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    • Well, I have a driver swing speed around 94. I recently took a driver lesson. I had a 45 g Riptide R in the driver. The pro put me in a 50 g Riptide 6.0 S. I feel like I have better control over the club head. Companies are going over to lightweight shafts these days. They've been able to make graphite stronger at lighter weight so that S shaft that used to be 65 g may only need to be 50 g now.  If your shaft is too flexible your strike may not be as consistent.  The AD333 is a good ball. It has a urethane cover. They've been discontinued, but you can still find them on Amazon. They're 75 compression and probably great in winter. I play the Srixon Z-Star and love them. Soft around the green. 
    • I wonder if it Trackman and Flightscope archive launch monitor data from LPGA players for informational, historical, research purposes, or to sell it. 
    • Ya I think for piece of mind, or mis-hits, I will add a net along the top attached to my ceiling.  Does anyone know if when you are playing a course in simulation mode, can you play 2 person or more, or is it only one person?
    • I have this horrible tendency to cup my wrist. When I first learned back in the olden days, I would lose a dozen balls per round. My dad got tired of paying $12/dz (1968 dollars), so he finally got me a lesson and the first thing the pro did was stop me at the top of my back swing and change my wrist to a bowed position. Well that position kind of hurt, but I didn't slice anymore.  So I have to be very conscious about that when I practice and when I'm playing. Like when i take a practice swing sometimes stop and check it to get the feel before I step in and take my shot. I don't have very good lateral flexibilty in my wrist and that's why I tended to cup. The flat wrist has cost me more than a few yards off the tee, but at least it's on the short grass. When I got the timing right with that wrist cup through impact, I could crush it. Unfortunately that didn't happen very often. Too much risk and not enough reward. Now if they sold new spines, I'd be in business for a full 18 holes. You'd see my HC drop like a rock.
    • Day 277 - Sept 30, 2020 Got in some good work with a 3I, 6I, and 9I earlier today after a lesson. More of the same, as usual: hands feel like they go away from me, stay in front of me, and go up a little. Half swing. Then go as hard as I can down, with my collarbones.

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