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    • This is something I didn't know. Sometimes I take nice "perfect" divots too though. I am assuming that would just be me manipulating it back to a correct angle at delivery. Any idea if it is more likely too upright or flat? I have never been fit, am on the shorter side, and have standard length clubs.
    • Yeah with some places only taking tee times over the phone (due to prepay requirement), it is almost impossible to get through.  Other places take only online tee times but have to call 24 hours before or the day of to pay over the phone.  That also creates phone jam. They should allow online payment and online booking to avoid these hassles.
    • How does moving interval from 7 minutes to 15 minutes affect the COVID 19 issue?  That is just a response to the continued fear mongering that the liberals want.  Nothing has changed at the course I play except for an inverted cup and do not touch the flag.  You can purchase food/beverage but you cannot eat or drink in the clubhouse.  They never closed and have had more people playing and using the range than they ever did;  INMHO, changing the intervals between groups is an over reaction and for appearance only. You want to stop "No Show", make them pay in advance with no refund if canceled within 48 hours of the scheduled tee time. #WWG1WGA
    • My old club championship was a two-day event. From what I could tell, the real key was not drinking like a lunatic after the first round.  I'd see guys pounding it down and some of them never showed up the next morning. I agree with @David in FL, that sounds like an awful lot of practice if you aren't sure you can play 18 on consecutive days. Some of the old guys I know play 18 just about every day. If soreness is a problem, you may want to see a doctor.
    • #9 Par 4 at my course. Pulled my drive ( I’m left handed) and was in jail to the right. Smoked a gap wedge with a huge hook and a left to right wind to pull this shot off. Saved par.

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