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    • The swing has less movements, thus less variables, so by definition it’s simpler and more repeatable than a traditional swing. This means consistency. I can’t prove this to you because I’m not very good at golf, and I’m definitely not good with the traditional swing.  Since the JV swing is a far simpler swing than a traditional swing, it would be easy for any scratch golfer to learn and show some videos with metrics.  I’m not interested in selling the swing. I am interested in knowing if it’s a swing that’s tour quality - only because I have two young kids interested in golf and may teach them it versus traditional lessons.  
    • 105 mph for a young man is not fast.  118 mph for anyone is fast.  110-112 mph hitting it solid and launching it properly will get you 280 yards in the air, all carry.  Striking the ball on the screws at the proper angle will yield more fruit than more speed in most cases. I do agree though, HC over 18 tends to be slower speeds (under 100 mph).  In all my years playing and caddying, not too many 18 handicaps hitting it 280 and many golfers have no idea how far 280 is.  I think this is the problem although chopping down with the right side, reverse weight shift, losing the lag, slapping and flipping doesn't help them, either.
    • We have said this. This swing can get someone to "competent" pretty quickly, and if they're content to get there a bit quicker and stay there, cool. I don't believe it is. It will not generate the power/speed needed. Again, we don't need to "learn" the swing in order to state things which are somewhat obvious about it. I don't. You're losing a good source of speed by not turning back as far. The swing will never have "enough traction" to see Tour players using it. Look, again, I'm glad you've enjoyed playing golf with this swing. I'm truly happy for you. But it has some obvious limitations.
    • Show us where it is more accurate than other swing methods. We haven’t seen any data presented at all. I believe that has been asked for several times. But he nor any of his devotees have presented any data with respect to speed or accuracy. It is not up to us to try it and become proficient at it to prove to you that it works. If you want to sell the method, then present real data. That is what all other proven swing methods, patterns and philosophies have to do. It is not up to us to do the work for you.
    • 12.8 GIR average and 19.8 feet average  from the pin on greens hit.  I don't include proximity if green is missed. My probability of making 16-20 putt is 10%, 21-30 feet is 4%, and 11-15 feet is only 17%.

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