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  1. I'll take the bet. It would be quite a story to tell in prison.
  2. Yeah, I get that. I’d be tempted, but realistically even if the odds for me were dead even, the upside isn’t worth the downside. 5 years in prison would have a much larger negative impact on my life, than $5 million would have in improving it.
  3. I spent the better part of two days conducting this test last summer. I tested a few situations: In chart form: And for those who like the visuals… I used a PerfectPutter and positioned it far enough away that the ball wasn't bouncing at all but close enough that the ball wouldn't deviate too far from the intended line.1 I used Snell MTB Black balls. The flagsticks were standard Par-Aide fiberglass flagsticks. It wasn't windy, but there was often a little breeze.2 I tested on the flattest section of the greens I could find. The actual holes were as level as could be. Rolling the ball from close distance minimizes this anyway. I rolled balls from all around the hole so as not to overly damage one portion of the hole. Also, little "tracks" can form even after a few putts, so I wanted to balance that out as much as possible. The flagsticks were relatively centered in the hole, with only a little "wiggle room." I did not measure how far away the balls that didn't go in ended up; I considered it pretty obvious that a ball that hits the flagstick is going to finish closer to the hole than one that doesn't. This was clearly the case. I alternated five ball rolls with the flagstick in, five without. Then five without, and back to five with it in again. On putts where results seemed highly variable, I rolled more putts - up to 100. On putts that were a given (like 3' by speed at the center of the hole), I rolled fewer putts; as few as 10. I conducted the test on different holes and from different angles. I simply moved on when I felt I'd rolled enough balls at the holes that I could start to see a change to the lips, like some of the balls were "denting" or "rounding" the lips a little. I used holes where the lips appeared to be somewhat uniform (though obviously the specific soil density can vary around even a uniform looking hole). Stimp speeds were 9.75 to 9.9 feet. Distances off-center were done with a centered laser calibrated to aim straight (angular error in the laser was oriented upward) with a ruler across the hole, confirming both the proper hole dimensions and the distance off-center. I tried to roll balls from the same spot(s) on the PerfectPutter, but obviously there was some little error there - a few millimeters. I never rolled more than five balls at a time - and no balls ever hit a ball or balls in the hole and bounced out because of that. If balls did pile up on one side or in the front or back of the hole, I'd remove them. This rarely happened, though, as the holes are deep enough and only four balls would be in the hole when the fifth ball was rolled anyway. I'll add more information if I remember anything relevant. 1 Even with the PerfectPutter, you often can't make more than half of the 20-25 foot putts you roll across a real green. Just the tiniest deviation, hitting a bump slightly differently, can magnify over the duration of the putt and miss high or low even though you're trying to release the ball from the same exact spot on the PP. 2 One of the putts that almost surely would have gone in (as 98 others did) I felt was knocked away by the wind moving the flagstick at just the right time. Conclusions Leaving the flagstick in helps quite a bit, particularly on shots that are at the edges of capture speed/effective hole size. For example, at 4' by speed and 3/4" off-center, that's just beyond the capture size (only 8/100 went in) without the flagstick, but the flagstick took enough speed off that a 44/100 putts dropped with the flagstick in. At 3' by speed, the capture width of the hole is about 0.8 to 0.85" wide: wide enough for all of the 3/4" putts to go in, but few of the 1" putts. With the flagstick in, the 3/4" putts still went in, but the 1" putts that just nicked the flagstick scrubbed enough speed from the ball that a few more (14/50) putts went in. The largest percentage gain was the 6' speed at 1/2" off-center. At this distance from the center, only one putt went in (I would swear that I rolled it like all the others, but sometimes a putt that would have popped up and out hit some part of the hole just right and popped up and fell in), but since the contact with the flagstick (look at the image above) was still pretty flush, a lot of speed was taken from the ball and 45/100 fell. This is still fewer than half, but because the 1/100 is so low, the percentage is the largest. Similar inferences can likely be made on the 5' by putts - at 1/2" it's awfully close to the edge of the capture width of the hole, and at 3/4" is pretty much beyond it (again, though, a pesky 1/100 putts went in). These low make percentages without the flagstick make it possible for the delta between the flagstick in vs. out to be in the upper 30s to lower 40s.
  4. The 2019 Newport Cup Las Vegas, NV* So, just a quick note to say that @mvmac and I are looking at having the 2019 Newport Cup, a six-on-six Ryder Cup-style event in mid- to late-October, 2019 in or very near to Las Vegas, NV. Follow this topic if you'd like to stay apprised, and begin thinking of what you might say in your candidate video. * The event as a whole and the location are both tentative but likely at this point. All are encouraged to apply, but teams will likely still be comprised of 10 handicappers or less (it simply makes everything easier). While we'll encourage as many new players, we're not opposed to players making their second or third recent appearance. Costs will likely be the same as the last time - about $750-800 plus however you choose to get there. Regarding "goodies" we're not looking to top what we've done in the past, but Mike and I like goodies too. 🙂 Competition time frame is mid- to late-October, 2019, with teams chosen by mid-August. Format will likely be similar to 2017, with some small changes likely coming to the "Challenge Ball" idea. I may update this bullet list as I think of other things, or things change. That's all I have for now. You can't officially begin applying now, but you can denote your interest, and you can "follow" the topic so that you get instant updates. https://thesandtrap.com/newport-cup/ Edit: Add the appropriate "Candidate" badge/award to yourself here: https://thesandtrap.com/forums/topic/99617-2019-newport-cup/?do=findComment&comment=1421967 Thank you!
  5. Winter golf in the Frigid Mitten involves finding an open course, dressing in layers and accepting sub-optimal conditions. One won't get much roll in the fairway Casual "water" can be an issue And the greens will have some loose impediments Digging your ball out of a bad lie can require a bit of club cleaning Unless it is snowing, the courses can look very playable And you run the risk of running into some crazy old guy wandering around on the course. [Photos taken 2/5/2019 at Huron Hills Golf Course, Ann Arbor, MI]
  6. “That Rule is So Unfair!” A Rules Geek’s Generalized Guide to Hot Takes and Overreactions | Rules Geeks I apologize for the length of this post. If I had more time I’d have written a shorter one. – Erik J. Barzeski “That Haotong Li penalty was an outrage! He didn’t gain an adv… My reasons against a lot of the "hot takes" by fans over rules issues are: They Get The Rule Wrong They Don’t Appreciate that Rules Cover Many Situations They Don’t Understand the Reasoning Behind the Rules They Don’t Understand the Underlying Principles They Misuse the Word “Fair” They Assume Intent Matters They Think “The Spirit of the Rule” Matters They Side With the Players Take a few minutes to read it. I'd love to hear what y'all think (in the comments over there).
  7. To me, a pro not knowing the rules is like an accountant not learning about the new tax laws. When they don't understand the rules, they feel dumb and go on the attack, "rules are unfair", it's just ignorant.
  8. Yes indeed, what a great game golf is and a game that, for the most part can last a lifetime. I'm a senior golfer living in central British Columbia and I finished the last season with a nine handicap. I'm a member of a semi private club, the golf course plays to a par 71 and is always in beautiful condition. Our course is heavily bunkered and water comes into play on numerous holes. I started swinging a golf club when I was around 6 or 7, I lived on a small island off the coast of Scotland and in the mid 50's golf was only for the well to do folks. Our home backed onto the only golf course on the island so I was able to sneak on, find a couple of balls under the gorse bushes and whack away. I'm in my early 70's fully retired now and I will play around 12 rounds a month. Last Summer I had a ten day period where I just simply played the best golf of my life, I shot my age four times and bettered my age ( 73 ) twice ,,, totally unexpected but as we all know " on any given day " ,, I mean it didn't take long to get back to normal scores ( my average would be around 77 ). I'm extremely thankful for what I have, my wife who is not a golfer is my biggest fan I tee it up regularly with a super group of guys and we are basically all in the same handicap range. We have 112 senior members at my club and only 18 with single digit handicaps and last season I won the Super Senior Championship with rounds of 77 - 76. At my wife's encouragement last Winter I was professionally fitted for a set of irons at GolfTec ,,, what a wonderful experience that was. The fitter was one of the best in the Province and we spent a good deal of quality time together. The fitter was absolutely meticulous, I've always been a big fan of Mizuno golf equipment so I chose Mizuno. We narrowed it down to two models, the forged and the " Hot Metal " and I really must say that after testing both seven irons with the same shaft and using my play ball I just couldn't tell the two clubs one from another, I chose the " Hot Metal ". But as we all know it's mostly all about shafts these days, we chose UST Mamiya recoil 95's F4, I was quite surprised when the fitter said we were going with a stiff shaft. He finished the irons off with a Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grip, they are wonderful grips. I had a set of Pingi3 irons with graphite shafts we checked the degree of loft in my new Mizuno 7 iron against my Pings ,,, identical but I was ten yards + longer with my new Mizunos. Golf ,, so different from other sports, I was a hell of a good right winger in my soccer team years ago but all in all you just can't play that game and many others ( football, tennis, ice hockey etc, etc, ) when you are in your senior years. So roll on the new season, probably around six weeks away, can't wait. I've been blessed with good health and I've had the opportunity to play some great courses over the years ( The Old Course at St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Turnberry, Royal Troon, La Costa to name a few ). I will make only one change in equipment for the new season, my putter, I've had the same old Nickent " Pipe " putter for ten years and I'd gladly replace it if I could but I've never been able to find a replacement. I came across a Mizuno / Bettinardi mallet style putter that I purchased so that will be about the only change for 2019. In the meantime to those of you that live in warmer climates and are out there hit them long and straight and others like myself waiting for the snow to disappear hang in there ,, won't be long. Oh by the way for lessons on how to dig up a few bunkers and greens check out Mr. Garcia he's a friggin expert at it ,,, the as@#$%e ,,,,, Cheers guys.
  9. If it made JB Holmes play faster, I'd buy him a track suit to wear!
  10. Also, speaking as a lifelong FL native who grew up in the Panhandle and lives in Central FL, our state is full of nutjobs of every type. Seriously. It's an angry mob of carnies. Now some folks will say they live here and disagree (that's how you know they're one of them).
  11. Not "since he's wealthy," but yes, we "get to judge" how generous he should be with his money like we "get to judge" ... basically anything. Yes. I don't know if "shame" is the word I'd use, but if Company X brings in profit hand over fist and pays its employees the dead-bare minimum, I have no issue with trying my best to steer clear of them.
  12. I'll be following closely. For those who may be new to TST, or who haven't paid attention to previous Newport Cup competitions, I can tell you that this event is just about the most fun I've ever had related to golf. I have met players from all over the country, and I feel like each one became a new friend. Thanks in advance to @mvmac and @iacas for all the hard work I know it must take to put this together. One small detail, Erik, the Newport Cup webpage needs to be updated just a bit, it doesn't show the winner of the 2017 competition.
  13. iacas

    Bunker Question

    You can move a loose impediment in the bunker these days, but not if your ball moves (and not by marking and replacing). If your ball moves when removing a loose impediment anywhere but the putting green or the teeing area, you incur a one-stroke penalty. http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=15&subrulenum=1
  14. Tonight was my first time doing the protocol in 10 days due to weather, and was really surprised, hit a new all time PR with the green club and it was in the last set of stationary swings at the end, not the step through swings. I figured for sure it'd take a few sessions to work my way back up but doesnt seem like I lost any speed, which might mean the current speed gains I have made have become my new baseline which is really encouraging to see.
  15. Dumb take. Dumb take. In other words… "shut up, guys."
  16. 2. I have a brush on my bag. 7. I have white shorts and a couple white belts. 16. I have alignment sticks, but I play a lot of competitive golf. I once had a guy on the first tee of a tournament, poke fun at me for my white shorts and belt. It went like this: Him: Smartass comment about my golfing attire Me: "Have you ever had a guy in a white belt hit it 50 yards past you and beat you by 15 strokes" Him: "Nope" Me: "Well then you might want to pay attention today" He didn't have much else to say after that and I hit it 70 yards past him and beat him by more than 15 shots. I like my white belt, If you come at me with smartass comment you better have the game to back it up.
  17. 100% chance I try that shot....90% chance I regret it lol.
  18. NOTES FROM TODAYS LESSON PART ONE: BACKSWING STUFF Main Problems: 1. I was over-doing my back leg/hip pivot. My hip is so far to my lead side-I could not bump it toward the target in transition. 2. My neck was kinking to the left causing bad things. Fix: 1. Less extreme back leg straightening (minor) 2. Fix head/neck (major). My feeling- must keep bill of hat “square to the ground”. Also don’t let neck kink left. I actually got a bigger shoulder turn and bigger swing arc when I turned my hips less. Plus it looks much better. As soon as this changed, I felt as if I had a lot more space/freedom to hit the ball. PART TWO: DOWNSWING STUFF MAJOR-Must bump hips toward target laterally-NOT DOWNWARD Very scrunched on the left, pivot slowing down. Feeling: Reverse-C through impact while posting lead leg. Side note: my hips rotated more through impact. This was a side effect. Not an active feeling. Wrists were still flipping too early. Keep club from turning over just a little longer
  19. Y'all can go to hell. Go kick rocks.
  20. To me, all it comes down to is this: Kuchar, a pretty darn well-off person, had an opportunity to do something nice for someone less well-off than he is - someone who played a part in him winning a golf tournament, and someone he seemed to have a good time with, despite the language barrier, on the golf course for a week - and he decided not to. He fulfilled their agreed-upon obligation, yes, but he could have taken the opportunity to do more and he declined, despite the near-insignificant impact it would have had his own life. That says something about Kuchar's character far more than does him saying "gosh golly" after a missed putt.
  21. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rule-17.html That quote is from the link, near the bottom of the page- just under the graphics shown. I’m pretty sure this applies, but an expert can certainly correct me if I’m wrong. Looks to me he is allowed to drop in the penalty area. If he doesn’t like the drop, or just wants to abandon playing from the penalty area, he also can take relief outside the penalty area, with additional penalty.
  22. The other day I was playing, and my wife was with me . she was not playing, just driving the cart. I was playing with a couple of strangers, and was holding my own, score wise. My wife was watching, and keeping my score. During our time together during this round, we talked vey little about golf. We spent the time discussing family stuff. Like any family, our family is going through some stuff, both good, and bad. Three family members, representing three generations are dealing with some serious medical issues. Occasionally she would tell me athat I hit a good shot. On other occassions she would look at me, and hold her nose, and laugh a little. On two shots, she was more specific calling me a "lucky shit". As I finished up on the 18th green, and was walking back to the cart, I noticed what appeared to be, my Special Lady wiping a tear, or two from her eyes. I asked what the problem was. She told me it was nothing, that she was just remembering that just a few years ago, she and other experts believed that due to my poor physical health, that golf was not going to be a part my future. The tears were there because she had finally seen, that I had truly beaten the odds. That my passion for the game had helped to make me healthier, beyond medical expectations. The fact that she had me down for a 78, and winning enough skins for a nice lunch together afterwards, was also a plus. We all play this game for various reasons. We all have different styles of play. We all have different abilities. We all take away something different after a round of play. Me, I play to stay healthy, which is a "serious" enough reason for me. The fun part is just extra gravy.
  23. Selection of clubs always has some kind of trade-off, its difficult to keep perfectly consistent yardage gaps between clubs. I've made a choice to keep more wedges, and accept that I have larger yardage gaps at the long end of the bag. On the other hand, its a great idea to be able to hit partial shots with a number of different clubs, especially at the short end of the bag. @chspeed has a couple of great recommendations: identify yardages for different swing feels with the clubs you have buy Lowest Score Wins for great advice about this and other topics around learning and playing the game. Buy | Lowest Score Wins .com Visit the post for more.
  24. I have a temper. Got it from my dad. Not at people, but at situations. Lost keys, dropped glass, missed shot in golf, etc. Short, volatile explosion. Yelling, cursing, throwing objects (not breaking things). I always rationalized it by saying it was cathartic, got it out of my system. What my wife finally made me realize that it wasn't about me, it was about those around me. It made them feel bad, awkward, etc. I finally saw it when I witnessed this type of reaction by a guy I play in a tennis drill class with. I saw my own actions through the eyes of others. It was eye opening. Also, I have had previous heart attacks. Good now, but doctor says to reduce stress. So I did what few do. I changed. I no longer let things get to me. I am calmer. I can't control the action, but I can control my reaction. I get the frustration. But act like a father to be. Your kids watch what you do much more than what you say. My kids, who used to be afraid of making me mad, now say that they are not afraid of my reactions anymore and are proud of my new found restraint. So it is possible to change, you just have to make the decision to do it. Hope Sergio can, but few I know have actually done it. It is hard, but it gets easier the more you do it. Like a swing change, just needs a lot of reps.
  25. Good demonstration of how scientifically illiterate we have become if anyone considers this as even somewhat scientific.
  26. I don't get bothered by athletes (they have their lives, I have mine) but I see how people find him annoying with the whole "scientist" thing. I consider anyone with a career in physics, medical/biological research, most engineering, and many other fields to be more of a scientist than someone with just 3 years as an undergrad physics major. So he does go a bit overboard with the scientific and anatomical lingo, like he's trying to cram his intelligence down your throat. Reminds me of the freshmen engineering students who would do math on their dorm windows like some wannabe Beautiful Mind character only to get a C+ on their Physics 1 exams. My opinion is that a truly smart person can explain a complex issue in a simple manner, not the opposite. Bryson takes 1000 words to say "I strained my shoulder". I don't doubt he loves physical sciences and the data driven/biomechanical focused approach to golf. He's doing his thing and it's working for him, but I don't know if I could sit down for a beer with him...
  27. STATEMENT FROM R&A CHIEF EXECUTIVE MARTIN SLUMBERS ON THE LI HAOTONG RULING Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive of The R&A, said, “We have reviewed the Li Haotong ruling made by the European Tour referees and agree that it was correct. There has been some misunderstanding of the new Rule and I would point out that it is designed to prevent any opportunity for the caddie to stand behind the player as he begins to take his stance. Whether the player intends to be lined up is not the issue. We appreciate that it was a very unfortunate situation yesterday and I completely understand Keith Pelley’s concerns when a Rules incident occurs at such a key stage of a European Tour event but there is no discretionary element to the Rule precisely so that it is easier to understand and can be applied consistently. “We are continuing to monitor the impact of the new Rules but I made it clear to Keith that our focus is very much on maintaining the integrity of the Rules for all golfers worldwide.”
  28. The club that I belong to is in really good shape. However I actually hear people complain that the fairways are too short/tight and many of our members don't like that. I guess I can see how if you are not hitting down on the ball and taking a divot, you may not like that. Our bunkers were recently re-done and a new variety of sand was added so it's much finer and we are also getting a lot complaints about that. I have also heard (believe it or not) that our greens are too fast. My point is, maybe the degree of difficulty is relative to the skill of the golfer regardless of the shape of the golf course?
  29. Just want to point out Fowler is still using a muscleback 4-iron, the SGI 4-iron he'll be using as a hybrid/driving iron, as @iacas said. It doesn't make sense for most pros to us game improvement irons, if anything it would hurt them. They would hit it way too high, wouldn't be able to control trajectory, the hotter faces would lead to worse distance control through the bag and gapping problems with the wedges. They want faces that will give them control and cg locations that allow them to hit it low, medium and high. Distance with irons isn't an issue because they hit it solid and swing it fast enough to hit a 5-iron/6-iron 200 yards with a muscle back or players cavity back. Yes, you'll see some pros throw in a SGI iron but it's going to be used more as a hybrid, something they'll need to launch high from 230-250 on a par 5 or long par 3. Much different club than they would want from 130-200 yards.
  30. The focus should be on having fun and building speed. Let him swing as hard as he can in any way he can. If he wants to move his feet around instead of staying steady, let him. Let him grip how he wants, swing how he wants, etc.
  31. That's not how spin works. Or impact, for that matter. The clubface isn't getting under the ball and using the grooves to grab it to generate spin. Hybrids don't generate as much spin as an equivalent iron because of gear effect. The CoG is lower and further away from the face than an iron. If it suits their swing, it works. I've played with Jerry so I obviously know this to be true. They don't suit mine, though. Hybrids are designed to launch the ball higher. They also generate less spin, so flighting a shot with a hybrid isn't going to give you the same result as with an iron.
  32. Wow I LOVE that the USGA called out Justin Thomas. Big thumbs up from me for that.
  33. Golf clubs are difficult to mix and match. Different swing weights, total weights, shaft flex, and bend points, etc...can have you in constant search for the club you can hit TODAY. Irons of the same make and model, regardless of how many you carry, would be a step in the right direction. Another suggestion is to think about the shots (fluffs aside) that you typically encounter and what clubs you require. All the long clubs are, basically, are tools we use to get to the shorter ones. It doesn't matter what club you use to get from the tee to the 150 marker - or what club you use to get from the 150 marker to the green. The only trick is avoiding using the same one twice in a row. Think I'll end on that one. Good luck and keep us posted.
  34. I just got finished writing up the rules sheet for our first tournament of the season and the first thing we did was put in this local rule prohibiting music on the course. It just doesn't have a place in tournament golf.
  35. I was in Tucson last week where they get like 12" of rain per year. I think it rained about every day for maybe a third of that total! Oh yeah, we got snow too on Friday, and the residents I spoke too who had been there a decade hadn't seen anything like it before. Maybe a dusting once or twice before. Here's a shot of a saguaro cactus near the facility I was visiting. The flakes were HUGE, even if you can't really tell. By afternoon, it was pretty much all melted except for the mountain peaks surrounding the city.
  36. Mygolfspy came out with their 2019 Most Wanted Driver testing, 2019 MOST WANTED DRIVER Ranked: The Best Drivers In Golf 2019 They use 35 golfers with handicaps ranging from plus to the mid-teens. They take 10-12 good struck shots from each individual. Now, they put good struck in quotations. I wonder if this means they ask if the strike was good and not actually confirmed with a launch monitor that can measure face impact. To summarize, Top 5 Ball Speed (in order) - Titleist TS3, Srixon Z585, Callaway Epic Flash, Callaway Epic Flash SZ, Taylormade M6 *All of these clubs were with in .8 mph of each other. Top 5 lowest spin (in order) - Taylormade M6, Srixon Z585, Callaway EF SZ, PXG 0811X, Taylormade M5 *All of these clubs were with in 50 rpm in spin from each other Top 5 Carry (in order) - Callaway EF, Callaway EF SZ, Srizon Z585, Taylormade M5, Titleist TS3 *All of these clubs were with in 1.5 yards carry of each other. Top 5 Yards from Center - Cobra F9 Speedback, Taylormade M6, Ping G410 Plus, Callaway EF SZ, Taylormade M5 *All of these clubs were with in 1.5 yards offline from each other. Surprisingly, the Ping G410 did not do well in this testing. Both models ended up in the bottom half in ball speed, low spin, and carry. Last year the Ping G400 ended up in the top 5 in ball speed, low spin, and carry. It looks like the Ping G410 maintained similar ball speed to the G400, 134-135 mph range, but other companies have surpassed them this year. All the top five clubs averaged near 136 or over. A shocking surprise is the Srixon Z585 that snuck into the top 5 in carry. I'll have to wait and see when they put out the faster swing speed rankings, but my initial consideration this year is for Srixon Z585 and the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero. Though I am really liking how well the Taylormade M6 looks.
  37. I like playing alone. It is what you make of it.
  38. So Kuch comes up and asks this guy to carry for him. They negotiate a deal. If Kuch misses the cut he makes 0 and he pays the fee? The caddie could have negotiated a %, take a risk for a bigger payout. But he didn’t. The caddie could have countered and Kuch coule have chosen a different caddie. This bugs me in the same way that people think that founders or business owners don’t deserve big payouts. There is a risk reward part of this. Unless there was a record of the contract and the negotiations this seems like the public trying to vote someone a share of Kuch’s money. I just don’t get it.
  39. With so much money on the line I would want someone I can trust. Someone who knows my game, how I have performed in the past on certain holes, and knows exactly what to say at the right moment. Not some random local caddie. Some of these tour pros have been playing these courses for years and have a lot of experience at the courses as well
  40. Hey Lama? How about a little something for the effort?
  41. Interesting. I haven't noticed the charge dropping in cold weather, although I have the iPhone X. My phone/golf swing filming issues happen in summer when the phone overheats if it's in the sun. But Apple does discuss performance in cold weather: From Apple's support site: "In order for a phone to function properly, the electronics must be able to draw upon instantaneous power from the battery. One attribute that affects this instantaneous power delivery is the battery’s impedance. A battery with a high impedance may be unable to provide sufficient power to the system that needs it. A battery's impedance can increase if a battery has a higher chemical age. A battery’s impedance will temporarily increase at a low state of charge and in a cold temperature environment. When coupled with a higher chemical age, the impedance increase will be more significant. These are characteristics of battery chemistry that are common to all lithium-ion batteries in the industry. When power is pulled from a battery with a higher level of impedance, the battery’s voltage will drop to a greater degree. Electronic components require a minimum voltage to properly operate. This includes the device’s internal storage, power circuits, and the battery itself. The power management system determines the capability of the battery to supply this power, and manages the loads in order to maintain operations. When the operations can no longer be supported with the full capabilities of the power management system, the system will perform a shutdown to preserve these electronic components. While this shutdown is intentional from the device perspective, it may be unexpected by the user." It has more info on how to optimize here: iPhone Battery and Performance Understand iPhone performance and its relation to your battery.
  42. Trade that 52* wedge for a 50*.
  43. Working on your partial wedge shots may help as well. I find a 3/4 wedge shot to be very reliable for 100 yard and actually more accurate.
  44. All of those are junk. The only real technical advantage ever sold on TV is "THE HAMMER!" said in deep tv voice. ALL other drivers are now obsolete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To this day I still love that infomercial!
  45. The biggest issue is not being able to take criticism. People feel like a criticism is an attack on them. Good criticism, which occurs 99% of the time here, should be taken as a way to improve ones knowledge in golf. Taking criticism is tough. I try my best not to take criticism as an attack. It's tough, we always want to defend ourselves even if we are wrong. It's tough to say, "You know what, I am wrong here."
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