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    • Thanks for the reply. I see those two decisions are about the relief area from one abnormal course condition being in another abnormal course condition. (This is addressed in the 2019 rules in Interpretation 16.1/3.)  My question is simpler. Just want a video (or other illustrative) example showing a player's relief area including a cart path and the player drops on the cart path.  A common way this occurs is when lateral penalty area relief is on a cart path. Extending that penalty relief area across the cart path is not allowed (even though subsequent free relief from the cart path may bring a similar final result). 
    • Famington hills is short but nice. I like the Lakes at Taylor near the airport as well. But if you want to come out and play near Ann Arbor we can hook you up.
    • I liked the Rogue as well. I preferred the Rogue Sub Zero which I found to sit just a bit flatter. Where as the standard Rogue was more upright. 
    • Yeah I get that too.  I have friends, like you, that like to hit everything.  I'm just really happy with my bag.  It took a while for me to even get a new driver.  But I liked the way the Rogue felt and I liked the ball speed results.  In the bag she went.  Something has to be really measurably better than what I already have in order for me to buy it.  I'll test anything on my GC2, and it's fun, but I just really like my current setup. I'm not completely an old fart--I've got a Rogue and a Gapr hybrid!  

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