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    • Day 76 Range session working on short game and full swing for about 90 minutes. 
    • Day 2 Did my SKLZ club work out routine - solid 22 minutes again.  60 swings split evenly between the SKLZ Tempo Grip Trainer and SKLZ Gold Flex.  2 reps of each, 15 swings each rep with stretching the hamstrings out before and after each set as well as neck PT.  Finished with 15 hard baseball style swings with the Gold Flex to get some core work in.  Final heartbeat reading when done was at 110, up from 108 yesterday.  Good workout for the initial week of off season
    • Here's my first (final?) stab at groupings: Saturday @ Bedford Springs, 11:00: @iacas @Slim_Pivot @Divot Master Saturday @ Bedford Springs, 11:10: @Hardspoon @Hardspoon's genetic near-equivalent @saevel25 Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:00: @DaveP043 @DaveP043's better half @saevel25 @Divot Master Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:10 @iacas @woodzie264 @Hardspoon @billchao Sunday @ Royal New Kent, 9:20 @GolfLug Wife of @GolfLug (non-playing) @davechen Offspring of @davechen I've invited a guest, but he's unlikely to be able to play. However, if he's able to play, then CBS and FOX are going to flex @billchao to the 9:20 group. This is also true if the non-playing person (wife of @GolfLug) opts not to see the sights.
    • Yes, you are absolutely correct.Rakham is the one next to the Zoo.  Rogell was another interesting Ross design that has unfortunately been lost, closed years ago. Rogell Golf Course (Rogell Course) The 18-hole Rogell course at the Rogell Golf Course facility in Detroit, features yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 0. The course...  

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