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    • What that says to me is, if you're wearing a 50 buck uncollared shirt from their pro shop, you are good to go! 
    • You know what they say about blind squirrels...
    • 294 yard drive?   Impressive!
    • Good for you! It seems too many people forget to make golf fun for kids! Fun is what they're all about! 
    • Yep, just like the thread title reads, I put a 10.5*, 460cc driver head on a 7i shaft.  I saw a thing on You Tube where a guy did this. I had all the pieces, and parts, so I figured what hell, and made it. Only issue I had was to make a filler to take up the extra space between the shaft, and hosel socket. Cut a piece out of beer can, and made an insert. A little epoxy dry time, and it was ready to go.  No, I was not looking to come up with a new playable idea to save strokes. I was just screwing around, with a funny idea.  I took it to the range this afternoon. It worked. It sent the ball reasonably straight, just not very far. Swinging out of my socks, the range balls were going about 160 yards. I hit my 7w farther than that.  After I finished up my other practice work on the range, I moved to the practice green for chip & putt practice. My "D-7" driver (had to name it something) functioned pretty well as chipper, and as a putter. Chipping distance was tough to adjust to, but the very low trejectory balls went pretty straight. These were chips from the fringe.  Putting with it proved to be the best way to use this abomination.  Like I said, I was just screwing around with time to kill. My future plans for it might be to jet let it sit in the corner for an occassional funny thought. . That, or give it to my Grandaughter. She could take it to her highschool golf coach and say "look at my new driver coach".........

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