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    • Another somewhat relevant example, although this one is more about Rory knowing his shot zone and playing away from penalty hazards because even though he said he was aiming straight at the flag, it sounds like the flag was located in a spot that fit his shot zone perfectly and for him aiming at the flag plus the wind off the left took the water out of play on the left and he would have accepted a miss into the right bunker. A good example of how sometimes you can play for your shot zone but still hit it really close.
    • This. Drop on the path and proceed.
    • You are playing the 18th hole of the final round of your club championship. You are in the fairway, exactly your 7 iron distance from the center of the green. The flag is in the middle of the green. For what ever reason, you ABSOLUTELY have to hit the green to win your championship.  Would you rather #7: 1) Be hitting toward a green that is 25 yards wide, but only 5 yards deep?   2) Be hitting toward a green that is only 5 yards wide, but 25 yards deep?    Given these only 2 options....More often the distance is right but off to the left or right more...….  
    • Welcome to TST. The best golf forum of them all. Look around and tell us more about yourself! Cheers!
    • Welcome to TST! Best of the forums! Take time to explore. Best, -Marv

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