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    • I’ve played 36 in the last two days, so I’ll do a quick summary of each round: YESTERDAY: We played Occoneechee (par 71, 5951 yds), and I stunk up the front with 54, averaged a triple bogey on holes 3-7 (two doubles, a triple, two quads), but I rebounded with a 44 on the back for a 98 total, including my first birdie of 2021 on the par-3 10th. Putting was mediocre at best (39). TODAY: Back to the home course. A bit better than yesterday, but not by much. 44 on the front, 50 on the back for a 94 total. I was actually only +12 through 13, but I botched holes 14-16 and bogeyed the last two holes. Putting was definitely better (34) with only one three putt from about 20 feet. Good news: My bro and I went to Play It Again Sports this weekend, and I found a nice driving iron that only cost me $10. I hit it several times in these two rounds, and I’m actually hitting it pretty well. On solid strikes, I can hit it just about as far as my driver, so I have a good feeling it’s going to be a useful club in my bag when my driver goes haywire. Bad news: My handicap has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse. It is now sitting at 18 even. The last time I broke 90 was November 28, so I’ve gotta get back into the swing of things. Our season starts March 1!! 
    • Yeah. I found out yesterday my wife and I now qualify for vaccination and my physician's office is one of the vaccine sites in Whatcom County so sent them an email to see about getting scheduled. Not sure yet when or where we'll be able to get the shot but we'll get it the moment it's available to us and not a moment too soon as far as I'm concerned.
    • Ok this is a good response. I'm definitely not a 5 handicap or scratch golfer but I think I could be a scratch golfer. This is why I'm so frustrated.  Here is my reasoning... I hit it mostly out of the middle. And I can send the ball flying... In the beginning  I had kind of a necky shot on the heel, when I started to draw the ball I started to get the occasional toe... theses days its mostly middle with the miss too high in the face. That's why I'm "the Destroyer of Turf" I had a tendency to take a pretty large divot. Now, this didn't always result in a bad shot. I stuck some greens with those. Drop and stop. And as far as the fade goes... launch monitors confirmed the reason most people who fade what to draw. When you fade the ball, you can easily  swing 120 and send the ball only 250- 270.  And I mean with like 165+ ball speed if your spin goes plus 3000. On a 400 yard hole that could be the difference of several clubs. For example if I spin one hard I might be looking at 8 or 9 iron into the green versus when I send one hard, with low spin and I'm looking at sand wedge. Its possible if I just hit a fade only I could lower my score, because when i hit fades I typically hit fairways these days, if 250 tee shot or over 300, I'm typically  on the short grass. But some holes just aren't very fade friendly just like some holes aren't draw friendly. The thing is the fade is a very reliable shot, you can definitely find fairway with it. But it seems to me that the margin of error on spin is less with a draw. From looking at my numbers versus YouTuber pros this seems to be consistent. A draw bias player may tend to spin the ball 500 rpm more on a bad strike where a fade bias player may spin it an extra 1000. Anyways,  as far as handicap I'm not really sure. I'm as likely to score over 100 as I am to shoot in the mid eighties. I don't cheat even when I'm only playing against myself. I'm kinda Tom Watson on honesty. If you played golf with me you'd likely see some huge drives and some modest ones, a few stuck greens with a few missed left or right or short. I don't hardly three put anymore, however I'm just as likely to make a 20 footer then miss a three footer. I'm good at huge obvious breaks on the green even from far out, not so good with those subtle breaks. Now I will say this. A fade is usually more likely to miss short than long. Draws tend to miss long. Irons and driver included. And most courses, including my own, punish you hard if you miss long. So in general I think draw players have a slightly better idea of how far the ball will actually travel but fade players usually get a better lie but have to deal with a more variable amount of distance. Anyways, I haven't yet been golfing for two years, I've not yet had a lesson, but I'm soaking it up like a sponge. Literally a few weeks before lock down a club salesman, I wont say which store, was evaluating me on a launch monitor. I asked for a 3w. I smacked it 280. He said, "damn!" At the end of the session he asked me how long I had been playing. I told him, not yet a year. He told me i was doing great then got kinda in my personal space and said, "don't spend $2000-$3000 on new clubs, get lessons." Anyways,  the pandemic led me to not get lessons. 
    • It’s been like that forever. Alabama is skewing this a bit.  Imagine if we still had the rules in the 70’s . 100+ scholarships. these schools are good at branding. They are good at getting elite talent to commit. Can’t complain really. 
    • Mine was just a mild muscle ache, only if I bumped my shoulder, for a day or two.  Didn't notice it in daily activity or swinging a club.  (Moderna.)  Second dose later this week.
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