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    • Watching pros is what got me too long I think, I’d watch them then watch where their arms and club stopped in the back swing and tried to feel like I was close to that. when my instructor pointed out my shoulders turned well past theirs, and showed how going that far made it close to impossible to get in sync in my down swing it made slot of sense.....still is hard to feel like I’m hitting a full shot when 50% is a full swing now if that makes sense 
    • I voted to long.  Honestly I have no idea if my back swing is to long, just right or to short. I had neck surgery and that did not allow a big back swing for a long time.  I had one Fitter tell me that I had a compact swing but managed to get a lot of efficiency out of it. Then last summer one of the guys I was playing with told me my back swing was getting huge. I watch videos on this site, PGA players swings in slow motion, some videos on line and to be honest I have no idea on how big a back swing should be. This off season I have been doing drills to work on 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 back swings with the realization that what I think those are may very well be much longer.  
    • Might be a case of one step backward for several steps forward if you fix that. I’d give it serious consideration. One other question: how do you hit partial shots?
    • Don't really have to. It isn't much better up here.  We get at least some snow every winter. Once in awhile we get a a good butt kicking. But it always seems like some people around here have never seen snow before.  Not sure what is better, the McGoos driving 5 mph, the nutcases going 85 mph or the breathless TV weather people talking "Snowmageddon"  If Mother Nature would like to contain the White Death to the state up north, that's fine with me.
    • I love the design of this bag. I really like the Woode 15. I love that it's made for push carts. Too bad that I just got my Ogio Alpha 6 months ago. I love the bad when riding, but not so much when pushing. The Hybrid would make a great range bag!
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