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  1. Here are the tee shots of the foursome in front of us (@iacas et. al.), my son, and @GolfLug My son's approach shot on #16 Jake's tee shot on #18
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  2. @iacas hitting wedge into a back pin. He hit the middle of the green and 2 putted for par. @saevel25 hitting his 2nd shot into a long par 4 after a decent drive.
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  3. Looks like a great course. I'd blame @GolfLug for the weather though! Nice pics Erik.
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    • Day 409: Lesson / iron fitting today. I've managed to tame the hook issue and I'm not shoving my right hand over anymore to close the clubface and catch up with my hips/core. Ball flight is on target and my miss is a push that doesn't draw. Still hit an occasional nasty hook, but those are becoming much less frequent. I'm still stuck on AoA of 0.5-2 degrees down, when it was previously more in the range of 2-4 degrees down. My sternum is just hanging slightly back, so working on this is the priority piece for this month. 
    • The timing of this post was perfect for me. I watched the video yesterday, and did an iron fitting with my instructor today. Thanks for the content! Points 1-3 were pretty well established through conversations with my instructor during lessons leading up to the fitting, as well as email exchanges. I thought I had narrowed down my choices pretty well, but when I arrived and saw all the heads I requested lined up, I realized there was no way I would have time to sufficiently test all of them. We had another good talk and narrowed it down to four (down from maybe ten). Point 4, I was certainly prepared not to buy anything if the data suggested no improvement, but it was pretty apparent that the shaft/head combos I was testing were noticeably better than my current set. Point 5, we accomplished this by rotating through the head/shaft combos multiple times, and then throwing out data that were clearly poor swings, and doing multiple passes with different shafts, and switching back to a previous shaft, and basically randomizing the combinations a bit. In the end, we eliminated quite a few shots to get what felt like a representative data set. The thing that I wasn't prepared for was the physical aspect of the fitting (working from home has taken a toll on my physical fitness). It's been awhile since I've just hit ball after ball after ball like that. When I practice, I might hit 15-20 balls over a period of 45 minutes, with lots of conscious thought and feel rehearsals between each ball. In the end all of the options that I tested performed similarly better than my current set, so I went with the set that I preferred the look and feel/sound of the best.
    • Will the music be like when they play AC/DC between plays in College Football? Maybe have a marching band between the front & back nine? And we watch the Masters to see the beer commercials?
    • I think they meant to say perceived missteps. Or maybe perceived missteps really awful golf coverage. It would definitely be nice to see more tee to green play and less putting I was watching some older (10+ years ago) coverage of The Masters on CBS and it seemed like over half the shots shown were putts. The feed would cut to a player on the green and one of the announcers would say "here is so and so with a par putt"...thanks, but how did they arrive at this particular par putt? I rarely watch live golf coverage anymore because the TV product mostly sucks, unless it's a major tournament. I just record, and replay at my convenience while skipping all the commercials.
    • If you want to improve golf coverage or any sport for that matter, put ball gags on the commentators so we don’t have to listen to their idiotic “captain obvious” commentary. We can begin with Chris Collinsworth. 
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