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  1. Welcome to The Sand Trap. I don’t think it’s bad. I thinks it helps the game get publicity, but I don’t think everyone will be running out to get same length clubs and bulk up to play. He finally won a major at 27. Morikawa won the PGA on his first try this year and is a different kind of golfer. My issue is the announcers more than BD. They were talking Nobel prize for a guy with 3 years of college physics at an average school for the sciences. Does he like to tinker? Absolutely. Should he be asked to replace Hawking as the Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge? No. They talk about his power with the driver, but he wasn’t even the longest hitter this week. So they are building a myth about him that I feel is unwarranted to this point. His final round opponent was hitting it farther. Wolff was really impressive because he is just 21. I hope BD settles down and becomes an ambassador for the game. But with his temperament, he may go the García route.
  2. Sean_D


    When I play with people whom I have never played with before, I always tell them on the 1st tee, "I plan on posting this score for my index and I need to finish each hole. I don't give putts and I don't take them." I stared doing this because people would "ship my ball back", and wait for me to give them a putt. I really don't care what they do, they can give themselves a 50-footer if they want. If we're competing, we're playing by the rules. If were not competing, I'm playing by the rules and they can do whatever they want.
  3. I do hope it changes golf for the better, in terms of helping put to bed many of golf's little idioms that turned out to be lies once we had access to the relevant data. I really appreciate how Bryson has fully embraced the statistics to optimize his golf game. So many players, including a lot of tour professionals, ignore the basic facts that show you're better off hitting an approach from closer to the hole even if it means using a partial swing or hitting from the rough. Conditions at courses like Winged Foot with monstrous rough are outliers, because most of the time the rough isn't that big of a problem and even at Winged Foot it still wasn't always or even often worth the difference in approach shot distance. If you're strong enough to hit the ball 320+ off the tee, you're strong enough to also hit the ball out of the rough without an issue other than reduced backspin. Tiger Woods was the catalyst that pushed professional golfers to truly be strong and fit athletes, because he showed what kind of difference it can make. I'm hoping that DeChambeau can be the catalyst that pushes professional golfers to utilize data to optimize their strategy, rather than relying as heavily on gut feelings and tradition. The only disappointing thing is that I saw him removing flagsticks for his putts all week, but I don't know if the US Open used flagsticks with a high enough COR to make flagstick in or out a better play with regards to the statistics. All of this critical thinking is good for the game of golf though, rather than bad. People asked the same thing about Tiger, if it was bad that golfers would now need to hit the gym and bomb their drives to keep up, and I think the changes Tiger inspired has given us some great players and tournaments in the years since his debut. I believe the same will be said about Bryson if he managed to spark a trend of golfers analyzing their game to play optimally.
  4. Let's not do this, please. You've clearly never seen @saevel25 on the first tee, after all. 😉 We all know "golf" and we all know that some of us will hit some good shots, all of us will hit some horrible shots, and most of us will have our days filled with shots in the middle. It's about meeting up and having a good time.
  5. There is no direct correlation between a golfer's handicap and their value as a playing partner. I thoroughly enjoy a day out with friends who are not very accomplished and those who are better than I am. I enjoy playing with people I've never met and may never see again. Yeah...you run into some jerks from time to time...but that happens everywhere. What is respectable? Being a decent person. I don't care what your handicap is. Let's go scrape it around and see what happens. Who knows?...we might learn something.
  6. I don't believe playing with strangers requires much of a golf game. Other players won't complain about you or your game is you play ready golf and avoid religion and politics. I sometimes play with an older couple that are 75+. We can play under 4 hours and she only hits the ball about 100 yards. Don't be afraid of joining up with others. Be prepared to play ready golf.
  7. Hey all, I've been home for about 8 days now since my procedures on the 24th. Overall, I am doing quite well. I've been walking at least 1.75 miles each day and the longest has been 2.41 miles collectively through out the day. My incisions are healing well. I've had some Afib issues post-op but I also dealt with that pre-op. It will get better the further along I am in recovery. My surgeon, also a golfer, said there should be no reason I can't play a full round of golf in 8 weeks. I was surprised and he reiterated for me to just listen to my body and start out slow. I know not to expect to pick up where I left off. I would be happy to be out chipping and putting by then. Maybe try 9 on an executive course and play from the reds. Thank you guys for the words of encouragement and checking in on me. I really appreciate it.
  8. BTW, @NatalieB is a +0.6 now
  9. @iacas, While it doesn’t change the outcome, you went above and beyond as a dad and you can be proud of that. A lot of parents would’ve been upset, but I doubt would’ve gone to the lengths you did to muster support for the cause. Just very publication of this scathing article shows that a lot of folks in the golf community supported Natalie & Zoey. It’s a shame the folks who had the ability to make it right, didn’t.
  10. STOP BITCHING about how far guys hit the ball! If I have to hear one more golf commentator complain about how far these guys hit the golf ball I'm going to lose my mind! According to the data below the average tournament winner has improved by 5 strokes since 1960. STOP BITCHING about how far guys hit the ball! If you want to get those 5 strokes back, make the rough rougher. Or make the fairway rougher. In the 60's the rolled the greens before every tournament. I watched a thing about them getting Winged Foot ready for the US Open, they rolled the greens more than a dozen times. They rolled the FAIRWAYS more than half a dozen! I don't want two sets of equipment! I don't want two sets of rules! I don't care that guys hit it far. I actually think its pretty cool. If you want to get those 5 strokes back (and I don't even care if you do) there are plenty of ways to make the game tougher for the pros. You don't have to take the air out of the ball! (No offense to Tom Brady.) STOP BITCHING about how far guys hit the ball! Nobody in pro football bitches that the average offensive lineman weighed 251 pounds in 1960 and weighs 313 pounds today. Nobody in tennis complains that the average serve speed went from under 100 mph in 1960 to almost 120 mph today. You never hear track and field people lament "Remember the good old days when nobody could run a mile in under 4 minutes." STOP BITCHING about how far guys hit the ball!
  11. I'd like to give a shout out to @boogielicious and @ncates00 for providing feedback in my swing thread to try and help me improve. Also, shoutout to @Antneye for having great taste in hockey teams. And one last shoutout to @Slice of Life, @ChetlovesMer, and @saevel25 who are super cool folks who I'm glad I got to meet in person and become friends with at the August outing.
  12. Compared to what @woodzie264? 6 months - It looks pretty damn good to me. Nice work. That is not an easy fix...actually nothing about changing your swing is easy. Well done.
  13. Christian, I think you know me as a straight shooter, often at my own expense. 🙂 So take this with my reputation in mind, as well as my understanding that you live too far away for me to do much to make money from you or anything like that. I'm offering, I believe, this advice solely as one guy with an opinion trying to help out another guy. You have several things going for you: You swing fast enough. This is important for two reasons: You can hit the ball far enough to be a scratch golfer. (I'm not saying you'll ever be scratch, duh, just that you're not someone who swings 70 MPH with the driver trying to break 100 or 90 frm 6700 yards). You can dial back and still swing "fast enough" to play 6700 yards, or 6500, or whatever. This gives you flexibility to take smoother, shorter, slower swings. You have the time/desire to practice and a place to do it. You have the financial means (I believe) to do this. Whether that means to hit balls or play frequently or take some lessons, you aren't a broke college student with the time but not necessarily the means. You record your swing and you are starting to gain an understanding of this stuff. I believe that if you were here in Erie, for example, that we'd have you breaking 100 virtually all the time and 90 sometimes on some decent courses (maybe not Whispering Woods, but Downing, Green Meadows, etc.). I think that sometimes you can get sidetracked with solving one day's issues, when the priority is still the priority. I think you tend to, like a lot of golfers, try to fix the "last" shot or the last two shots you hit, but that's problematic not only because you don't fully understand what can cause one shot or another, but because you're still learning different things and you're going to hit some weird shots now and then, particularly when doing something completely new to you. I think, too, that like everyone, you go too fast too long too quickly. If you were here in Erie, I'd likely set you up with a plan like this: Weekly supervised practice sessions. I do these at a lower cost (sometimes with two students at once) because you're not learning anything "new" per se, you're just being helped to practice properly. In reality people still learn new things - new drills, new bits of info, new feels to emphasize the same thing - but it's not as intensive as a lesson. I'd get you going on some putting and short game drills and games that you can do without me around, and really shore that stuff up. There is no reason why you should ever really have > 34 putts per round or fail to hit greens with short game shots as often as I think you might. Once you're in an nGIR situation, you should be able to pretty quickly get down to 2.8 or 2.9 shots per attempt. I'd get out for a round with you now and then, ideally with another student as well, and basically be your "caddie" as well as your gameplanning guru and so on. But I think a big part of what I'd be doing is giving you lines, stressing the one thought I'd like you to have over the ball (one feel), and encouraging you to make an 80% swing which isn't any different than the previous one unless you hit a bunch of shots in a row all in the same sort of pattern. But you don't live in Erie, so what I'd do if I were you: Practice properly. You definitely don't get the "slow" and "short" and often not the "simple" part of the 5 "S" words. Specific you do okay with, I think. You get the "success" sometimes, as you're reasonably good at changing the picture, but then (and I'm not there, so it's based on what I've gleaned only) you will hit a few bad shots in a row and jump ship to working on something else, which since the former thing wasn't ingrained yet, causes all sorts of hell. Find a decent instructor — one who knows the golf swing and is comfortable being a taskmaster (I think a lot of instructors feel like if they don't give you five new things each lesson, they're not worth what they charge, and ironically, it's almost the opposite that makes people worth more) and work with him every other week or so. Tell him you are fine hitting your 7I 80 yards in the first lesson if that's where the "edge of your ability" lies for right now. Slow down. Prioritize. Make a list of the other things you like about golf, besides the score. Maybe you're the type of guy who will shoot in the 90s or 100s, but who doesn't enjoy practicing and who just enjoys playing golf and drinking a beer or getting in a walk or spending time with buddies or whatever. No shame in that. Really think about what you like about the game. If you can't come up with much, quit. Consider taking up the game lefty. I'm only 90-95% joking.
  14. Yes. Perfectly adequate. It's not the "pro" setup, but I've used this for years. I just try to hook it under the grip and keep the nose under the grip but away from the shaft. You can occasionally get a light scratch - no big deal, it's just in the paint. If you scratch down into the graphite… that's bad.
  15. Back to swinging again. I actually played yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks or so. Swung at 70% without pain. Played pretty well too. I filmed my swing today to see if there were any changes and surprisingly, it looks about the same. Below are driver and 6 iron at about 80%.
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    for me, I don't really care what other people take, I hate it when they give me one...I occasionally play in tournaments and I can tell you, when I have been stepping up and knocking in the 1 and 2 footers regularly, I feel no extra pressure. Play a round where people, trying to be friendly, are "giving" me 2,3,4'ers, shipping them back to me before I can get to the ball (I routinely lag putt to pretty close from a good distance across the green, and people routinely ship them back), when I get to the tournament, that "gimme" suddenly becomes a nervous putt. If people want to give and take putts to each other, and it is not a tournament...knock yourself out but please, leave my ball alone. I like to finish every putt, even the "it is 100% to make that one on the lip"....yeah, it is but I like to finish the hole. I paid to play a complete course, not everything but the finish. Now, to get down off my soapbox...
  17. 9/27/2020 - Pebble Beach Golf Links View this round on GAME GOLF Bucket-list stuff here. I mean...this pic says it all: Some highlights: 1st Hole The tee shot is nerve-racking! Lots of folks milling around watching...and it's awkward because you can't hit driver. I NAILED it...smooth 3-hybrid, 226 yards, into the first cut on the right. :) Got a few "nice shots" from onlookers. I hit into a deadly steep bunker but got it out and saved the bogey. Whew. 4th Hole The first hole where you're right up next to the ocean. It's seriously hard to concentrate. I crushed my drive, right down the middle...my pitch shot was a little chunky but my lag from the fringe was within 5' and I sank the par putt. \ 7th Hole Pictures don't do this one justice. Standing on the tee...the temperature must have dropped 10 degrees just from the cool breeze...and it feels like you're on the edge of the world. According to our caddie, we had a very odd breeze (towards the ocean) so it was playing like a 75 (!) yard shot. I pulled my wedge a little, and hit it long...but managed to get up-and-down for one of the most memorable pars I'll ever make. 8th Hole This was my favorite hole on the course. I mean...seriously...this was the view of my approach shot: I hit a perfect iron off the tee...but I got scared of the water on my approach and pulled it way left. Hit a GREAT pitch shot from way above the hole and two-putted for bogey. 18th Hole After a 45 on the front nine, I sorta fell back to earth. Played really badly on the "inland" holes. My drive on 18 made up for it: I hit my best drive of the day. 271 yards, with a little draw, and almost carried the tree on the fly (from the white tees, but who's counting). Even a topped 4-wood couldn't ruin it (I had to go for the green!)..and I sunk a 10-footer to end the round with a bogey.
  18. True story: I was invited to play in a scramble a few years ago. As the day approached the weather reports were indicating rain. My golf partners were taking a cautious, wait and see attitude. The night before the event all of my partners had bowed out. The scramble had not officially been cancelled at this point. Having taken the day off, I decided to head over to the course at the appointed time and see what was up, hit some range balls and perhaps head into the office late. When I got to the course the registration table was active and signing people is, so I signed in as well. I mentioned my situation and that I may be hitting multiple shots due to partners who may not show up. No problem I was told. Well I was 9 under par after 12 holes when the event was called off due to rain. I was soaked from head to toe, but won first prize of $400. I think that was the day I also won a laser range finder. Off the tee, if it was an acceptable shot I did not take another in order to save energy being over 50 years of age. I usually hit 2 or 3 approach shots. Putting was the best: lay 4 balls down and keep hitting them until one goes in. Made a lot of birdies from 15 to 20+ feet out. First putt a little high? Hit it on a lower line. That one a little low? Try something in the middle and... bingo, another birdie. one of the best times I every had on the golf course.
  19. To survive another year of winter depression...
  20. Stupid face? Check. Stupid hat? Check. Slow player? Check. Of course he's bad for the game, what else needs to be determined? Close this thread. 🙂
  21. Haven’t practiced in a while. Got into a little bit of a funk there. Been playing poorly lately; was going to pack away the clubs for the winter but I committed to an outing for some reason so I’m going to make the best of it 😃 First swings weren’t great. Might have figured out the main issue, though. Backswing stuff, inconsistent club head position at transition. Leads to lots of randomness. Started rehearsing A4 and then slowly bringing the club back to the same position, feeling that I’m set there (kind of a pause or slight delay), and then firing hard. I posted the swings at real speed because I wanted to see the backswing at real speed. Feels slow to me but isn’t, and I’m not surprised there’s no actual pause at transition. Hit the ball really well like this though, which is promising.
  22. Been a long time since I've posted here. Just want to provide an update about how this season has finished up. The last bit of feedback I received was about my hands at the top of the backswing, and that my right hand coming off was as severe as anything @iacas has seen. This feedback came the day after I had completed my worst round of the summer. Which came in the same week I posted a message with the video showing what my right hand was doing while simultaneously trying to state I think I had some kind of breakthrough because I had just shot literally the best round of my life a day earlier. So that week was quite a whirlwind of emotion for me. I did go back to the drawing board and try to address what was going on. A couple fixes included weakening my left hand grip a touch, strengthening my right hand grip a touch, and trying to manage the length of the backswing as best I could. That hand seemed like it would fly off the grip the further past parallel I would get. Those tweaks seemed to work. I was making good, consistent contact into my net in the back yard, and I felt like I had found something. I was gun-shy of putting it on camera again, because I was worried that I'd end up doing something different, presenting it as if that's what I had been doing to be successful, and end up going in a cycle of confidence and doubt all over again. Basically, I decided if I was able to "feel" my way to something that was working, I wasn't going to mess with it. I'd just take it to the course, and try to ride out the rest of the season. Then during the winter, I'll try to get all scientific and break everything down. I just wanted to play golf, and not get all up in my head about it on the course. Long term, I know I need to work at being more aware of what's going on in my swing. Anyways, I'm happy with that decision, and here is how the rest of the year has played out: That 14.6 differential was the best round of my life which prompted my post saying I fixed my swing. Then the 27.8 two rounds later was the worst round of the summer, quickly followed by the feedback that my right hand in my swing was a severe problem. Those next 7 or 8 days was me trying to work on that. And then the rest of the summer is by far the best stretch of golf in my life. My goal this year was to get to an 18 index. I was a 24.5 coming into this season. These past 6 weeks got me down to a 17.3, so I'm ecstatic about that (which is an understatement). Even those last couple rounds, I wish I had shot better, but again, I was a 24.5 index 6 months ago. Those rounds would have literally been the best rounds of my life if they happened in the spring. So, I just need to keep that in perspective. Shooting 95 used to be a dream. Now its a disappointment. I've come a long way this year. If nothing else, I've proven to myself that improvement is possible. But this year has also shown how much further I have to come. This offseason will be about actually understanding what the swing is supposed to be, and how to get myself to be able to execute and repeat it using more than just "feel". Hopefully, progress throughout the winter will be documented here. In a few weeks or so, I'll probably post the "baseline" swing, and work from there. Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread this season, specifically @iacas and @Grizvok. The feedback and support one can receive on this site is pretty incredible.
  23. I don't get it. Is he tossing the club because he hit a good shot? That's what I would think with the first tweet comparing it to a MLB bat flip, but based on the second tweet, he's tossing his club because he hit a poor shot. In that case, pfft. I'll show you what a real club toss looks like.
  24. I posted this during the USO, you can tell who it is just by the silhouette.
  25. Regardless of the effect that an equipment bifurcation would have on the golfing population, the more important question is getting overlooked here by @Bonvivant and others recently. Why do you feel that a specific distance for a tee shot is too long? It's a fact that golfers who hit the ball longer have an advantage over golfers who hit the ball shorter. This has always been true, the greats of the past like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer were great in large part because they could hit the ball further than other players on the course. Arnold Palmer's entire reputation was built on hitting the ball hard! Rolling the golf ball back won't change the fact that some players hit the ball further than others. It also won't change that fact that player who hit it further will score better than players who hit it a shorter distance. There will still be long hitters and short hitters, and the long hitters will always perform better on average. Why does it matter to you if the long hitters are driving the ball 330 yards instead of 280 yards? You can play any golf course in the world, including a par 3 course, even if your tee shots go 330 yards. The length of the course is not the only thing that makes golf difficult, and short courses are still more than capable of being played by modern professionals. Merion Golf Club was criticized because it was "too short" to be a worthy U.S. Open challenge, and the winning score there was still as high as it's ever been since 2007 (+1). Erin Hills played at an average length of 7,805.75 yards and it wasn't considered a hard course, with the winner matching the U.S. Open scoring record at -16. The reason many short courses can no longer be played has nothing to do with the difficulty of the track, and everything to do with the production circus that goes along with the PGA Tour. You can't fit the entire broadcast setup and tens of thousands of spectators if the course doesn't have space on the property to locate it all. Short courses can still have space for this, but long courses naturally are built on larger tracts of land which makes it less of a challenge. Here are the facts, things that with never change and can be proved with hard data Short courses can still be plenty difficult to play for long hitters Longer hitters will always have an advantage over shorter hitters This holds true even if the driving distance for everyone is made shorter, longer hitters will still have shorter and easier approach shots The winning final score of a tournament doesn't matter and cannot be effectively compared to previous years or eras, even at the same course, because playing conditions will never be the same between years and eras The only effective comparison is deviation of the winner's score from the mean score in the tournament, which compensates for differing conditions and has decreased over the years as fields get better Given these facts, why do you care if the long hitters bomb the ball 330 or 250? It doesn't make any difference - the long hitters will still have an advantage and any short courses that have been dropped from the calendar will never come back because their land-area is too small to support PGA Tour events. I cannot find a logical reason to arbitrarily limit driving distance, because changing the driving distance doesn't change any of the "problems" that people think it will magically solve. Short courses that have been eliminated from the calendar will not return, and short-hitting players will never have an advantage over their longer driving counterparts.
  26. I just continue to not be able to find the energy to care too much about how far the Tour players hit the ball. So much has been made about Bryson, but he's not that much of an outlier on Tour. Wolff outdrove him in the U.S. Open, McIlroy, DJ, Koepka are all up there. Maybe he's more driven than the rest of them to hit the ball longer, but that doesn't mean they're being held back.
  27. Hello and welcome back to TST! All good advice so far. But having an open mind doesn’t really help with narrowing the field..lol. First, you can’t go wrong with Mizuno. Mizuno has made some amazing irons since 1999. So have all the other big brands. I’m sure you have a few specifics you’d like to have such as top line thick or thin, cavity back/MB, appearance and of course feel. You could always start with hitting the last three years of Mizuno irons and see how it goes. Have you looked at irons as far as Super Game Improvement, Game Improvement, Player’s distance and Player’s? Based on what you’re wanting this will narrow the field a bit too. Mizuno MP ( 2018-2020) Callaway Apex, Maverik series. Titlesit AP 1-2-3, 2020 Taylormade P770 MC/MB
  28. I’d rather play with a 30hcp who plays ready golf and tracks his ball than a scratch who annoys the f*** outta me.
  29. Most of the time you're right. I have personally gotten tired of looking for someone's golf ball. That can get old, fast, if you're doing it all the time.
  30. I'm automatically against anything Ian Poulter says. 🙂
  31. Muscles aren’t made of rubber. Yes there is a stretch reflex that comes from them being extended but that’s activated from the hips starting to unwind while the club is still going back slightly, not by restricting the hip turn in the backswing.
  32. :shrug Play faster. You get what you get. Slow play penalty costs player cut (and paycheck) at Women's PGA
  33. You're a 17.1, still? I'd learn two shots and use those: A chip. A pitch. That's it. Do that until you're a… 5. They're plenty versatile, but you really shouldn't be worrying much about "cut lob spinners" and stuff (not a direct exact quote).
  34. As my hip mobility/stability has improved, mechanics has steady improved. Now starting to shift the focus back to the expansion of my upper back, something I was doing a couple months ago but didn't have the hip mechanics to support it. More expansion will help/helps me do many thing that I need to get to where I want to with my ball striking (less dynamic loft, more speed): - Improve horizontal adduction of the lead arm (reason I get that narrow look at 3 and get that torso stall/lift) - Keep my rib cage down on the backswing but get extension and rotation above the diaphragm, so I can "compress" down in transition, use my legs properly. - Wider setting of the wrist angles which is REALLY important for sending signals to my 🧠 to continue to turn and accumulate power. If my arms wrists start hinging too early it tells my 🧠 to stop turning because it’s using another lever source for power. - Stretches my left lat and puts me more in a position to add force across the shaft in the downswing. For a visual, I think Lee Westwood does this as good as anyone, good pic of Dechambeau also creating that stretch as you can see with his shirt creases. It's more about pulling that left side across than pushing it across (rotational force transmission). Ok, that's the why/what, having fun learning more about the anatomy and how it all connects. Here's the "how" and how I'm keeping it simple. Brian came up with this band drill that I can slip my hands through and wrap around my back. Feels for me is that I'm trying to stretch it using my back, like if someone hand their hand between my shoulder blades and I'm pushing against the hand (expansion). So basically trying to create as much stretch as possible and keep the stretch in transition. Really important for me because if I lose the stretch that's when I lose the ab compression and legs buckle under me, can't keep the force on the grip and I flip it. Going slower with these backswings to change the picture. Have a few weeks break between tournaments, club is closed for the tour event, so going heavy mechanics work. Getting the hands further forward without "thinking" about it. Right knee is kicking under me less.
  35. I finally get a piece that is something I've been trying to find the feel for, over many years(probably over 5 years, I shouldn't admit that), and you two goofs just want to complain about my camera angle and the grass at the range. 🤦‍♂️ This is why I haven't posted my swing much for years here. 😉 @DeadMan It is one of four ranges I go to, usually it is a little better. They mainly have mats there but I prefer hitting of grass with my left wrist/hand injuries. They basically just mow down some grass there. Mats can be pretty painful at times if they are the wrong kind. Why don't you just be happy I couldn't do this move back in 2017, instead you beat me down then and are coming at me again now. 😉😂
  36. I am not sure why I am getting this now, when I never have been able to before. Whatever it is, I'll take it. It is going to hard to keep my high handicap if I keep this up.
  37. chicub15


    On the first tee when playing with strangers I usually say something about posting my score and wanting to putt everything out. It makes some guys uncomfortable- I guess they like giving putts so they themselves don't have to feel obligated to knock in those side-hill 3 footers... My dad just taught me to play it as it lies and hit it until it's holed- it's not about gambling or anything for me, just taking pride in the score I write down as being my score and not "what I would've made".
  38. Piz


    I do not care if it is a 1 inch putt...who does not like completing the hole?
  39. I don't honestly care if he did or not - I just want him to get the same treatment and accusations Tiger did
  40. I like your turn on the backswing. A definite improvement.
  41. Had a very encouraging range session today. Saw lots of progress with getting my swing on plane. It's not where I want it yet but it's light years from where I started. Some negatives I saw is that my knees are still too flexed. It's proving tougher than I thought to fix that. I'm also standing up a bit through impact.
  42. If skying it and missing the fairway in the process is an achievement, I feel my talents are going unrecognized.
  43. The only reason Zach Johnson finished anywhere decent this week was because he putted his ass off (Which has quite a bit to do with luck and isn't sustainable on a week to week basis). He gained 9.6 strokes putting over the 4 rounds, which is almost half as many total strokes as he gained in 54 measured rounds last year (19.9 total strokes gained putting) He lost over a stroke total off the tee to the field, and lost over 6 strokes to Bryson off the tee. Johnson also only gained .5 strokes approach to the field over 4 rounds compared to Bryson who gained 7.5 over the 4 rounds. Think about that for a second, Zach Johnson had what was most likely one of the best putting tournaments of his life, was better than the field average in approaching the green, and STILL lost by 12 shots... Some weeks on some courses, sure. But not as a whole across all golfers on all courses over the entire season. The data simply just doesn't support your claim. This was posted on the Superspeedgolf instagram page back in June
  44. I'm not sure what your point is. YOU are the one who claimed there was no GOAT, just best of their era. Yet arguably the 2 best of all time seem to think there is such a thing as GOAT. Your 'evidence' doesn't support your point, it cuts against it. Now as to WHO the GOAT is? Unlike Jack, Tiger has been too classy to tailor the criteria for determining GOAT to his own accomplishments. But while Tiger has a classy opinion, we don't have to agree. But the fact is that by every measure but one, # of majors, Tiger has far surpassed Jack in virtually every other metric. Against MUCH tougher competition. No one would blame you for not reading 400 pages of this long-running discussion, but if you want to participate in a meaningful way you should maybe read the last 20 pages. Because so far every point you've raised has been pretty conclusively been dealt with.
  45. There's a big difference between having more in the tank and actually using that extra on the course during a tournament. Bryson has done it and shown that he can still hit it accurate enough to win, nobody else really has. At least not on a regular basis. I know he is still young, but I would be shocked if Wolff gets to the point where he adds 10+ mph to his top end ball speed in a tournament. That would just match him with Bryson too, who has already stated that he is going to explore using up to a 48" driver, which has the potential to give Bryson even more ball speed and I think it's only a matter of time before we see Bryson break the 200mph mark.
  46. The only thing it's bad for is media having more shitty takes about how the ball goes too far.
  47. He can be abrasive and has been caught a few times where some people think he acts like an ass. Having someone win a major where a percentage of people have issues with him is going to bring out negativity. Unlike someone you might just go “meh” to. I don’t think it’s bad for the game, but unfortunately he’s someone I would root against. Not the only thing, but someone who lashes out at a cameraman about hurting his brand is not someone I’m going to enjoy winning. Ricky Fowler is uber conscious of his “brand” but doesn’t act like that. BD acts like the game has to bend to him. Not a fan, but hey he did it in the least number of strokes, so it’s a good thing for him and people who like him.
  48. Hey guys I can now join the hole in one club. I'm 69 yrs old usually play from senior tees. Yesterday played with 6 of us from the white for a little $ game. I holed out on a par 3, 127 yards with a 8. Pretty exciting.😉
  49. I see two different issues in your scenario. First, nobody timed the search, so you have no other choice than to utilize the information available to you, the estimates of time by yourself and the players in your group. The second issue, everyone saw your ball fly into a GUR area, the tree. Without being there I can't say for sure, but you could have grounds to conclude that it was Known or Virtually Certain that the ball was lost in the GUR area, and you would deserve free relief. However, if you do conclude that the ball is lost in the GUR, and put another ball in play (by dropping it), that's the ball in play, even if you find your original within the 3-minute search period.
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