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    From the album: The Caddyshack

    This is me in the Bridgestone Test Center in Covington, GA standing next to the "B". Players sign it when visiting, but it's a little hard to see in the photo. Signatures include Lee Trevino, Davis Love III, Brandt Snedeker, Nick Price, Paula Creamer, Matt Kuchar and several others.
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    From the album: Erik's Gallery

    © 2019 Erik J. Barzeski

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    From the album: Newport Cup 2017

    © © 2017 The Sand Trap.com

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    From the album: The Caddyshack

    The first time US Open Champion Scott Simpson played Ko'olau Golf Club he shot 80. Chi Chi Rodriguez shot 88. They weren't playing from the back tees either. The slope rating when I played it was 162.
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    From the album: 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont

    A TV tower operator kindly took these photos for me.

    © 2016 Erik J. Barzeski

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    From the album: Memorial 2016

    © © 2016, Erik J. Barzeski

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    From Channing Benjamin on Instagram. https://instagram.com/channingbenjaminphotography/
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    From the album: Full Swing (5SK)

    Really good sequence here from Jared Hack, Web.com player.
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    • Day 11: played 9 holes at my home course.  The last 2 pars for my par challenge continue to elude me.  Also took some swings in the backyard working on posture.
    • Day 247 Worked on the same thing as yesterday. A bunch of really slow 9-3 swings, turning hips/shoulders through impact, keeping right arm from rolling too much over left arm. Left hip is sore, so definitely bringing new muscles into the swing. 
    • Just purchased a set of Ping i3+ from a wonderful seller on eBay who kept them in Bristol new-like condition. I played Ping Eye2s for many years until the airline lost my golf bag a decade ago and have since bounced around 4 of the other major club manufactures (don’t want to share anything negative about them on the Forum). None of the other irons have given me the same pleasant feel of the old Ping Eye2s. Any feedback on your experience playing the i3+ would be great. 
    • So, is Mike Malaska correct, incorrect, or only speaking about part of the picture (over simplifying) as regards swing speed? Thanks.
    • I went out a few years ago When I was playing my Ping Eye2 irons and took a few balata Titleists.  I wanted to see if ball and club tech went hand in hand to see the improvements. i had been using the eye2 irons but with prov1 balls.  I wondered why I hit them shorter than I did with balata.  I hit them side by side and off the eye2 irons balata was longer, spun  more and had a lower launch angle and ball flight.  Also angle of decent was good.   The pro v1 spun less, launched too high, had an overall higher flight and a steep decent angle.  It all added up to lost distance.     Now the prov1 with a modern iron like my Ping ie-1 irons was much better than a balata with these irons.  Gotta keep your ball and club tech together.

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