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    • Played 9 holes yesterday, and on the 5th hole, a 380-yard par-4, I hit a good drive just short of the 150, then an 8I to about 6ft. I wanted the birdie badly, given that it was the no 2 handicap hole. Ran it 3ft past then missed that. My putting just stinks out loud right now. The greens at my home course are being aerated next Monday, so that won’t help a bit.
    • Just play. Get some cheap balls and just think only target, ball. Don't anticipate where it is going to go or how your mechanics are. When I worry about that, I play worse. I am a lot like you in my analytical nature. Stephan (my Evolvr instructor) told me to "just play" for the rest of the season. Mix it up. Play with 4 clubs, 2 clubs. Do 1/2, 3/4 shots. Don't think about score. Tell folks you are working on things. See how you do on a hole with just a 7 iron or PW.  Wear ear buds and groove to your favorite tunes. Sing "Baby Shark" the whole round. Remember that golf is fun. 
    • I've hit one "pure" driver this year and it was with you @nevets88 and @jamo. And Jamieson was still 40 yards in front of me! 
    • 1-3... Only because I couldn't vote 0.25. I'm good for couple a solid shots a round, but 'pure' is another level IMO. 

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