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    • Old clubs will certainly save you a lot of money, but there is excitement trying something different or newer. If you like the look of your clubs, that is a big indicator how well you will hit it if it is a quality product. At one point, the club didn’t matter as much, but it is crucial for me these days. We didn’t do much fitting 30-40 years ago, but we adjusted to the clubs. Now, it is the complete opposite. I dream what it would be like to take a driver back in time and give it to my younger self(say 25 yrs. old) when I was using Woods with steel shafts and tiny heads, but could swing as hard as I wanted. Now that the technology is great and heads are large and forgiving, my swing speed won’t let me take advantage of the extra forgiveness. Oh well, it is still a blast to play and score well,although in a completely different way.
    • He was happy to be out. I’m playing golf with him tomorrow. He is monster of a man 6’8” with anger issues and has been scared of germs for as long as I’ve known him. He chipped his tooth fretting about the virus, and no dentists are open. He purchased some fake tooth thing that is coming to his house. Very tightly wound. Should be fun lol. Im glad that it’s not “too steep”. I am always worried about it sneaking back  in.
    • I know Mizuno makes good equipment, but I am happy with my present drivers. I am not interested in the G410 as I already have the G and G400. Funny, the G is the best for me at this point. The G400 3 wood is the worst of all my fairway woods. I am trying a new shaft this year before trading it away. No need for money to burn if you can wait to buy. All true. My reality is that at 65, my body won't let me swing as fast as I could in years past. Ultralight shafts would help, but throw off my feel and timing as I have always preferred heavier shafts. Luckily for all of us, technology marches on making equipment better in most ways. If you hit an old persimmon driver on the sweet spot, it is still terrific, but the reality is as you age, you don’t hit that sweet spot as often which is why technology is a good thing.
    • MVGA posted that all Greene County Courses are closed. Their health board is not in agreement with the state.  Good luck. Mayor Whaley I said hello. 
    • My membership. I advanced them a lot of money. They provide golf courses for me to play on. Sorry thought that was obvious. Clearly, I'm not thinking about a lawsuit here. But nearly every other course in this area is open, so they aren't having any problems with Ohio's guidelines.    

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