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    • Reed could have done a lot better for himself than he did.  It could have been played off as a mistake, but for a guy with his reputation, he sounded too dismissive of it. That's exactly the wrong tact to take with a fellow golfers, both the ones that play against him and those who watch the sport. Patrick is going to have to do it better and cleaner than everyone else going forward or he's going to known as a cheater for the rest of his days.
    • To be honest, I only have 11 clubs in my bag now, and rarely hit all of them.  My driver, 4 hybrid, PW and putter are certainties to be used on any given round.  Some irons will be used.  Usually two more between the 5 and 9 iron and one of the SW/LW depending on needing to fly or exit a bunker/hazard onto a green.  Of course, length determines which irons are needed, especially on shorter par 3's where the hybrid is too much club.
    • It seems very odd that he would place the club right behind the ball and then take a practice swing away from the ball. If that is his regular routine, then it's understandable.  But if his regular practice swing does not involve placing the club right behind the ball, then one can only assume he did it to brush away the sand.  Regardless, since the rule does not require any intent....
    • Looks like this weekend will be snowed out again. It's getting to be like a year or two ago, when it snowed almost every weekend to ruin golf.   Fresh powder snow for snowboarding.  So it's not all that bad.
    • I only made it three minutes so far and I'm dying 🤣

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