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    • Yeah, I mean it's no big deal - many of us have them simply because they came with the clubs lol.  My thought was that if we cared about the club getting scratches at all, it seems that during a round they're bouncing around a lot more than at any other time in their lifetime, including sitting in the car trunk. But you're right that they're just like any other expensive item, including cars; you're extra worried about them like they're newborn babies up until that first scratch or ding.  After that?  Meh, who cares haha!
    • Please do.  I can see that being a fascinating discussion. As to your question: I expect to, eventually.  So far I've been using mine just for putting.
    • ‘That there is an RRRVVV’ Eddie- Christmas Vacation.
    • I'm sure it isn't across the country. Just telling you how it is here (in this particular environment). You are absolutely right that it is not helping us move forward. I'm only speaking about what I hear/see daily. It's different in this environment. As a matter of fact, you can drive south of the school where I teach (about 5 miles) and get a completely different environment.  
    • Doesn't look like a camera to me, looks more like a radar device, but could be wrong.
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