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    • I've taken my time to post in here because even Covid aside, 2020 has been a bad year for me. I wanted to get serious and do lessons over the winter but car troubles led to financial problems and totally put that plan aside. Then Covid hit and ruined any way to practise anyway. On top of that, being a single golfer in the Covid era has made getting rounds hard. Golf opened up May 15th and I've only played about 6 rounds. Thus...my goal this year is just to play as much as possible and enjoy the game as much. Thus....I didnt get a membership this year in Hope's of playing more courses and a few bucket list courses and top courses in Canada. So far i got to head out and play beautiful Tobiano and am really enjoying the year.   So yeah....I have no handicap goals this year to improve from 19. I just want to enjoy the game and maybe focus on 2021 being a year of winter development.
    • So it's time to revive this thread. After a layoff due to a detached retina and some life getting in the way of golf, I picked up the sticks a few months ago to get back to the game I love. I started earlier this year just to get into the groove when Covid shut it all down so I had to restart 6 weeks ago.  I am getting serious about my commitment so let's get this going!  For those of you joining on page 12, I started this thread 10 years ago and chronicled my path to getting back down to 4.5 index being a weekend warrior. It was my way of capturing the lessons I learned and the golf I played.  Stay tuned (or not) and I will chronicle the next chapter from equipment, practice, rounds and general golf thoughts. Let's Go! 
    • 88 today at Pompano Municpal's lovely Pines course. (71.6, 124, 6612) Short game was as good as it has ever been.  I got up and down 6 times.  Good thing too because my approach irons were way off due to my recent swing changes.
    • If you want to smooth out scratches .... wet sand with 600 - 900 grit paper. But clubs will get scratches on the bottom. It's what happens when you play golf.

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