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    • Agreed. - I was confused by the title when I read the OP.
    • Then please explain what you are saying more clearly. If I misinterpreted your post, I apologize. But we all have different reasons for playing and I enjoy practicing as much as competition. 
    • Felt slow today, but was actually pretty good - 126, 127, 127, 128, 133 MPH. Moving on to protocol 3 next week.
    • Day 404 Did a superspeed workout and logged in the TST gSheet. Also did some semi-priority piece work on getting the ball started to the right. Went way back in my lesson videos/notes for this one, and found a rehearsal drill I did similar to the Justin Rose pre-shot routine, so I added elements of this to my rehearsal, and hit 50 balls at about 50% speed. I got 48 of them to start right of my target line, so I'm pretty happy. Will add this to my pre-shot rehearsals for tomorrow's round.
    • Relax. I think "The Two Mindsets of Golf" or whatever is a poor title. Your post doesn't really discuss a mindset at all, and my rounds are basically never becomes "frustrating because of a few holes." But again, relax, man. You're reading something into posts that simply isn't there. People have played multiple balls for decades. We've got topics on this dating back nearly 20 years. Again, you're reading entirely too much into things. R-E-L-A-X. Your topic title was bad. If you have a suggestion for a better one, I'm happy to change it again.
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