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    • Welcome to TST.   See how easy it is to participate?  We're glad you've decided to join.
    • Day 123.  Yesterday (10/21) was the second miss within 30 days (yesterday + 10/13;  previous miss was more than 30 days ago). Today, I did 45 minutes of putting practice, around the clock drills from 4', generally around 24 putts to finish the twelve,  thus averaging around 50% from 4' -- not good enough.  Why am I able to do the ruler drill so well and miss so many within 4'?  Do they break that much?  
    • Welcome!  I grew up in a Racine.  
    • We've been playing at Anetsberger golf course in Northbrook, Illinois.  It's a nice little par 3 course operated by the Northbrook Park District.  I believe that Bill is playing a Wilson Staff Duo Soft ball - he's a Wilson Man through and through!  I'm kind of a Titleist Man myself.  I have a number of balata balls stashed away, but have had great results from playing ProV1's.  Keep in mind that we're playing a par 3 so we're not using any woods.  If we were playing holes long enough to warrant a wood, I'd have one of those vintage Titleist balatas on a tee in a heart beat.  Can't beat the feel of a balata!!!   Feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss this more, or would like to exchange contact information.   Brad
    • Where do you guys play at?  I'd be interested in something like that. Balata golf balls?

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