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    • Day 118 COVID-19 Practice Plan Challenge day 2 drills, and a handful of balls with a 7-iron afterward. 
    • Be thankful you can still play golf where you live. I would pay double just to get back on the course again.
    • Just got around to doing these in the dark which made the mirror part easier since I use my patio door as a window. I liked this practice set even more than day 1. Not sure if I’m describing it correctly, but I have a tendency to cheat my shoulder turn by “finishing” the turn in my mind by moving my arms/hands, which results in a flat shoulders, and OTT swing. My instructor often corrects this at the beginning of each lesson. Doing this simple drill seemed to have a significant effect on this issue, so it’ll go into practice rotation. Only hit a few balls afterward because it was dark, but contact was solid, and I could feel ball strike was away from the heel. 
    • I couldn't do the third item on this video, but I attempted the first two.  The camera is as far back to the wall as it can be, and it still doesn't get all of me in frame, so even if I got the angle right, I probably wouldn't be able to use this for evolvr video, but it's better than no video.  I'll document the room during this crisis, really. At the end of the first two, I do a chip with the hands (I hope) as described in yesterday's challenge. Also, am I supposed to report practice related to this thread in the 30 day thread too?  If video of this quality is acceptable, I'll be able to do video for the whole month's challenge.  And maybe I'll be motivated to clean that room a bit too!  This is my indoor practice room, although I go out back for speed sticks (which I also need to get back to). Erik, thanks for putting these instructions together!

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