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    • No such thing as a fake club. If it has a head, shaft and grip and can hit a ball it’s a real club. Your talking about a fake name, who cares about the name if the club works?
    • I'm not convinced of the accuracy of that statement. I'm not a materials specialist (though I did stay at a Best Western, once) but when I look at high speed images of the golf ball deforming on impact it appears to me as if the surface of the ball is pretty much smeared against the club face. I'm not sure how that dimple pattern could provide more surface area to contact the club surface. But, that said, I'd probably buy them anyway 'cause, hey! Why not? Here's Titleist's ball test lab showing what looks to me like elastic deformation of the ball on impact:          
    • What do you like about it? Do you walk and carry often?
    • I mean… The right leg is almost locked out straight before you get to A2, and… the club shaft almost hits you in the neck. I'd shift course and look at those two things.
    • I think you can play around with the positioning and angle of the SSR. With the 7-iron often it will hit higher up on the shaft and measure the speed of that, while with the driver sometimes it can measure the toe instead of the COM like the Trackman will measure. (But that shouldn't be 10 MPH faster. A few.)
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