and shared them with other spectators....lol.....to heck with you Shanshan. But the NEXT big STAR from China is Muni He....LMAO......Muni use to live in Vancouver....and a member at Swaneset....a course I often play in the summer time.....here she is in the below video at 12.....never knew who she was.     Look at my recent comment about Feng.
    • Day 199 - July 15, 2020 Played 18 holes. Knocked off a hole from the birdie challenge. Almost got all three others.
    • Good call @boogielicious. Really hope they don’t make this a Jack fan slob fest. I also hope they realize we want to see golf, not incessant bios on all the players. 
    • 77 today at Castle Oaks in N. California. 70.5/124/6356. A lot of back pins today so several holes played longer than listed. 12 pars, 6 bogies and several missed birdie chances. Only 4 fairways, but 10 GIR and 4 up and downs. 2, 3-putt GIR. I broke 80 for the second consecutive time, the previous was my first. My index is down to 11 from 14.2 and this 5.6 differential replaces a 14.5 differential. I think my index is going into single digits tomorrow, which satisfies my main goal for 2020.

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