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    • Yeah, no. C'mon man. You didn't explain it wrong, it's just a really bad idea.
    • Day 39.  Speed Stix, protocol one..  First time with triple digits (100 on the nose) on the red stick in this iteration.   Didn't do the Speed Stix the past week due to not feeling as great.  Somehow didn't stop me from playing two rounds of golf in the time though.
    • Tell the group in the halfway house you are playing through and there is no need for them to rush.  I would deliver the news while the others tee off.  It can be awkward when the other group saunters up while you are teeing off unless you said something. I learned a long time ago when you have an opportunity to go, take it or you almost always regret it.
    • When is a golf ball considered to have been illegally "heated?"  For example... 1. If a golfer drives to the course with a golf ball over a heater vent in his car, is that illegal? Or  2. If a golfer uses a "Hot Biscuits" or other type ball warmer plugged in before the round but unplugged before teeing off on the first tee, is that illegal? Or 3. If a golfer keeps his golf balls in a thermos/insulated cup or bag with hot water before the round, but empties the hot water before teeing off on the first tee, is that    illegal? In short, can a ball be heated before a round begins?  And if it can, can the ball be kept in an insulated container that is not "actively heating" the ball but simply retaining the heat already within the ball during the round? I know it is illegal to carry a ball in a pocket with a hand warmer in the same pocket, by the way. Be kind with your answers, please Mike
    • Sorta get used to just hitting indoors.

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