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    • The barbecue alone could be a reason to drive
    • Updated swing video! Thoughts? Better, worse, more to work on? Thanks legends 🙂  
    • Absolutely. When I heard about it this morning, my first thought was "How Browns of them.". Garrett has been developing a bit of a reputation for himself over his fairly short career so far. Early in the sequence it did look like Rudolph was trying to work on Garrett's helmet and actually pulled it partly off his head. Garrett went berserk at that point. Sort of stunning that Rudolph seemed ok afterward considering his recent injury history. Garrett will probably be lucky to only get the rest of the season and avoid actual criminal charges.    
    • I have been "out" on the NFL for about the past 5 years. I can watch college football all day but can't make it through an entire NFL game. As a Browns fan, I can only say that the Browns can find a way to finally beat the Steelers and make it seem like they lost the game. The "head coach" of the Browns is a joke and needs to lose his job. He can't call plays, can't keep any kind of discipline for his team and every time I hear him speak at a press conference, I can't believe he got an NFL head coaching position. It's too bad because I love football. Maybe I'm just getting to the point of being the "stay off my lawn" old guy but the game is seriously deteriorating. 
    • Every year I am more and more out on the NFL and last night doubled or tripled that rate.

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