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  1. Usually during the winter I join the Davison Athletic Club to use their 3 hitting bays but because of Covid-19, they aren't taking any new members. I had the opportunity to play Sugarbush 10/23. (Very nice and very challenging course) They are putting some big bucks into their club house, renovating the menu and adding 3 simulators. Since I didn't have a winter plan to stay active, I decided to ask about their winter membership. They have a winter membership from November 1st thru March 31st. Their winter membership cost $600 ($500 if paid by 10/31). At $30/hr it doesn't take long to recoup the cost. I decided this was a great deal to keep active and purchased the membership. I was/am looking forward to using the simulator to play the many courses but also the "range" to work on my swing. Yesterday they had their "renovations open house". I left a long hike with our Meet-up group early to make the open house and when I walked in they asked if I wanted to sign up to use the simulators and enter the give away drawing. Within minutes I was the proud winner of a "winter membership"! I now have two memberships. My golf partners live about 30 minutes away and decided they wouldn't use it enough to justify their drive. With my membership they can play whenever I play at no cost anyway. Go figure! I'm going to enjoy the winter using the simulators.
  2. More of the same stuff today. Hit it solidly. Extended the left knee earlier in these swings.
  3. A very important announcement:
  4. Haven’t practiced in a while. Got into a little bit of a funk there. Been playing poorly lately; was going to pack away the clubs for the winter but I committed to an outing for some reason so I’m going to make the best of it 😃 First swings weren’t great. Might have figured out the main issue, though. Backswing stuff, inconsistent club head position at transition. Leads to lots of randomness. Started rehearsing A4 and then slowly bringing the club back to the same position, feeling that I’m set there (kind of a pause or slight delay), and then firing hard. I posted the swings at real speed because I wanted to see the backswing at real speed. Feels slow to me but isn’t, and I’m not surprised there’s no actual pause at transition. Hit the ball really well like this though, which is promising.
  5. @iacas, While it doesn’t change the outcome, you went above and beyond as a dad and you can be proud of that. A lot of parents would’ve been upset, but I doubt would’ve gone to the lengths you did to muster support for the cause. Just very publication of this scathing article shows that a lot of folks in the golf community supported Natalie & Zoey. It’s a shame the folks who had the ability to make it right, didn’t.
  6. I resolved my pitching/chipping struggles. I have had a lot of low point issues and flinching with this, going all the way back to 2017 when I took the game back up again. Spent about and hour hitting chips off the fringe at a course nearby. Felt like I was only rolling the club inside instead of taking it up. Cleaned up my contact sooooooo much more. I'm still losing more shots to the full swing but this should clean up some smaller issues. In my last regular full round I shot an 82 and had 3 three putts and 3 shots lost to chucked or bladed pitches. Only one of the three putts was really due to a bad iron shot, but of course, all of the pitches were. An improved pitching motion will help me make more pars on those nGIR shots as well. So the priority continues to be the full swing, but I can't hit every green so cleaning the pitching up and also figuring out my putting motion(I had reverted back to some old habits on it) should help save me 3-6 strokes a round as well.
  7. WooooOOOOOOO!!!!!! Finally pulled it off in about the 14th round at Whispering Woods (from the blue or black tees)! I needed 1 and 2, and most of the time, I'd show up and roll onto the first tee without warming up. Even still, I've hit a lot of good shots on those holes, and lipped out a combined 15 times or so for birdie there, so it was hopefully bound to happen soon. Today the course was WET but I putted before going to the first tee. Tee shots embedded on both holes (one is a par 4, two is a par 3), and I made about a 12 footer on the first and an eight footer on the second. The latter lipped IN from the high side! So happy to have finished this off. Pursuant to the rules I played the rest of the front nine, but I switched out to some pink cheap ball I found by the third tee as I didn't want to embed and lose some decent balls. It turns out I didn't lose that sucker, and played pretty well considering the slop. Ended up at 34, with another birdie and a bogey out there on the last seven. So, I'm done with my home course. I still have a few on the away/composite, but only two more rounds actually scheduled, and hopefully the weather holds up for those.
  8. Been a long time since I've posted here. Just want to provide an update about how this season has finished up. The last bit of feedback I received was about my hands at the top of the backswing, and that my right hand coming off was as severe as anything @iacas has seen. This feedback came the day after I had completed my worst round of the summer. Which came in the same week I posted a message with the video showing what my right hand was doing while simultaneously trying to state I think I had some kind of breakthrough because I had just shot literally the best round of my life a day earlier. So that week was quite a whirlwind of emotion for me. I did go back to the drawing board and try to address what was going on. A couple fixes included weakening my left hand grip a touch, strengthening my right hand grip a touch, and trying to manage the length of the backswing as best I could. That hand seemed like it would fly off the grip the further past parallel I would get. Those tweaks seemed to work. I was making good, consistent contact into my net in the back yard, and I felt like I had found something. I was gun-shy of putting it on camera again, because I was worried that I'd end up doing something different, presenting it as if that's what I had been doing to be successful, and end up going in a cycle of confidence and doubt all over again. Basically, I decided if I was able to "feel" my way to something that was working, I wasn't going to mess with it. I'd just take it to the course, and try to ride out the rest of the season. Then during the winter, I'll try to get all scientific and break everything down. I just wanted to play golf, and not get all up in my head about it on the course. Long term, I know I need to work at being more aware of what's going on in my swing. Anyways, I'm happy with that decision, and here is how the rest of the year has played out: That 14.6 differential was the best round of my life which prompted my post saying I fixed my swing. Then the 27.8 two rounds later was the worst round of the summer, quickly followed by the feedback that my right hand in my swing was a severe problem. Those next 7 or 8 days was me trying to work on that. And then the rest of the summer is by far the best stretch of golf in my life. My goal this year was to get to an 18 index. I was a 24.5 coming into this season. These past 6 weeks got me down to a 17.3, so I'm ecstatic about that (which is an understatement). Even those last couple rounds, I wish I had shot better, but again, I was a 24.5 index 6 months ago. Those rounds would have literally been the best rounds of my life if they happened in the spring. So, I just need to keep that in perspective. Shooting 95 used to be a dream. Now its a disappointment. I've come a long way this year. If nothing else, I've proven to myself that improvement is possible. But this year has also shown how much further I have to come. This offseason will be about actually understanding what the swing is supposed to be, and how to get myself to be able to execute and repeat it using more than just "feel". Hopefully, progress throughout the winter will be documented here. In a few weeks or so, I'll probably post the "baseline" swing, and work from there. Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread this season, specifically @iacas and @Grizvok. The feedback and support one can receive on this site is pretty incredible.
  9. Paging: @mvmac @saevel25 @GolfLug @DaveP043 @Hardspoon @georgep @DeadMan @Slim_Pivot @mchepp @kpaulhusand anyone else who may be interested. Spots are probably going to be limited to 8 people. I have been in contact with @iacas about the possibility of hosting a 2021 TST outing next July and I'd like to make it an amazing experience for those who attend. If this is something you would be interested in, please let me know here. Major point of consideration: Sand Valley is WALKING ONLY, no carts. Also, we will likely want to play from around 6700+ yards or so. Lodging: It likely would be at our family lake house which is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the course. Lodging is very pricey at Sand Valley($250/night/person) and so this is why I am considering this route to save everyone some $. See the spoiler to see the lake and house. It has 6 beds, we could make arrangements for up to 8 though with some modifications. Ideally it would be great to get 8 people committed to coming to this. The Golf: I am thinking 3-4 days of golf, depending on what everyone would like to do. Sand Valley and Mammoth Dunes Greens Fees: $225 each The Sandbox(17 hole par 3 course) Green Fees: $65 Sand Valley Sand Valley Golf Resort: A Top 100 Golf destination golf resort in central Wisconsin with the first course by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw opened in 2017 and the second course by David Kidd opened in 2018. Sand Valley... Nearby Course Options: Sentry World: $155 (Not cheap but it worth checking out the flyover videos, it is fairly unique) Might be an interesting option, might be too much $, I have not played there. www.sentryworld.com Lake Arrowhead: $55 (very close to Sand Valley) www.lakearrowheadgolf.com We may be looking at some other/better options as well. I am just putting a couple out there for now.
  10. I got a new net and mat so I can do some testing with the Mevo this off-season. I want to have a much more accurate understanding of my carry distances. I will hopefully do some work with the driver as well. I will also be able to continue some Evolvr lessons into the spring, and then just do monthly checks throughout the summer with my instructor to make sure I am not regressing with any of the priorities. Second part of the Mevo work is to figure out which 3 of these clubs will make the bag. I plan to also keep a standard 4 iron and will get some numbers on that. I only have 2 wedges after my PW so I have room for three clubs. I’d rather have the versatility up at the top end of the clubs anyway. I’ll try to get some numbers and post them here to make the decision on which 3 clubs I will be keeping in the bag. Lofts are 20, 19, 18 and 15.5.
  11. You have my sympathy, I feel bad for anyone who isn't able to play golf for an extended period. I'm not sure you should blame the Golfing Union, however, it may be that they simply weren't able to overcome the political pressures to close everything. To allow golf clubs to remain in operation could appear to be favoritism, even though golf is about as safe an activity as there is.
  12. @dennyjones @bkuehn1952 or any other Michigan area golfers I have 2 vouchers to play Leslie Park in Ann Arbor, which expire on November 1 and for several reason I'm not going to be able to use them If you can use them in the next 10 days they are yours - send me a PM and I will send them to you Make my loss your gain
  13. I know that many golf trips involve playing as many different courses as possible within the time allowed. However, considering the reputation of both of these courses, it wouldn't bother me at all to play one (or both) of them twice. But as someone who has taken the lead in planning a bunch of trips, I promise that I will be happy playing any course that gets selected.
  14. Head of my home organization has approved my involvement with this excursion.. So barring anything out of my control I am looking forward to it. Big part of the reason for my immediate interest is that these courses (especially Mammoth) were already on my short list of destinations to plan a trip next year including Cabot Cliffs/Links and Streamsong, which I will plan for the following years to come now. Anyway, couldn't be happier to join this group. Hopefully the planet will still be rotating Eastward next July as it is today...😉
  15. I told my lovely wife about this, and she reacted much as she did when I was invited to the 2015 Newport Cup, she told me I was an idiot if I didn't go. So barring any unforeseen snag, I'm in.
  16. I feel like I am very close to a semi-repeatable swing, so I plan to continue my Evolvr work through the winter. We've made some great progress that is allowing me to hit the long clubs much, much better. I had been losing 6.5 shots a round to a scratch golfer in my ability to get off the tee and approach the green and haven't played much really since 2017. I don't have any disillusions about getting to scratch at this point in my life but a sub 5 golfer should be very attainable in the future.
  17. DeadMan

    Dumb Injuries

    Got the okay to golf today from the doctor! So it was just over 12 weeks from my surgery, and 3 and a half months from the initial injury. Be careful with cutting avocados!
  18. I don't get it. Is he tossing the club because he hit a good shot? That's what I would think with the first tweet comparing it to a MLB bat flip, but based on the second tweet, he's tossing his club because he hit a poor shot. In that case, pfft. I'll show you what a real club toss looks like.
  19. They put $2M into it before it reopened last year so I’m expecting it will be. 🙂
  20. I did not play at all last week. My most recent score before today was a hieroglyph from two weeks ago. Truthfully it was probably 94 or 95, but I did not keep a proper score. There was alcohol involved. It rained heavily last night. So I got us on at beautiful and challenging Osprey Point, the crown jewel of Palm Beach public golf courses. I can only get a tee time when it rains and people cancel. I am increasingly suspicious that morning rounds are being given away by politicians for unethical reasons because the "public" tee times are simply never available before 2 PM. Anyway, the course was a mucky mess with intermittent rain. I got an 89, kinda good for me. I could not get a putt to drop today. But (to toot my horn a bit) the driving has definitely been switched ON for the past few weeks. I hit driver on 11 holes today, 8 fairways, no penalty strokes, and they were bombs. I sure hope that I have turned a corner, though probably not. It will all go to pot again soon enough. I should not even speak of it publicly or suffer the wrath of the golf gods. But while this lasts, confidence in the drive opens up some wonderful options when you can hit it much further than the people you are with. The courses are just not long enough. Have a look at Falcon 4 at Osprey Point: I love smart designs like this. The score card says 315 from the gold tees, but that involves laying up on the dogleg (which you can't really see from the tee box) and pitching onto the green like an intelligent person. This hole is a trap. You can see the scrub brush barrier. It's only about 12 or 15 feet high. The green is small and elevated, but the scrub brush hides the elevation. There is not a lot of room to miss on the left. I have gone for this green twice in the past. Both times I over-swung and pulled it into the woods. More recently I have simply played it properly. But with the driver working I felt emboldened today. Sure enough I found success at last. My pic is not great here. The drive came up slightly short of the green, not really 292. It hit the incline and just stopped. I was close enough to putt though. Yeah, I three-putted. Oh well.
  21. I have just reentered the game in Sept. after a 22 yr hiatus. I have found the clubs I am going to stick with for a while whilst I figure out how well I will end up striking the ball. Today I played two balls off every tee, then hit two from the one I picked, etc. Still shot an 84 on a little 6300 yard track because I have only played 1 previous round with these irons, and (Mainly) my touch and feel around the greens, and especially putting need a lot of work. Mid round I changed the setting on my Taylormade SLDR driver to dead neutral (no, I didn't take a penalty for that). My worst issue with reentering the game as an old wound ball player seems to be finding a ball I like. Well, today under a leaf I found a Bridgestone B XS with with a lot of what I have been missing with the balls they seem to make today. It was fairly easy to work, but more importantly, it had a nice, active and predictive response to spin imparted with the money clubs on shots under a full swing. I'm going to have to investigate the Bridgestone line further. The Titleist Pro V my coworkers play and got me to try was alright, I could jerk the string on full shots, but for me, it wasn't it for finesse spin on less than full shots.
  22. Pushing club out further. Can really feel all my ribs..:-)
  23. Committed to be considered: @cipher @iacas @DeadMan @GolfLug @DaveP043 @TN94z @Slim_Pivot @Hardspoon @mvmac @klineka (only for a 9-12 spot) @criley4way
  24. My travels were to driving to Northern Michigan. Garland (Lewiston, MI) in July was originally planed for May but was pushed back. Nice thing was they let us keep the “Early Bird” rate. This was shen I got my 1st Ace 😃. Then went to Treetops (Gaylord, MI) in September. Both trips involved masks & social distancing but were good, enjoyable trips. The breakfast buffets were cancelled but not a big deal.
  25. I have the Approach S20. I really like it for giving distances. I am thinking about getting the sensor for the putter as it does mean having to go back and enter them in after the round. However - I do it anyway as I like to document which clubs I am using. Has helped me to see "mentally" catalogue typical distances for a given "loft". I tend to think I play a 50* degree from here to here, a 25* from here to here, etc.
  26. Gotcha. I made 8 days in a row walking in Scotland a couple years ago, including a couple of 36 hole days, I'm sure I'll be good for this one. I did see that SV has trolleys available, I'll end up using one of those.
  27. I'll be clear about this in one small way: we're probably going to have to have a drawing or something if we end up with more than 8 "virtually certain" people. I'm uncomfortable with who goes being a matter of who can say "dibs" first. So, let's keep adding names to the "virtually certain" list even if it exceeds 8, and @cipher and I will sort things out later on. So… I'm changing up the wording a little bit. Committed if possible: @cipher @iacas @DeadMan @GolfLug @DaveP043 @TN94z @Slim_Pivot @Hardspoon High likelehood of being in: @mvmac Most likely in: @ChetlovesMer
  28. I have 4 Copper Hills vouchers that expired on Oct. 1st. I called and they said they would accept for a credit of $26 for each voucher, even though expired, for up to 5 years. They said $26 is how much they get from Group Golfer and that it is Michigan Law they have to accept them. Give those courses a call, they may still have some value in the spring if you can’t use them now.
  29. How funny is that! We bought 4 and only could find three players. I have one myself and don't know when or if I'll get to use it. I called Monday and they were full and didn't see any openings for singles except early in the morning before most golfers go out but... because of the frost, they were delaying tee times. If somebody wants mine, I'll donate it too. Thanks @Wally Fairway for thinking for me. If they aren't used by November 1st, the money spent is still good. That isn't eliminated. You can use the voucher toward the price of a round next year.
  30. Let's just say that the golf was secondary as we got the old foursome back together again. The snowbirds returned this week, and we finally got our normal Wednesday morning foursome together. Among the banter, ribbing, and catching up, I don't think any of us were looking at scoring exceptionally well. For 4-5 handicappers, the front nine scores were 41, 44, 44, 50. We then continued to the back nine. We get to the par 3, 11th hole. The first guy hits it OB, and re-tees. Hits it into the waste area. Second guy gets up there and hits it left of the green. Third guy hits and it's heading straight for the pin. We can see his ball, probably a few inches from the pin. Now it's my turn. I hit a screaming shot that lands just short of the green and bounces toward the pin. hit's the ball near the hole, which deflects mine into the cup for a hole-in-one. My 5th career hole-in-one. The rest of the round was uneventful, carding scores of 83, 83, 83, and 97.
  31. I took part in the PA/NY TST outing/lesson this summer. It was a blast, and as far as I know, no one caught the rona. When I got back, I was informed that NY state had restrictions on traveling there based on what state you came from, but since I drove, it didn't come up. Luckily I wasn't pulled over for my license plate being from a restricted state.
  32. FFS. No sign of the same here in England.
  33. This is Nate's trip for sure, but until he tells me differently, I'll assume the Vice President position. Just for planning, and thoughts. And I basically just intend to say which way we're leaning, with all of this highly subject to change. I had mentioned Lawsonia Links to Nate. I think the best way to play that might be something like this: Day 0 - Fly in (most people), carpool, and travel out to Nate's cabin.will likely carpool. Day 1 - Sand Valley/Elsewhere Day 2 - Sand Valley/Elsewhere Day 3 - Sand Valley/Elsewhere Day 4 - Sand Valley/Elsewhere Day 5 - Play Lawsonia and fly out (for most people) I'm saying "Sand Valley/Elsewhere" because Nate has mentioned a few other highly ranked courses in the area that are a wee bit cheaper than the $225/$65 at Sand Valley. There's only so many $290 days I think we want to plan on. But also, we're two foursomes, so we can even split up (though that's probably not what most would want to do, just that it's an option if someone really wants to go to SV three or four days and others really don't want to). Could you list those courses you shared with me, Nate? Yeah, for others: Nate and I talked about playing Lawsonia a few days ago. Initially I had said on the way there but it's more likely easier on the way back - leave in the morning and play it before heading home that night. FWIW I'll be driving (at least to Nate's real house), so I can probably bring an extra push cart or two. Let's hope "width" applies to two things by then: your backswing AND the fairways at Sand Valley. 😄 We'll talk. Nate, when do you think we'll book the rounds? When does Sand Valley begin to fill up? Since it's 90 minutes from your cabin, and since light is long in July, even a 10am start will give us a ton of time to play the par three course afterward, any day, and relax.
  34. I'm not surprised. Everyone is cooped up at home and dreaming of traveling. Plus, there's not going to be a better way to play these courses. I took a one day trip to Pasatiempo a year ago that probably cost more than this trip will, haha. Mammoth Dunes and Sand Valley are courses that have been on my list, but there's not an easy way to pull them off for me. This is an incredible way to do it. If it's half as fun as the Newport Cup, it will be an amazing experience. And it may be more fun if we're not all competing against each other. One thing to add to what @cipher said about travel is that flying into Milwaukee would give you the opportunity to tack Erin Hills on at the front or back end of the trip. Another course in the area that I've heard of is Lawsonia Links, looks like it's about an hour away from Sand Valley, but I have no idea whether that's close to the lake house or further away.
  35. I’m in - pending final confirmation of the dates (my brother is scheduling his wedding for either July or September, but I’d have to be pretty unlucky for it to be the same weekend). This sounds awesome.
  36. Sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing the opportunity @cipher Particularly your accommodations, that is awesome. Similar to @DaveP043 I am in interested but undecided camp. I would like to keep an eye on it as it gets a little closer.
  37. I am 6’1 and the large would fit someone 6’5. For the price I did not like the fit or frumpy look. What other brands are you looking into? @TN94z check out Linksoul. I ended up buying the rain pants and jacket in large. They have adjustable length with buttons inside to make shorter, draw string and a zip fly you know just in case nature calls without having to pull down. I am a fan.
  38. Nothing worse than a sausage injury.
  39. Hello and welcome to TST! I’m in Orlando. Plenty of us here to rib the poor folks in the Northern regions and their ‘ year round golf’ conditions...lol. I don’t know the Miami area too well as far as golf. I lived in Miam-Dade for about a year. Welcome again!
  40. In my away courses, I need 2,6 and 8. My home course, I've only played 5 times with 3 birdies. The season is almost over here because I'm not as robust as @bkuehn1952.
  41. By bringing up the subject, I think you are magnifying the debate. 😆 Like any athletic achievements, people will get better, faster, longer, etc. It's just a natural progression.
  42. The alternative is to let the scores go lower and keep the courses as they are. These guys work really hard to get better and better... let their hard work be rewarded with lower scores, not golf balls that don't go as far.
  43. Yeah, in this scenario where there is nothing on the line besides a score, I am definitely going for it. I'd much rather miss out on my personal best by two shots because I was going for it and doubled than miss out by one shot after playing it safe. Beyond that, the chances of me getting up and down from 125 yards really aren't that great, so I may as well take on the risk to improve my chances of a par.
  44. I'm absolutely going for it. Chipping out means wondering "what if" while going for it gives me a chance at a career round and at a minimum a good story to tell my dad.
  45. Putter rules are pretty flexible. Generous. Something.
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