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    • Bad assumption. I got a bunch of paperwork on this, and if i have time Sunday afternoon, I'll post a bunch of stuff about it. There are some interesting things.
    • I get the Golf Channel and the show is available anytime I want "On Demand".
    • Thanks, Nave.  I don't feel inspiring, but I think I'm too close to the issue to see it!  I just had to live through it, and do what I was told.  Thankfully, I had good insurance and good Long Term Disability coverage, and could focus on doing what I needed to do.  And during chemo, that was sleep a lot!  though I did sneak out to the course near the end of each cycle, when I felt closer to human! The one who was inspiring to me was my wife.  I do not know how she did everything she did to get me through.  She say's it was no big deal, but I don't believe her!  
    • It is not the drivers that were junk, it is the fact that they probably didn't suit your swing.  The most important part of a club will be its shaft.  The head is next because it affects COG and spin rates.  The fitting you got for the G30 is what made it good for you.  Otherwise you would be calling that junk as well 🤷‍♀️

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