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    • Well....he made an idiotic comment to himself and the whole world heard it. He is gonna pay for it. But at the end of the day, we have all made really stupid decisions and really bad choices that didn't get broadcast on the Golf Channel. Hopefully he will learn something from this and it will make him a better person. Or it won't. Either way he is going to wake up tomorrow and be a major champion and a millionaire. Same as Patrick Reid. Same as Tiger Woods.    P.S. I am a middle school teacher, and the word Justin Thomas used is still used often in this school environment. It hasn't gone anywhere. 
    • For some reason the putter cover always goes into the cart basket.  Maybe because I’m pulling my towel out of the basket to take to the green? All others just get tossed on the ground. As far as I can remember, I’ve never lost a head cover of any kind.
    • In part I'm trying to hit a draw for extra distance and in part because winds at my coarse commonly reach 20-25mph sustained with 30mph gusts. Hitting a fade into a 20mph headwind, is not my idea of fun. I wasn't exposed, my wife and kid were and they have remained at her mom's because of it.
    • I played Shingle Creek today, as noted by @DaveP043, this is not a demanding course off the tee by any stretch, there was lots of water around but unless you were way offline, it didn’t really come into play.  Conditions were great, greens rolled very well (not too fast).  There are better courses in the area for the price, but we went out before our tee time and got done in about 3.5 hours, so was nice and ther weather was 70, great day on the course with my Dad.
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