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    • That is a crazy number! I didn’t know it was that rare.  And of course you guys know the numbers, lol
    • For years I used to play whatever ball I can get my hands on, including old balls I fish out of the water. Last year a friend gifted me a box of Pro V1s, and I swear I can visualize and shoot better with them. I feel like they give me both distance on hard shots and touch on finesse shots. I've tried V1xs, too, but don't like them as much compared to the V1, seem more mushy. It's probably all in my head, but in any case I've been playing only V1s for the last 6 months. I'm sure my bank account has taken a hit, but the plus side is that I'm much more deliberate now and don't hit stupid "hit and pray" shots any more. I don't lose as many balls as I used to, and actually had to retire a few balls due to shell damage, which had never happened before the switch. I played the TP5 and TP5x, didn't quite like either. Last week I bought a box of Z-Stars and TourBs each to see if any of them can replace the V1s.
    • Well I’d probably guess it was me over swinging that’s causing my head and then body move. But even before the club gets that high my torso seems to be bobbling up and down a lot so who know.       Cheers
    • Vilips is  a terrific player. No-one contests that. History tells us that success as a junior is by no means an indicator of success as a professional golfer. You have absolutely zero idea of what his fate a s a professional is. Hopefully he'll do really well. But historically, he has more chance of fading away than becoming successful. It's a sad but true fact of life when it comes to golf. There are many people on this site who cold name a dozen players who were absolute guns at a young age who didn't even get close to making it on the PGATour. Vilips is one of many very talented young players. Look at all of the final 8 in the US Amateur over the last 20 years and see how many names you (don't) recognise.    
    • Day 45.  Long day at work, had time for 5 minutes of pitches (using a 9-iron) in the practice room at home while dinner was heating. 

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