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    • ‘A little nonsense now and then, cherished by the wisest men.’
    • So, to make a long story short. I was thumbing through an fairly old Golf Digest Hot List Issue. My wife was half reading over my shoulder. At one point she asked me. "That's like the 5th club I've seen that has a bullet point for Increased Playability. What does that mean?"  I really didn't know. But I did find that "Increased Playability" was used to describe more than a dozen clubs... maybe much more. Then my wife and I started discussing golf marketing. Here's a short list of terms taken directly from the Hot List Bullet Points. Do you know what all of these mean? They all kind of say something without really saying anything.  Increased Playability More Tour Inspired Shaping Added More Controllability  Confidence Building Sound More Pleasing Color Pallette A Feel More Like What Better Players Want Improved Visuals At Address Optimized Center Of Gravity More Precise Head Weighting Improved Architecture Fine Tuned Launch And Trajectory Easy To Swing Profile There were a dozen more I could have put in there. As best I could tell in this particular Hot List "Improved Feel" was used the most often. "Increased Playability" was used slightly only slightly less often than "Faster" and "Increased MOI". But with Faster and Increased MOI, I at least know what that means. ... well, kind of.  I love Golf Marketing! 
    • Well this is happening, Tiger Woods' 2021 season on hold after announcing he's undergone back surgery | Golf World | GolfDigest.com Experiencing discomfort after last month's PNC Championship, Woods had a microdiscectomy procedure to remove a disc fragent and address a pinched nerve in his back  
    • Happy Birthday @cutchemist42
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