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  1. Been to the range about 5 times, and have been working with foam balls in the garage, trying to hit a ball to the right of the alignment stick that's inline with my setup. Still having a pretty tough time doing it, but making some progress. Pretty much only working on a 9 to 3 swing so far. I do let myself take some full cuts with the big stick for about the last 7 to 10 balls though. I'll probabaly get back in touch with my evolvr coach in another couple week or so after really hammering down the drill he gave me.
  2. Covid Practice Day 3: Covid Practice Day 4:
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    • Yeah, no. But thank you. We can now rightly ship your takes on golf courses without even reading them.
    • It has a lot more than that. Have your “own eyes” actually seen the course in person? Didn’t think so.
    • I have not had to deal with complete incompetence in a boss but certainly had tough bosses who I have had deep differences with. I have come to learn that bad bosses are like tough courses. Gotta play good target golf. Has forced me to become a good manipulator of my limited talent whether it comes to paying in kind with passive aggressiveness when I can't hide, selective ass kissing to dumb them down or deploying the ever available and easiest but the most effective skill of selective hearing. Wears them down the most. Who hasn't? Ha ha.  Welp, haven't heard an overly gushing compliment of how good a boss I am  myself and I am sure I have employees who would love to trip me so that I would break my other ankle to match so who am I to complain?..😄
    • Thanks for the replies.  Ive decided against dept store box set and the $550 bag.   Im going to keep what I have, but add a 22/23 hybrid and lose the 3 and 4 irons.  The rest is fine until I decide whether or not to stick with it.
    • Other than playing well, Tiger didn't bring much to the table.  He seemed very quiet.  Would have been nice if he were more talkative.  Phil tried.  And Manning added a lot.  I really liked Chuck's commentating.  Imagine if the two pros were Trevino and Fuzzy.  Or Chi Chi.  That's what I'm talking about.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.  By the way, Florida is having its wettest May on record.  Also, the Medalist is a much better course than the highly over-rated Seminole.

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