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    • Went to the top and realized that there was a poll accompanying this thread. I voted FOR tee times! I want to have some idea when I will be teeing off! I grew up in the days when you showed up, stuck a ball in a long metal tube, and waited for the starter to pluck it out of the bottom to announce the fact that your group was next on the tee!  There would be 40-50 guys hanging around the first tee, and the pressure was immense! The new systems and technologies make things much easier these days! 
    • It sounds unrealistic, what prompted this? 
    • Exactly.     But more importantly, I can simply open the tee sheet on my phone and reserve any available time.  Setting a specific time ensures that I don’t waste my time waiting for to get out.   I know that I can jump on a cart, hit a few balls to warm up, roll a few putts, and be on the first tee within 15 or 20 minutes of rolling into the parking lot. I don’t need my club encouraging or discouraging me to play golf with anyone!  That’s not I pay them for.
    • 92 at Oriole.  After two rounds in a row with a hot driver, I hit several annoying hooks.  But my approach shots and short game were actually quite good, also a reversal.  Go figure.

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