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    • Day 156 - Spent a couple hours at a course today. First hour was short game work. Started with tight lies and worked on pitch and chipping motions with my 54 and PW. Followed with work from rough to different pin locations both up and down hill. Did a few flops near the end. Too many people on the green for sand work. Second hour was irons and driver. Mostly did Key 5 work including the stick drill place about 25 feet in front. Driver has the most variability still. Finished with long pitches with 9 iron and PW.
    • I think he is asking a valid questiin, Tiger made some comments about ageing and it seems as though he is having doubts, I genuinely can't see him winning another major although id love to be wrong. If you gave me 10k to bet on him winning a major again or not, I would 100% put the money on him not winning another and that is no disrespect to everything he hss done in tne game, he is the Goat
    • Whether or not a line is drawn on the ball won't affect how slow someone lines up their putt.  Imagine a scenario where you aren't allowed to draw a line (let's not get into the particulars about the definition of a line and enforcing that).  Won't players who believe they need that line and are instead using a manufacturers logo or some other non-linear player marking take even more time on a method that is harder to use? If people have an issue with slow play on the greens, I don't think the problem is the type of "alignment aid" on the ball.  The ability to aim your ball with any marking is the problem. There are already rules in place for slow play. No need to amend or add other rules for special cases of slow play. And I actually don't think its murky.  A line on a ball is not an object.  A line is a marking on an object.  And that object is required to play the shot.  And it is explicitly permissible to pick up and replace that object on the green in whatever orientation is preferred.  If this is still considered murky, I'd suggest amending the rule which forbids the alignment aid to specifically exclude the ball from consideration as an object. Or stated another way, the ball is the only permissible object to be used as an alignment aid. No more grey area, no more discussions about issues that most people here don't even seem to think give golfers and advantage anyways.
    • That’s the first Porky’s reference on this site I think!
    • I disagree with this. If the ball is sitting up in the grass, then probably a PW chip shot may work out better. I think it would be extremely hard to judge the speed and trajectory of the ball off the clubface when you use a hybrid or 3-wood. Also, both of those are flatter than wedges, and more likely to get caught up in the rough. 

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