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  1. Just play the clubs that go the carry distances you want, appropriately gapped through the bag, regardless of the loft or the number written on the club.
  2. My husband started using his 3w instead of driver too, but he still carries it. I love using my driver. It is the club I hit the straightest and can control draw/fade easily. But my husband always likes to point out it is not the same because I am a woman and only hit my driver 220yds...yeah whatever.
  3. 60° will be too much of an angle with the driver. Closer to 45°. Basically, you want the stick to be on the plane, so if you swing OVER it, you're swinging to the right. (The one in front of the ball, down the target line.) Hit off a tee. 🙂
  4. Although there will be differences in the calculations, with the addition of the PCC, the changes to exceptional score influences, daily revisions, to me the single biggest change for most people in the US will be the introduction of net double bogey as the maximum hole score. If you can get your members to understand that, I believe you'll have done the most important thing you can do.
  5. I didn’t make that perfectly clear. The 58 was for nine holes, not 18.
  6. I'm Thankful that Tiger is relevant again.
  7. Well if I knew what this feels like I might have voted for it 😀
  8. One bite at a time Learning (and keeping up with) the Rules of Golf is quite a task. Many say the least satisfactory approach is to pick up the book, start on page 1 and plough through to the end. This’ll either put us to sleep or be rapidly discouraging. So, how might we approach the task? My opinion is that we should take it “one bite at a time.” Let me offer this: First, take some time to study the Table of Contents to see how the Rules are organized, and begin to learn the Rule numbers and their titles (and later the subtitles). Second, near the back of the book is a hugely important section, Definitions. Read through them twice. A thorough knowledge of the Definitions will help build a solid foundation for learning how to apply the Rules. Third, now we can begin with the Rules “one bite at a time.” Look at the calendar . . . today is the 1st so read Rule 1, tomorrow, the 2nd read Rule 2. and so on. Next month, repeat the process, “one bite at a time.”
  9. Put a Walking Bag together with only 6 clubs,and broke 80 last to times I played took all the decision making out of the process. Anyone else try this.
  10. Comparing 2018 with my last 15 rounds in 2019. Some pretty good improvements. Driving: +1.31 (2018 was kinda really good) Approach: -1.5ish Short Game: -2.10ish (YAY!!!!) Putting: -1.4ish (I didn't really do much here but not three putt a lot). Overall, a better year for me. Looking forward to 2020. I just got to actually put some effort into it. I slacked off after September.
  11. That's a pretty wide gate there. 🙂 Remember that front one is supposed to be close to your target line. And the back one… keep that away like you have it, because you can crack a shaft easily if you come down on that one.
  12. So after a significant effort to simplify the rules, you want to create a new rule that is unenforceable outside of the setting of a professionally run tournament and requires exceptions to make it fit the real world. Doesn't sound like a plan I would sign off on.
  13. I have no problem with Phil or anyone going to work and getting paid. Unless he has said otherwise, Phil’s playing does not constitute an endorsement of those who sign the check. Phil is right to not worry about what naysayers can argue or claim to know about his financial situation.
  14. This is basically what I have. I’ve got 5W, then 4H/5H, then 6-GW. My 6-iron goes 165-170, then my 5H goes 180, the 4H 190-195, then the 5W anywhere from 200-210. So if I’m 180 out in the fairway, I know that a well-struck 5 will get me there comfortably.
  15. This. I carry a 3H then 4-PW. The gaps are all around 10 yards.
  16. I carry a 4-iron and a 4/5-hybrid (set 23.5 degrees). The lofts are just about the same (24 vs 23.5 degrees), but the hybrid goes about 10-15 yards further, so for me the hybrid fills the gap between my 5W and 4-iron. I use it for shots 200-220 yards. If it were a different number hybrid, that covered this same gap, that is what I would use.
  17. Given that most hybrids aren’t “numbered”, but rather, are identified by loft, I’d say that this simply reinforces my belief that Michael Breed was born an idiot, and has been losing ground ever since.
  18. Well, According to the Target store near me there IS a difference between the Pro-V1 and the Pro-V1x. Apparently, the Pro-V1x requires an ant-theft case, whereas the Pro-V1 does not.
  19. I recall hearing a Tom Watson quote to that effect - you never forget the rule that jumped up and bit you when it mattered. My additional suggestion once you are making progress on the journey is test, test, test. There are excellent helpful quiz sites courtesy of the likes of Dr Lew Blakey (the single best site- generalarea.org), the R&A, the USGA etc.
  20. Here's a interesting question @chile have you considered a Mini-Driver? They were kind of a fad when Taylormade released the SLDR and Aeroburner lines, I believe Callaway made a Bertha Mini as well. Taylormade even released the "Original One" Mini Driver for the 40th Anniversary of the original Pittsburgh Persimmon from 1979. (I think of they marketed them as Fairway Drivers, they would have sold more). So my suggestion: Either one try a Mini-Driver (I'd go with the SLDR or Aeroburner generation if you're just curious), or go with a shorter driver, just make sure you have a professional do it, unless you really know and understand what you are doing.
  21. Best solution for playing enjoyable golf is to play from tees appropriate to your driving distance. This is often double your 9 iron. If your driving distance is say 225 yards, that’s 20% less than the PGA average of 290 yards. So your tee should be 20% further forward than the usual most used back tee...often around 6600 yards. Find the tee that is closest to 1320 yards less...say 5300 yards. Playing from those tees should give you the same opportunity to reach greens in regulation as the longer drivers/Pros/ lowest handicappers. Check on Par Threes...you should be using a similar club to them. Now you are testing your SKILL against them, eliminating their superior driving distance. The course rating from any forward tee is proportionately less than the back tees and handicaps are adjusted accordingly. You will soon discover some holes are still too long, because most course designers don’t take separation seriously often from ignorance ..holes vary from the 20% difference.. Proportional tee separation is the answer but I have yet to find this elusive rarity. ( Sometimes natural topography interferes ). My son and I have driving distances mentioned above. We play the same clubs on many holes for the shots to the green, except for 6 holes which are not in proportion ...I don’t get enough “start”.(thanks to the ‘’’’ designer”’) , and usually lose those holes. ‘When we use the same tees, further back for me , I’m at a big disadvantage and find it much less enjoyable. ‘By adding the rating difference of 5 shots to my score when I play of the forward tee, that gives us the gross winner. Then bring in the handicaps and we discover who won the net. Two chances to win or lose the match and so much more fun than playing off the same tee. We have a new course in Auckland which hosted a full LPGA tour event a year after opening two years ago and was won by Brooke Henderson. They used all of our five tees over different days and conditions on many holes and that provided different challenges for them. Total yardage for each round was around 6200 yards. The LPGA driving distance average is 250 yards (Lydia Ko) so it was clear which tees suited them the best. They seldom used the back tees but most of our men’s club players drive less than 250 yards, yet they persist in playing them, and score more two overs than pars !
  22. There are days when I'm not on speaking terms with my driver. I always carry it and always hope the next drive will bring an apology.
  23. 70sSanO

    Best Shot in Golf

    I bet you’re a real joy around holidays. John
  24. Isn't that the truth, Piz. Play a wrong ball one day when it matters and we'll never make that mistake again.
  25. I didn't think Kenny G fan, I thought Kenny G! Interesting story about his conversion to golf. For those who don't know, he checked himself into an alcohol rehab clinic because he realized that he was an alcoholic. But he was having a hard time with it because, as he told it, all there was to do there was stare at the wall and think about NOT DRINKING! The clinic was next to a golf course, so he'd sit on the patio and watch people play. He got interested and asked his counselor if he could go to the course and see what was what. The counselor was reluctant, since the course sold alcohol, but Cooper said they could test him every time he came back. So he went to the pro shop and explained his situation. The pro set him up with a putter and a sleeve of balls, and took him to the practice green. He got intrigued by the game right off the rip, and bought a set of clubs and signed up for lessons. Some might say he simply discovered a new addiction, but some addictions are healthier than others.
  26. Your left hip goes up, your left knee extends, etc. prematurely. It's subtle, but to compensate, your head tips down and back.
  27. As you suggest, real life examples of Rules breaches which cost a player penalty strokes do make them easy to remember. We see it in action on TV far too frequently. My method, however, is a tactic to both learn the Rules and avoid the penalty strokes.
  28. Got my flu shot so it would be flu-lite.
  29. Another tactic, which I found useful in hockey and baseball, is to learn the rules as you encounter them. Whenever a question arises...make a mental note of it and resolve the issue when you get home. That way the rule is tied to a specific, and actual, circumstance. Real life examples are easier to remember than hypothetical ones.
  30. Having no dog in the show, I think neither the Big 10 or SEC would stand a chance against, Mary Hardin- Baylor. 2019 Division III Football Official Bracket | NCAA.com The official 2019 College Football Bracket for Division III. Includes a printable bracket and links to buy NCAA championship tickets. For grade point average that is.😜
  31. Early leg extension, the left leg should retain some flex and rotate then extend right around impact. Basically need more rotation as you move the weight forward. One way to see/understand this feel is by holding your club in your elbows with the clubhead on trail side and toe pointing up. Set up in a golf posture with a ball in a normal position. Backswing is swinging the club back so the butt end of the grip is pointing at the ball. Downswing is bringing the clubhead back to the ball. You should feel that left hip really rotating to get the clubhead back. If you early extend in this drill, the clubhead can’t get to the ball.
  32. Any time a high hcp player actually hits it in the middle of the club face, it’s gonna completely screw him up. Let’s face it. It just doesn’t happen very often!
  33. Yep. You need to slide it toward the target a bit more before rotating. I also noticed that you have changed the ball position in your stance in your last vids. I was going to ask how you were hoping to create a hands ahead of clubhead position with the ball teed up, with the Driver, on the target side of your left foot. Don't get me wrong, your swing looks much better. It's just not quite there yet.
  34. Just keep hitting it in the trees. Not much sunlight in there. 😉
  35. First time in my life I had to root for Ohio State. That guarantees them the playoffs, and if Wisconsin wins here today against Minnesota, It should put them in the Rose Bowl. And for what it’s worth, I‘d pay a lot of money to see Alabama, or any other SEC weenies play against either Minnesota or Wisconsin up there in weather like today! 😁
  36. It can talk about the courses and what's been done to them!! Let's face it. The Trump organization has worked wonders at both Doral and Turnberry! And other courses around the world! Wake up, folks! They are very good at what they do!
  37. That could be your signature 😉
  38. I don't know if this has been brought up here before, but I just watched a YouTube video about Tiger's SixPeat - his six year run of 3 USGA Junior Amateurs followed by his 3 US Amateurs. One of the most interesting things was that they gathered together the 6 guys he beat in those match-play finals to talk about their experience playing him in those finals. There is some repetition in the 40 minute video, but the vintage footage from those finals, and getting insights into what his opponents, all of whom had leads during their match, was very interesting. If you are a Tiger fan and have not seen it, you will enjoy watching it. I'll add, that this run is, IMO, the greatest achievement in amateur golf, Bobby Jones' 5 US Amateur wins notwithstanding. I think an argument can even be made that this was his second most impressive achievement, after the Slam. It is under-rated and under-appreciated, but I think that's because what followed at the pro level has overshadowed it.
  39. Today's round of golf was pretty special for me. For the first time in quite a while my wife, definately my better half, joined me for 18 holes. Just her, and her SC putter. A few months ago, she underwent brain sergury to remove a benign tumor. Her rehab was quite remarkable, and she has had no ill effects from the sergury, as of yet. One of the first things we did, at her request, after her sergury was, what I thought was an ill advised road trip. However she, and her surgeon convinced me it would be ok. Of course I took my golf clubs, and she took her cameras. They say doctors make the worst patients, and I kind of understand that now. Her being an orthopedic sergeon (retired) herself, she made sure the folks involved in the pre/post sergury were at the top of their game. They all pretty much knew each other anyways. As I understand it, the young doctor who removed the 20 something staples recieved quite an ear full. An ear full of education So this morning, just out of the blue, she tells me let's go golfing. That she would putt against my full game. What this competition amounts too is she drops a ball on the green, at a spot farthest from the cup, and putts from there. Her par is what the hole is. Basically it's my entire bag of clubs, against her, and one of my extra flat sticks SCameron should be proud. She won today's round by 3 strokes, which means I am on the hook for a dinner, and a show, of her choice, later on this week. I even broke 80. Obviously, even though a loser, I am a happy person. After almost 50 years of marriage I still have the woman of my dreams around who likes to golf. Perhaps next time out (a grudge rematch) she will add a few chips, and pitches to our competition. I'm pretty sure she will still win....😍
  40. Homogenization is great if you are a jug of milk...provided you like milk. Where sportscasting is concerned...not so much. Bland is not a flavor. I'd rather listen to someone I disagree with than someone who never expresses an opinion.
  41. Courses, and players, need to stop associating the tee color with gender or age. The reds are ladies, golds are seniors, etc. Its all bs. I know plenty of guys over 60 that are single digits and can carry their driver 260. Look at the yardage, think of your handicap, and pick a tee that way. Not every course has their tips be blue anyways. Their tips may be black, the next tee up is blue, then white. That's why I like when courses number the tees or name them.
  42. We have an article, written long ago by I-no-longer-remember-who, here: https://thesandtrap.com/b/swing_thoughts/he_cheated. It discusses some very brief bits about how Gary Player may have cheated a few times. Recently, someone commented on the article with a link to this video. Watch the little bit at 0:08: Here are some screenshots (though, IMO, the video is more damning): Why do that? Did Gary Player cheat (or breach the rules) by improving his lie here? You can move loose impediments, but this appears to be an area of sand and/or loose soil. Or maybe the rules were different then?
  43. I wouldn't play at a course where the owner has refused to pay architects and contractors for no other reason than the knowledge that they would run out of money before he does. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestreptalks/2016/07/13/this-architect-says-trump-almost-destroyed-his-business-but-that-doesnt-mean-they-cant-get-coffee/#9b890e045de9
  44. There is more than one definition of "single plane swing." Jim Hardy includes Ben Hogan in his. It is certainly worth knowing that different people mean different things when using the same terminology.
  45. Notice that none of us who played there said it wasn't worth it? Thats because its an amazing course like nothing you have ever played. Exquisite. Just because you can't afford it, doesn't mean you need to try to convince others that your opinion is right. I've never met anyone on the course at Pebble who seemed upset in any way, even over bad scores. Its just an amazing place. As well as that I played there twice, and will be playing at least 2 rounds there this winter when im at my families beach house in florida.
  46. I rarely ever ride. I find it tightens up my back and just throws off my rhythm. Drive, sit there and wait to hit the shot etc.... I have had a history of a bad back and did it in pretty good for almost a month. I just bought a cart bag and a clicgear 2.0 cart. I've played two rounds with it and my back feels so much better at the end of the round not packing my clubs.
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