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    • Does it have to be beating them?  A very fond memory of mine, from about two years into my time playing golf, was playing with a much better player and matching his score on three holes (two pars and a birdie).  I am 100% certain he beat my scores on the remaining holes.  Just the same, the (much much much) better player was super encouraging to me the whole day, but I particularly remember him complimenting those three.  
    • Day 46.  If today is Tuesday, this must be Belgium speed sticks day.  Protocol one in my back yard this evening.  Green at the end was 113, a new record.  Although it occurs to me, I'm supposed to continuously set new personal bests. 
    • So with it being the offseason still, I find myself reading and watching a lot of topics on the sport. Lately i came across Scott Fawcett and his strategy for teebox decisions. YouTube has a few videos of his but basically, for people who drive it over 270 pretty consistently, gameplanning should consider any trouble that is within a 70 yard dispersion. Now I already have gamegolf so i can see some dispersion patterns but I obviously dont tag the shots where I completely lose a ball so data is missing. I decided to go to a sim bay using a GCQuad and did a 15 shot driver test. In the end I averaged 268 off the tee in total distance. However off those 15 shots....3 were massive misses of 45, 52, and 60 yards offline. In real life at my home course and most trees courses I play those are lost balls with bad penalties applied. They would only be slightly salvageable at a course with adjacent fairways really. I would say when you look at my gamegolf rounds, the GCQuad result of 3/15 being lost/OB is accurate. So it made me start wondering as someone who has read LSW and Every Stroke Counts and understands advancing the ball far but safely.....how wide of dispersion is considered unusable for a driver? Until my swing improved would I be better off statistically going down to my 16* mini driver or just 21* hybrid? ( next time I do the simulator I was going to do dispersion tests for those)
    • While it may seem like a good idea, you can't just "factory reset" your swing. Better to just focus on a priority and make that better. Rather than trying to achieve a certain kind of swing, just improve on what you currently have.
    • OK -  let me make one final post on this as this horse is well and truly beaten. Just so that I'm fully clear on where you stand in the context of this particular discussion.  Please indulge me. 1. What they DID matters. 2. Why we THINK they did it doesn't matter. 3. Your (and my) opinion of what they did or why they did it is irrelevant 4. The only relevant discussion is the penalty for the infringement. 5. A person's opinion of the character any of the people under discussion has nothing to do with the thread. 6. Anything beyond that is essentially moot. Is that a fair summation?  

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