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    • Short story is, I want to know if 1K rpm at 30 degree tilt would generate the same amount of curve as 3K rpm at 10 degree tilt, or at least be close.
    • No video today, just blogging my progress. While practicing today I decided to let a swing go really trying to crush it just to see what it looked like. It was not quite as shallow as my slow swings but it was on plane. I never could have done that even a week ago.  I'm playing Southern Pines in Pinehurst tomorrow and really looking forward to see what I can bring on the course with me. I'm going to try to focus on swinging only 80% if possible. I'll probably club up a bit to help me stay slow. I've done little work on anything but my full swing so I don't expect a great score but I will be happy with solid contact and reduced penalty strokes. 
    • Day 46 Same focus and routine. At the end of my last set of swings I decided to really let one go and try to swing at max speed just to see what it looked like and I was pleased to see that while it wasn't as good as my slow swings it is on plane and no hint of my old habits. Slow and steady is winning the race. 
    • I just watched this video.  Definitely has me intrigued.  I mean, $775 is ALOT of money for a shaft, but if it provides a gain in SS, consistency, etc., it might just be the last shaft you have to buy. 
    • The other day I shot a miserable 51-46. Didn’t putt great, with 37 total putts. It could've been worse, because I made four of five six-footers throughout the round. I hit one OB on the first and made an eight, and hit two OB on the fourth and made a 10. I three-putted from six feet for bogey on the ninth, and made back-to-back sevens on the 15th and 16th. Triple-double. I also had someone hit into me on the 13th hole. Not fun. My grandpa and brother came out with me for the front nine, and they both shot 54, not far behind me. Hopefully I can get out on the course this weekend, but the weather is not ideal. It’s raining as I type this.

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