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  1. I find that in most circumstances, there are fewer hazards in the air than on the ground.
  2. Shortly after getting drilled with a skulled flop shot from our own @RFKFREAK (I'll post that video too lol), I nailed it. Bonus footage 😂😂
  3. I generally follow the Lowest Score Wins strategy of aiming for the dead center of the green on everything outside of 100 yards. That is, assuming there isn't any obvious obstacle off any one side of the green. If there is, like the little run-off area you mentioned, then I just shift the "center" of the green away from that area.
  4. With my 4.1 and 2.5 differentials added in from this past weekend my handicap dropped from 4.0 to the lowest it's ever been, 3.5.
  5. When the WHS rules went into effect in January, it seemed that a number of state associations made an automatic adjustment to the par form each tee, based on the recommended par/yardage relationship for each hole. That automatic adjustment led to pars for different tees like the table shows. In most cases, each individual course evaluated their own course, trying to make par the same on each hole for all tees whenever it was reasonable, and provided the results to the State Association, who in turn updated the USGA database. This procedure is outlined in Appendix F to the Handicap Rules https://www.usga.org/handicapping/roh/2020-rules-of-handicapping.html It makes me wonder if this specific course hasn't done that internal evaluation, or if the other steps in the process haven't taken place yet.
  6. It’s a stupid game invented by drunk people with too much time on their hands
  7. As a woman who came to golf late in life, I tried to speed up the learning curve by taking lessons—lots of them. I’ve probably taken a lesson or attended a workshop by eight different local pros. My husband corrected me; some girlfriends advised me. And then there is all the UNSOLICITED advice that men feel qualified to give to any female golfer! Regardless of the source, I had WAY too many thoughts in my head every time I stood over the ball. If there were four things I should be thinking about, I’d remember two—and it was never the same two! My club's new PGA pro TIM ASHLEY is from Arkansas, and he’s the best teacher I’ve ever had. Why? Before we started, I asked him to please watch four or five swings before he made any comments, since I don’t always do the same things twice in a row! And then I asked that he choose no more than TWO things I needed to correct, since I was unlikely to process/remember more than that. First up? I was standing too far from the ball. He showed me a simple way to get to the proper stance, regardless of the club. That was it. Immediate results! I worked on that for a couple weeks, then came back for Lesson #2, and tackled one or two issues, since I’d already "grooved" proper stance/ball distance and now had room in my cluttered brain to learn something new. I've dropped SEVEN strokes from my HI over five months, one step at a time. Not all lessons provided new information, of course, but the way it was presented resonated, and I changed things methodically, a bit at a time. I still forget something or slip into an old habit, but the catch-phrase or "feel" memory brings it back. SO HAPPY AND EXCITED TO BE PLAYING BETTER AND IMPROVING MY GAME!
  8. Ok, I tried to watch the rest of it. Skimmed a bunch in the middle. How long was this lesson if the video is cut in places and it's still almost an hour long? CQ's information is ok. Some stuff I agree with, some stuff I disagree with. I dislike how he presented it. For the most part, it was, do this. Do that. Don't do this. Don't do that. I like to know why. Don't do this because it makes you do that. Do this because this happens. It might just be me. He doesn't really show him how to practice stuff, either. He's mostly hitting full swings while trying to make these changes. Slow swings. Drills. Exaggerate the feels. Doing something the exact amount you want at speed isn't the best way to make swing changes. He also didn't really seem to give any reason as to why he wanted the player to make these changes. He didn't give much of an assessment at all. Yea, the guy shot 71, but what are his misses? What is his pattern? Based on what I see in the swing, he probably has some start line and trajectory control issues because he rolls and flips, but this isn't actually addressed directly in the video. Seems like CQ is giving a cookie cutter lesson instead of one tailored specifically to the player, which might be ok if that was his priority piece anyway, but again, never really communicated on video. The biggest problem I have with the lesson is how he jumps around a lot. He started with a turn piece in the backswing, which I addressed in my previous post. Then he moved onto having the player rotate more in the downswing, using the lower body better. All that's well and fine, but then he focuses on lead leg extension, then back to a sit/squat move, then kind of jumps back and forth between the two. He eventually has the guy doing swings while keeping his right heel planted, which can be done while sliding or even stalling the hips, which is something he doesn't want the guy to do. All of this stuff is related, but it feels like there's a lack of direction. And he never really does anything to address the guy's roll release pattern, which I thought (perhaps erroneously) was important. I gave it a 2. If I was the student in the lesson, I don't think I'd walk away too happy with it.
  9. Time for a little recap from my Pinehurst trip. Somewhat unexpectedly, that was the best I have ever driven the golf ball for a multiple round stretch. I didn't lose a single ball off the tee or have any penalty strokes off the tee over 3 rounds playing my own ball and one scramble round. I hit 60% of my fairways and averaged 267 off the tee combined with my driver and 3 wood and hit 70% of my fairways with the 3 wood. In terms of strokes gained, over the 3 rounds my strokes gained driving was -0.07 compared to scratch and +0.87 compared to a 5 hcp. Shot shape was a slight fade, I started it a little left of the target and let it fade back, didn't have a single snap hook or huge slice, both of which had been issues recently for me. The biggest adjustment I made was to stand a bit further from the ball, and just focused on making a full turn on the way back. For whatever reason that really seemed to work so I'm excited to keep that momentum going in my upcoming rounds. Biggest weakness was partial wedges, which was kinda to be expected since I just moved from a 60 degree to a 58, but I started working on them at the range last night and have a good feel for 50,60,70,80 yd ranges now with my new 58 degree. I did notice now with the fresh grooves I was able to hit really low but high spin 60-70 yd shots with my 54 degree that took one big hop then stopped which I used a couple times to get to a back flag where I didnt want to carry it the entire way with my 58 degree. As part of the Talamore package each person in the group got a new 2018 Scotty Cameron putter, our group received the 2018 Scotty Cameron Select Fastback. I didn't use it while on the trip, but I tried it out last night and I really like it. I used a mirror and laser at home and was consistently lining it up better than my current putter, and when I tested it out on the putting green, it was really easy for me to aim. I did a 3 foot compass putting drill and I went 36/36 on the 3 footers, and went 31/36 on the same drill from 6 feet. Going to use it on the course for a round or two before I officially decide, but there's a really strong chance it will end up in my bag.
  10. jamo

    My Swing (jamo)

    Down to a .5 at today's revision, which is the lowest it's been I think since sometime in 2011.
  11. Shot my best round in 20 years yesterday. 40-43 = 83 at Carrington GC in Monroe, MI. Parred the first 4 holes and birdied that last 2! I had three 3-putt bogies too. Best I've been able to strike the ball in two decades. A lot of practice paying off.
  12. Yeah, I keep mine 93-96. 100 is just for posers. I’m about 10 miles from Logan International. They asked me to keep it down for safety.
  13. Whoever named Lake Merced Golf Club was a bit generous with the truth.
  14. We are talking about Tournaments and competitions, not casual play. I understand the idea in junior golf of the first player holing out and going to the next tee AND teeing off to assist pace of play. To me, once one is an adult and playing in a tournament, one stays around the green because one is marking for another player. In casual play, I have no big issue with a player moving to the next tee before I have putted out as long as they are not making noise or moving in my field of vision.
  15. If you grouped Tiger with two random club pros, you still wouldn’t be able to put together a group using the rest of the field that could equal his group’s majors or PGA Tour wins totals.
  16. I really wasn’t sure what my expectations of LSW were. I had heard a decent bit about it, but it almost always seemed to be about shot zones and separation value (incredibly useful things in their own right). However, this book is just chock-full of incredibly useful information not only on how to be a better golfer during my next round but also how to go about building a comprehensive practice plan as well as much more technical wisdom than I had thought. Incredibly good read. My only lamentation is not grabbing it earlier.
  17. Interpretation 14.2c/1 specifically allows you to line "align" some marking on the ball when you replace it. The example is aligning the trademark, but it would apply equally to any other marking on the ball. This very specific permission overrides any more general prohibition elsewhere in the rules. That's how Rules work, with generalities, and then more specific (overriding) exceptions. This isn't too dissimilar to the idea of "play it as it lies." Generally, you may not ever intentionally move your ball during the play of a hole, other than by striking it with a club. Then there are exceptions, a bunch of specific circumstances where you have specific permission to move it, in a specified manner.
  18. The exact location of the sweet spot differs from club to club - the reason you see some irons with tungsten inserts in the toe is to correct for what you're talking about. The chart in the OP is nowhere near granular enough to show the exact location of the sweet spot, though. EDIT: Having now watched the video ... yeah, he doesn't know what the sweet spot is. (The Erik guy, not Miura). If you ever find that club's sweet spot is in the spot where the mark on that iron was when the voiceover was saying that's where the sweet spot is, throw it directly in the trash. That's unplayably close to the hosel. There's nothing mystical about the sweet spot. It's just the CG. if you have a wedge or an iron handy, juggle a golf ball on it - the spot, roughly in the middle, that feels the softest and doesn't make the club want to twist in your hands in the sweet spot. That's all there is to it.
  19. I understand the value of physical distancing, I understand that it might be mandatory in some areas, I understand that physical distancing could require single-rider carts. I don't know if its the fact anywhere, but I can accept that it could be. The thing with all of these executive orders is that not one of them says there won't be monetary implications for following them. In the simplest case, many of us have been required to spend money to buy masks. Restaurants may need to charge for what once was free delivery, to keep themselves afloat. Compliance with the limited seating in restaurants has certainly decreased their income. Similarly for golf courses, the orders might require single rider carts, but not one says the course is required to provide them at the old single-person (two riders per cart) rate. Is there a moral imperative in these difficult times? To me, its much more important for a business to remain financially viable, that keeps people in jobs, which keeps money flowing through the entire system. If a course can survive while charging the same per-person rate for a single rider cart as it did when it could put two people in the same cart, good for them. But if they need to up the rate in order to stay financially healthy, that's what they should do, that's the RIGHT thing to do.
  20. Like most of you, I always thought wearing gloves for golf makes no sense. A mans hands are hardened from work, so whats the point. its a waste of $5. My mom invited me to golf with her and her boss. She wanted me to go to act like her husband since she was always telling her boss how good looking her husband was and my dad is really old and dresses like a skank and NOT good looking. But he got a reel kind heart and wears it on his sleeve all the itme Mom got me a whole golf outfit to wear and a glove? I was ok with the outfit she chose out for me, but the cardboard paper tags from the shirt and shorts dug into my skin all day. I told her I wasn't wearing a glove and then she made me. When the round was over I had sweat literally dripping from inside the glove and running down my arm. Plus the velcro dug all the skin off the back of my hand (the front of the hands are tough, not the back), because she bought them for the wrong hands and i had to wear both gloves inside out to make the "work". It was worth it becuse at the end her boss looked at me and just smiled and told me how prooud he was and how tough I was. But it doens't matter because I don't even respect him. Does anybody hear bother with golf gloves. The only sports I wore gloves for was baseball and wrestling, just for the grip, but there is literally no point for golfers other than some of the points I pointed out above.
  21. Ok, this is not a golf injury per se, but a weird one. I used to race both road and mountain bikes. 20 years ago I was off on a MTB training ride from work at lunch. I rode down the railroad tracks toward one of my loops. I ran over a stick (piece of railroad tie) and felt a bump on my shin. I looked down and saw the stick, about 15 inches long and as round as my thumb, sticking out of my shin like an arrow. WTF?! It was moving with my leg while I pedaled! Now I’ve had advanced first aid and should have known better, but I pulled it out. It was in about two inches! The leg began to bleed. I literally said out loud, “This can’t be good!”. I didn’t have anything to wrap the wound, so I hauled ass back to my car at work. I grabbed and arm warmer and tied it around the wound to stop the bleeding. The whole leg below the wound was covered in blood as was my shoe. I calmly walked past security and straight to the nurse’s office. She took one look and said, “what did you do now?”. This wasn’t my first biking injury, but that’s a story for another time. She examined the wound and didn’t think anything was in there but sent me for an X-ray anyway. They didn’t see anything on film either. My shin muscle was trash and I couldn’t ride for a while because I couldn’t clip out. Fast forward two years. The shin muscle still wasn’t right and now there was a lump there. So my orthopedist sends me for an MRI. Low and behold there is a piece of wood in there! He operates and pulls out a chunk about the size of the tip of my thumb. It was white too, which is not really good because it went in brown. It took three or four years for my shin muscle to fully heal. Needless to say, I’m more careful when riding over sticks now.
  22. Vinsk

    Dumb Injuries

    Back in November I had the brilliant idea of showing my then 13yr old boy how to properly do a BMX stunt. I mean...it’s only been about 35 years since I did it...nothing’s changed right? I proceeded to fly off the bike and land cold stone onto the pavement breaking 3 ribs in the back and perforated my bowel as well. 10 days in the hospital total. So...there ya go.😖
  23. You have Lowest Score Wins, so some games are in there. Often the best practice is just knocking balls away from the green and playing them from whatever lie you get. I'm not a big fan of a lot of block practice on the short game. Yes, do some block practice if you're working on your technique, but it's not how you simulate game shots. Basically, most games I'd play would include either: Put three balls into random lies in one place and play toward three different holes. Put three balls into random lies in one place and play three different kinds of shots to one hole. Put a ball around the green and play to random holes. Inside tap-in range (including holed) is worth 5 points or something, inside 10' is 3 points, inside 20' is 0 points, outside 20' is -3 points. Play until you get to 50 or something. Make up your own points.
  24. So… TheOpen.com, on July 16-19, will be showing on their YouTube, Facebook, etc. channels, an "Open for the Ages." They've combined footage of Jack, Tiger, Greg, Jordan, Gary… etc. into a fake "tournament" in which everyone plays against each other. Looks incredible. I hope they can pull it off.
  25. Full swing, full swing, full swing. FWIW, these are already the "top players," so they make the full swing stuff look easier than it does for all other juniors their age(s). So, a big part of what got them to Pinehurst to begin with is their full swing — the fact that they can bomb it and hit the green quite often with an 8I or whatever. That's why people thought that putting is what mattered on the PGA Tour… until we got the data that exposed it as untrue. People continue to be bad at seeing the partial shots saved: another green hit to even 40 feet is worth a fraction of a shot to a green missed at 40 feet, particularly in a bunker or some thick rough. Well that's just course prep. It doesn't speak to how much time to devote to practicing. You may be overlooking the fact that she had to be in a position to chip the ball on the par fives for her third shot(s). Compared to the full swing, putting and chipping are the easier skills. They have the least Separation Value®. That's unlikely to be the case. And look, @Sandy Lie, I'm just sharing what I consider to be facts here. We know a lot more about how to score in golf than we did even a decade ago, and it's not the short game. Yes, your short game can "save you" and help you shoot 74 on days when you'd otherwise shoot 79 or 80, but it's not going to be why you shoot 68 or 72 regularly. Shooting good scores requires hitting greens. On 14 of the holes on the course, that requires a tee shot and at least a second shot, and on the other four a good iron or hybrid, typically. The old saying that actually had some merit wasn't "drive for show, putt for dough," it was "two things don't last very long in this world: dogs who chase cars and pros who putt for pars." Hit greens, give yourself birdie putts. The best rounds I play… I don't need my short game much. And by "I" I mean "everyone." Again, I'm not saying don't practice your short game. Practice it the appropriate amount, and if it is a glaring weakness, practice it more. But the full swing is both more important AND more difficult.
  26. Your mistake is taking any of this seriously.
  27. There's a whole thread there, so please click that link and read it. Good golf is often boring golf. Give yourself birdie putts and shorter par putts from nGIR and you'll be a good golfer.
  28. Tiger -1 through 1. 59 watch.
  29. Distance from Center of Fairway | PGA TOUR Stats Strokes Gained | Distance (All Drives) | Distance (Measured Drives) | Accuracy | Scoring | Other | Radar For the Rocket Mortgage Classic that he won, he averaged less than 10 yards from the center of the fairway. That was 69th in the field, but the best in the field (Danny Willett) averaged about 6.5 yards from the center. Not a lot of difference there, but Bryson averaged 40 yards further off the tee than Willett.
  30. Dolch: Justin Thomas’ f-bomb outbursts are becoming too much Justin Thomas is a model citizen and a world-class golfer. The best in the world, according to last week’s rankings. At 27, he already has won 13 PGA Tour titles, a major (2017 PGA Championship) a … Hard pass on this being a "problem."
  31. The USGA posted the answer, so I'll post it as well, will put it under spoiler tag.
  32. One purpose of this forum is to share the knowledge each of us has, so that others may learn. A number of us have suggested a small inexpensive book that YOU can buy and read if you care to learn anything about the rules and the logic that ties them together. You have repeatedly ignored those posts, so you're apparently happier to remain ignorant of that logic.
  33. I think he will, Finau and his coach just talked on their podcast on July 31st about how their plan is that he is now starting to train more speed in practice with the goal to take more fuller swings and let some go when the hole presents him with the opportunity to do so in tournaments. And Finau also made it very clear in that episode that he wanted to be the first guy to have a 200mph ball speed in a tournament on the PGA tour. In case anyone is interested, his podcast is called "Let's Get It" and the episode is called "Pushing the Limits of Ball Speed on TOUR" I'm pretty sure Bryson uses FlightScope and I'm pretty sure he is sponsored by them as he has appeared in Mevo commercials for them too.
  34. ... or gets lost in low hanging clouds. "Yes, I uploaded my golf ball to the cloud."
  35. I got elected today! Started the program in May 2015. Glad to see it finally here. I love what I do and I hope to continue!
  36. Golf needs more rules like I need another triple bogey. Draw a smiley face on your ball for all I care.
  37. It was a pleasure to meet everyone. Today was a blast and I was glad we only go hit with a few short lived rain showers.
  38. DaveP043

    Dumb Injuries

    May 2006, on our final morning in Ireland before flying home. Staying in a wee town called Doolin, I wanted to get out for some photos. Its a charming little place, but cars and trucks park on the main street, and I wanted to get some shots before they started obscuring the view. In my haste to walk from our hotel to get the photos, I missed a step and fell. Ended up with a slightly twisted ankle and a relly painful wrist. But I got some photos and went back to the room. By the time I got back I was hurting, so Mary Anne drive into the nearest town with a chemist, and came back with an ace bandage, chemical ice packs, and ibuprofin with codeine. That got us to the airport and home, where I went to urgent care and was diagnosed with a broken wrist. It was two weeks before I could get surgery (another long story), and 12 more weeks of prime summer golf season lost before I could swing a club. Moral of the story, watch where you're walking.
  39. When I hit a high number of GIR's, I rarely have a bad round, compared to my typical game.
  40. I think you need a bigger screen, lol.
  41. They should have given it to Tom Watson. He clearly had an edge over all of them in Open Wins 😉. He's the only one after 1970 to win more than 3 of them.
  42. Now I'd like to see photos, of the "ugly clothes" you picked out, and the clothes you normally play in.
  43. I think I’m a fairly low event golfer. I’m just not good. I don’t make a lot of birdies and I don’t have too many blow up holes, either. Most of my bad holes are the result of a single bad shot, usually off the tee.
  44. I love my Leupold, but I'm also liking the heck out of my… 2020 Best Value Golf Rangefinder | Precision Pro Golf The Award-Winner of the Best Value Golf Rangefinder. Precision Pro Golf offers the best combination of price and performance for golfers. Learn more.
  45. Meh, most golfers are going to shoot the same scores regardless of what ball they use.
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    • If only there were decades of tournament data that could provide statistical clarity to the question. 
    • I have had lessons in the past. In addition to this ive read countless ideas on the swing by so many people and watched gold constantly. When i was good at golf, i had a swing where i attacked the ball very much from the inside and played with a strong draw. My grip was odd...the left hand pretty neutral but the right hand strong. The swing was very short and had a very fast tempo, not dissimilar to someone like Nicholas Thompson off the PGA tour. I got down to a 2 handicap at lowest, and usually a low 3 handicapper hovering around 2.5, 2.6 index. I wanted to get better as i never felt i hit the ball that well, so i sought out lessons and i saw the trackman numbers and such. We worked on getting the grip better, actually aligning to the target better (whereas before i would just kind of walk up to the ball, shuffle around a bit till i felt it was ok and hit), i started really focusing on things that i still think are good like alignment, routine etc. And the swing path became less inside out. For a while i played great, then i started getting steeper and steeper and hitting disgusting pull slices all day. THEN, it started getting to the point where, my mind wouldnt let me take the club away. I would do all kinds of crazy stuff like the club would bounce up and down and my takeaway totally frozen even though pros recommended trigger moves etc. Then because the game wasnt enjoyable because of the yipping, id start taking time off because i didnt want to go through with all of this and then, i started losing my flexibility, getting bigger etc. Now I just dont want to go because the only emotions i ever feel are frustration, resentment, annoyance, wanting it to be over after 10 mins and feeling like theres 4 more hours left etc. If you could take me back to a time where i did not yip, i would play the game again and absolutely love it, but its never ever coming back. Ive tried everything. It HURTS. Ive never been any good at ANYTHING else in my life. I put everything into golf from the age of 12 up to about 25. The last 10 years has just been too much for me. i just cant take it
    • So do you need the club that fills your stated clubs to hold greens (are you going to hit into the greens / all carry)? Or are you fine with some roll out? Hold greens > properly fitted hybrid ~19/20 degrees loft. Some rolll out ok / does not hit directly into a green > properly fitted 5 wood/~17-18 degrees loft. 
    • I would love to see Tiger start to use one of these  
    • First of all, nice job with getting a bit more on plane going back. The club isn’t going nearly as much to the inside which is good. I’d take screenshots of where you are at A2 and keep tracking that so you can be sure you are starting back on plane. Overall, you are trending the right way here! I don’t really think the head movement is anything to be focusing on. If anything, it is a symptom of the OTT move and not a cause. The more important thing to notice about the transition is the shoulder move and what exactly it is accomplishing and then working back from that a little bit to find the root cause. What I see is a shoulder move in transition that is a compensation for your pretty flat shoulder turn. Look at how flat your shoulders are at the top of the backswing and then look at how much steeper they get right after you start the transition. The answer to this might very well be what @iacas was suggesting by nudging you towards working on your torso turn in the early backswing. That should help get your shoulder turn to be a bit steeper. Before you start true downswing/transition thoughts or work: backswing, backswing, backswing.

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